StyledTextKit - Declarative building and fast rendering attributed string library.

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StyledTextKit is a declarative attributed string library for fast rendering and easy string building. It serves as a simple replacement to NSAttributedString and UILabel for background-thread sizing and bitmap caching. Create a StyledTextRenderer for sizing and rendering text by initializing it with a StyledTextString and a UIContentSizeCategory.



Related Projects

Atributika - Convert text with HTML tags, links, hashtags, mentions into NSAttributedString

  •    Swift

NSAttributedString is really powerful but still a low level API which requires a lot of work to setup things. It is especially painful if string is template and real content is known only in runtime. If you are dealing with localizations, it is also not easy to build NSAttributedString. Yeah, that's much better. Atributika is easy, declarative, flexible and covers all the raw edges for you.

TwitterTextEditor - A standalone, flexible API that provides a full-featured rich text editor for iOS applications

  •    Swift

A standalone, flexible API that provides a full featured rich text editor for iOS applications. This provides a robust text attribute update logic, extended text editing events, and safe text input event handling in easy delegate based APIs. TwitterTextEditor supports recent versions of iOS.

AttributedMarkdown - Native Markdown Parsing to NSAttributedString on iOS

  •    Objective-C

Markdown is intended to be as easy-to-read and easy-to-write as is feasible. This library takes Markdown formatted text and turns it into an NSAttributedString, suitable for rendering in native UIKit components on iOS 6 (UITextView, UILabel, etc).

Attributed - µframework for Attributed strings.

  •    Swift

µframework for Attributed strings. Attributed aims to be a drop in replacement to the current programming interface of NSAttributedString. The existing interface to using attributed strings has a few flaws, namely if you dont know the Key and type of value needed to set a certain attribute, you have spend time checking documentation or the reading the comments for NSAttributedString. Another concern is safety, passing a dictionary of type [String: Any] to the constructor of NSAttributedString is a potential crash at runtime waiting to happen.

SJAttributesFactory - Simplify operation NSAttributedString, make writing easier

  •    Objective-C

Simplify operation NSAttributedString, make writing easier. Attributes String Editing Factory. iOS 富文本编辑, 让代码更清晰. 文本编辑, 高度计算, 正则匹配等待... 简便操作, 让你爽到爆!

DTCoreText - Methods to allow using HTML code with CoreText

  •    Objective-C

This project aims to duplicate the methods present on Mac OSX which allow creation of NSAttributedString from HTML code on iOS. This is useful for drawing simple rich text like any HTML document without having to use a UIWebView. For text selection and highlighting (as you might need for an Editor or Reader) there is the commercial DTRichTextEditor component which can be purchased in the Cocoanetics Parts Store.

TextKitExamples - TextKit examples for try! Swift NYC 2016

  •    Swift

TextKit examples for try! Swift NYC 2016

Transformer - Easy Attributed String Creator

  •    Javascript

The main idea of this project is to have an online tool to be able to visually add formatting to a text and get back a swift and/or objective-c code to reproduce that formating.

NSAttributedStringMarkdownParser - A Markdown NSAttributedString parser.

  •    Objective-C

A Markdown NSAttributedString parser.

OHAttributedLabel - UILabel that supports NSAttributedString

  •    Objective-C

UILabel that supports NSAttributedString

SwiftyMarkdown - Converts Markdown files and strings into NSAttributedString

  •    Swift

Converts Markdown files and strings into NSAttributedString

Typeset - Deal with AttributedString efficiently

  •    Objective-C

All the method for typeset returns a self object to chaining itself. call typeset method first and call string at last returns a NSAttributedString.

ContextMenu - An iOS context menu UI inspired by Things 3.

  •    Swift

For Carthage, just add GitHawkApp/ContextMenu to your Cartfile and carthage bootstrap. You must provide a custom UIViewController to display in the menu. The only requirement is that you must set preferredContentSize to size your content.

AttributedLabel - Easy to use, fast, and higher performance than UILabel.

  •    Swift

This is a better performance than UILabel and can be used like a standard UI component. Also, Easier to use than UILabel. Since UIView is inherited instead of UILabel, there is little wasteful processing. It uses the function of TextKit to draw characters.

ZJAttributedText - CoreText + 异步绘制 + 链式语法 + 图片缓存

  •    Objective-C

如图所示一篇图文混排, 涉及到字体, 颜色, 字间距, 行间距, 图片对齐, 文字对齐, 描边, 阴影等等属性, 还有网络图片与本地图片的混排, 手势响应, View 与 Layer 的混排, 输出视图需要渐变色背景, 指定高度, 内间距, 圆角等等要求, 算是一个相当复杂的图文混排场景了, 不论使用 TextKit / CoreText 都需要相当的代码量.

SwiftRichString - Elegant & Painless Attributed Strings Management Library in Swift

  •    Swift

SwiftRichString is a lightweight library wich allows you to simplify your work with attributed strings in UIKit. It provides convenient way to create and manage string with complex attributes, render tag-based string and manipulate styles at specified indexes. And, best of all, it's fully compatible with unicode (who don't love emoji?).

SwiftyAttributes - A Swifty API for attributed strings

  •    Swift

SwiftyAttributes has support for every attribute available in Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.

NerdyUI - An easy way to create and layout UI components for iOS.

  •    Objective-C

An easy way to create and layout UI components for iOS 8 and above. There is also a Swift version available. You can convert nearly everything to NSString by using Str() macro. Similarly, you can log variables using Log() macro.

CherryTree - A hierarchical note taking application

  •    C++

A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file.

CoreTextWrapper - An Objective-C wrapper around Core Text for creating multi-column text and loading custom fonts

  •    Objective-C

One of the most promising and mysterious new frameworks introduced in iOS 3.2 is Core Text. Apple defines Core Text as a “text drawing engine”, which allows Mac (and now iPad) apps to render rich text on any graphics context. Strings drawn with Core Text feature lots of custom settings such as detailed font information, columns, variable line and paragraph heights and several different attributes, which designers and font aficionados surely understand much better than I do. Many new apps have been using this framework since the release of the iPad, particularly newspapers and ebook reader applications, rendering gorgeous text in custom fonts, many of them not available natively in iOS. This framework is also used in lifestyle and corporate applications, too, where using a custom font is sometimes required to match the specifications of brands and trademarks. It is very important to understand that Core Text is really just a text drawing engine to be used on top of Quartz (Core Graphics), to render rich text on any graphics context. Core Text cannot be used to create a rich text editor, for example, so don’t expect to extend UITextView with it. But you can use it to draw any kind of rich text on screen, which can make you avoid using UIWebView instances for that.

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