gdash - A functional utility library for GML - partials, map/reduce and more

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gdash is a functional utility library for GML, inspired by lodash. It aims to add useful, broad-purposed functions to help aid in game development. If you are doing any kind of data manipulation in your game, gdash can help out. Download the latest release and import the gml files into your project's scripts. For GameMaker: Studio 2, you can just drag and drop the files into the editor.



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GDevelop - :video_game: GDevelop is an open source HTML5 and native game creator requiring no coding skills

  •    C++

GDevelop is a full featured, open source game development software, allowing to create HTML5 and native games without any knowledge in a specific programming language. All the game logic is made thanks to an intuitive and powerful event based system. A pre-generated documentation of the Core library, C++ and JS game engines is available here.


  •    CSharp

GmailerXP is the be-all-end-all utility app for Google's Gmail service. The program allows users to do anything that they can do online, it also combines all the features of the other programs (GML, Gmailto, etc.) The ONLY Gmail app you'll ever need.

DAPL Provider for Myrinet

  •    C

This project implements a DAPL provider for Myrinet network cards. The 2.0 series is for DAT 2.0 and supports both GM and MX. The 1.2 series is for DAT 1.2 and supports both GM and MX since release 0.4. The 1.1 series is for DAT 1.1 and supports GM only.

ENIGMA Development Environment

  •    C++

ENIGMA is a free game and application development toolkit, utilizing GCC and a series of parsers to convert a high level, script-like language based on Game Maker's GML, into C++. The toolkit employs a mixture of both C++ and GML, accepting either.


  •    Java

A framework for creating java GUI application by defining GML(Graphics Markup Language) only drag and drop GUI component in CS3 software. After define GML this software can generate source code automatically comply with the framework(View,Modal,Controlle

SAZ to GML Converter


GML format is one of the common formats used by graph processing software. Network Analysis methods could be used for HTTP traffic classification.



This project aims to produce a fast and reliable Java library for converting JTS (Java Topology Suite) Geometry Objects into OGC GML-conformant DOM Elements

PnP-JS-Core - Repository for the PnP JavaScript Core component development together with community members

  •    TypeScript

The Patterns and Practices JavaScript Core Library was created to help developers by simplifying common operations within SharePoint and the SharePoint Framework. Currently it contains a fluent API for working with the full SharePoint REST API as well as utility and helper functions. This takes the guess work out of creating REST requests, letting developers focus on the what and less on the how. Please use for getting latest information around the whole SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) initiative.

GM Helper


GMH(Gamemaster's Helper) is an addon to help manage GM commands in an ArcEmu based World of Warcraft private server.

gdash - A dashboard for Graphite

  •    Javascript

A dashboard for Graphite

gdash - A dashboard for Graphite

  •    CSS

A simple Graphite dashboard built using Twitter's Bootstrap. Adding new dashboards is very easy and individual graphs are described using a small DSL.

keras-contrib - Keras community contributions

  •    Python

This library is the official extension repository for the python deep learning library Keras. It contains additional layers, activations, loss functions, optimizers, etc. which are not yet available within Keras itself. All of these additional modules can be used in conjunction with core Keras models and modules. As the community contributions in Keras-Contrib are tested, used, validated, and their utility proven, they may be integrated into the Keras core repository. In the interest of keeping Keras succinct, clean, and powerfully simple, only the most useful contributions make it into Keras. This contribution repository is both the proving ground for new functionality, and the archive for functionality that (while useful) may not fit well into the Keras paradigm.

AppCore - Core code shared by the initial ResearchKit apps.

  •    Objective-C

AppCore is a layer built on top of ResearchKit which forms the core of the five initial ResearchKit apps. We are excited about how helpful AppCore has been in the development of several ResearchKit apps. In order to help the ResearchKit community derive the most utility from the individual components in AppCore, we’re working hard with many developers to transition components of AppCore into the main ResearchKit repo. As a result, we will only be accepting bug fixes to AppCore moving forward and hope you’ll continue giving feature and UI enhancements once the pieces are fully integrated into ResearchKit’s repo.

AlecrimCoreData - Core Data made simple.

  •    Swift

A powerful and elegant Core Data framework for Swift. In version 6 the framework was rewritten from scratch. AlecrimCoreData now uses key paths and it does not rely on generated (or written) custom attributes anymore. Also the ACDGen utility is no more. If your code depends on this, please use the previous versions.

sendine core


This project is aim to contains common process methods, includes Binary utility, I/O utility, Configuration, Net Protocol Simulator, Web Router, Security ... Now we recommend you should using .NET 3.5 or later version for more powerful features.

Enums.NET - Enums.NET is a high-performance type-safe .NET enum utility library

  •    CSharp

Enums.NET is a high-performance type-safe .NET enum utility library which provides many operations as convenient extension methods. It is available as a NuGet Package and is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0+ and .NET Standard 1.0+.I'm trying to integrate some of Enums.NET's improvements into corefx so if interested in its progress please check out the proposal here.

ftutils - iPhone utilities mostly for Core Animation

  •    Objective-C

The code in FTUtils is common utility code extracted from Free Time Studios iPhone projects. Currently, there is only one primary utility (FTAnimationManager) and some simple preprocessor macros. Some unit tests exist for the code, but more are needed. The documentation is also still under development. FTUtils is most easily used by simply copying FTUtils.h, FTAnimationManager.h and FTAnimationManager.m into your project. Be sure to add the QuartzCore framework to your project as well (step 5 below). The preferred way to integrate FTUtils into your projects is by adding it as a static library. This will keep it separate from your code.

GDevelop - HTML5 and native game creator requiring no coding skills

  •    C++

GDevelop is a full featured, open source game development software, allowing to create HTML5 and native games without any knowledge in a specific programming language. All the game logic is made thanks to an intuitive and powerful event based system.

pyNetConv - Network Conversion tool

  •    Python

Python library to convert networks from/to many different formats, like the ones used in Pajek, Cytoscape and other popular graph formats like GML. It also includes support to integrate experimental data to the netowork.


  •    Java

GML is a development tool that allows you to create graphical user interfaces for Java desktop applications in a simple and fast way, writing XML documents that define the content, structure and behaviour of those interfaces.