github-issues-export - Export github issues to a CSV file (developed in NodeJS)

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A simple script to free your github issues so you can import them into Excel etc. The script is developed in NodeJS.


jQuery : ~1.7.4
jsdom : ~0.6.0
optimist : ~0.4.0
xmlhttprequest : ~1.5.0



Related Projects

github-csv-tools - Import and export GitHub issues via CSV

  •    Javascript

After install, githubCsvTools --help for info on how to use, or see below. Currently imports title, body, labels, status (closed or open) and milestones.

Reveal-In-GitHub - Xcode plugin to let you jump to GitHub History, Blame, PRs, Issues, Notifications of any GitHub repo with one shortcut

  •    Objective-C

Xcode plugin to let you jump to GitHub History, Blame, PRs, Issues, Notifications of current repo in one second. My company work on GitHub. I open the GitHub a lot. Sometimes, I am editing on Xcode and do not understand some code, so I go to GitHub to blame them. Sometimes, find the latest commits about a file to help me figure out how the code evolves. So I wonder is there a tool to help me quick open GitHub from Xcode. So I write this plugin. When you editing some source file on Xcode, it's easy to know which GitHub repo you are working on and know which file you are editing. So it makes sense to quickly jump to the file on GitHub, quickly jump to blame the current editing line on GitHub, quickly jump to the issues or prs of the current repo you are working on Xcode.

gh-board - Serverless Kanban Board for GitHub Issues

  •    Javascript

gh-board is a serverless Kanban Board for GitHub Issues. Multiple Repositories in an organization can be shown on a board (from different organizations too!). It has support of Real-Time Collaboration, Milestone Planning, Task management, Managing CI Status and Merge Conflict, Linking Github Issues and Pull Requests.

offline-issues - :grey_exclamation: :signal_strength: Get your GitHub Issues to read offline later

  •    Javascript

Get your GitHub Issues offline! In Markdown and HTML. This is a command line application, using Node.js, that fetches the GitHub Issue/s you specify and writes them to files on your computer in both HTML and markdown formats. This way you can view them without an internet connection.

replicate - Dump and load relational objects between Ruby environments.

  •    Ruby

This repository is archived and no longer actively maintained by @rtomayko as of 2017-11-08. Issues and PRs documenting current issues have been intentionally left open for informational purposes. The project started at GitHub to simplify the process of getting real production data into development and staging environments. We use it to replicate entire repository data (including associated issue, pull request, commit comment, etc. records) from production to our development environments with a single command. It's excessively useful for troubleshooting issues, support requests, and exception reports as well as for establishing real data for evaluating design concepts.

github-todos - Git hook to convert your TODOs into Github issues

  •    Javascript

Github-Todos is a git hook to convert your TODOs into Github issues. You can read the full presentation from wiki for detailed information.

gitment - A comment system based on GitHub Issues.

  •    Javascript

Gitment is a comment system based on GitHub Issues, which can be used in the frontend without any server-side implementation. Click here to register an OAuth application, and you will get a client ID and a client secret.

Probot - GitHub Apps to automate and improve your workflow

  •    Javascript

Probot is a framework for building GitHub Apps in Node.js. It aims to eliminate all the drudgery–like receiving and validating webhooks, and doing authentication handstands–so you can focus on the features you want to build. Probot apps are easy to write, deploy, and share.

slack - Bring your code to the conversations you care about with the GitHub and Slack integration

  •    Javascript

Heads Up! The GitHub and Slack app has a few new features to help you turn conversations into next steps. Take action on pull requests, issues, and more right from your Slack channels to start moving work forward, faster. Read more about it on the GitHub blog. The GitHub integration for Slack gives you and your teams full visibility into your GitHub projects right in Slack channels, where you can generate ideas, triage issues and collaborate with other teams to move projects forward. This integration is an open source project, built and maintained by GitHub.

github-issues-viewer - A gitub issues viewer build in react + backbone

  •    Javascript

This is a viewer of github issues that is entirely client-side. It demonstrates one way of building a slightly-more-than-trivial app with facebook's React framework. All requests to the github api are anonymous, so they cap it at 60 requests/hour.

github-issues-blog - 基于 Github issues 的单页面静态博客

  •    CSS

基于 Github issues 的单页面静态博客

github-changelog-generator - Automatically generate change log from your tags, issues, labels and pull requests on GitHub

  •    Ruby

Fully automated changelog generation - This gem generates a changelog file based on tags, issues and merged pull requests (and splits them into separate lists according to labels) from GitHub Issue Tracker. To make it easier for users and contributors to see precisely what notable changes have been made between each release (or version) of the project.

frankly - :wrench: A Polymer dashboard of issues/PRs for any number of GitHub repos

  •    HTML

Frankly is a summary dashboard about the open issues and PRs across any set of GitHub repositories. Because, frankly, we need one. You can also configure which labels you want to display. Untriaged is always the open issues that have no labels applied to them.

gh-polls - Polls for user feedback in GitHub issues

  •    Go

User polls for GitHub powered by Up.These polls work by pasting individual markdown SVG images into your issue, each wrapped with a link that tracks a vote. A single vote per IP is allowed for a given poll, which are stored in DynamoDB.

awesome-github-templates - :octocat: Curated list of GitHub Issues and Pull Requests templates


GitHub listened and now we're able to create templates for issues and pull requests. This is a curated list of templates that can offer inspiration for your project. An awesome template is one that informs contributors how to proceed in a very detailed or unique way.

wechat-dump - Dump wechat messages from android

  •    Python

WeChat(微信), as the most popular mobile IM app in China, doesn't give users any method to export well-formatted history message. This tool can parse and export WeChat messages on a rooted android phone. Right now it can dump messages in text-only mode, or generate a single-file html containing voice messages, images, emoji, etc.

elasticsearch-dump - Import and export tools for elasticsearch

  •    Javascript

Tools for moving and saving indicies.elasticdump works by sending an input to an output. Both can be either an elasticsearch URL or a File.

eslint-plugin-import - ESLint plugin with rules that help validate proper imports.

  •    Javascript

This plugin intends to support linting of ES2015+ (ES6+) import/export syntax, and prevent issues with misspelling of file paths and import names. All the goodness that the ES2015+ static module syntax intends to provide, marked up in your editor. IF YOU ARE USING THIS WITH SUBLIME: see the bottom section for important info.

github-buttons - Showcase the success of any GitHub repo or user with these simple, static buttons with dynamic counts

  •    CSS

Showcase your GitHub (repo's) success with these static buttons featuring links to your GitHub repo or profile page and up-to-date watch, fork, and follower counts. Have a bug? Please create an issue here on GitHub at

Attendize - Ticket selling and event management platform

  •    PHP

Attendize is an open-source ticketing and event management application built using the Laravel PHP framework. Attendize allows event organisers to sell tickets to their events and manage attendees without paying service fees to third party ticketing companies.

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