agario-webclient - A small browser-based graphical client for

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#Web-browser client for A small browser-based graphical client for, written using pixijs and agario-client. DISCLAIMER: This project isn't affiliated with in any way. When playing with this client, you don't get ads, which is nice for you maybe, but it doesn't pay for the servers needed to run the game.


agario-client : ^0.0.8



Related Projects - clone written with Socket.IO and HTML5 canvas

  •    Javascript

A simple but powerful Agar.IO clone built with socket.IO and HTML5 canvas on top of NodeJS. An updated and live list of live demos can be found on the Live Demos wiki page.

pixi-particles - A particle system for PixiJS

  •    TypeScript

A particle system library for the PixiJS library. Also, we created an interactive particle editor to design and preview custom particle emitters which utilitze PixiParticles. Please see the examples for various pre-made particle configurations.


  •    Javascript

The aim of this project is to provide a fast lightweight 2D library that works across all devices. The PixiJS renderer allows everyone to enjoy the power of hardware acceleration without prior knowledge of WebGL. Also, it's fast. Really fast. PixiJS is a rendering library that will allow you to create rich, interactive graphics, cross platform applications, and games without having to dive into the WebGL API or deal with browser and device compatibility.

WP8 Async WebClient


Provides async/await (TPL) capability to WebClient within Windows Phone 8

yacy_webclient_authentication - Authentication layer for a YaCy webclient

  •    PHP

Authentication layer for a YaCy webclient

mopidy-musicbox-webclient - Web Client for Mopidy Music Server and the Pi MusicBox

  •    Javascript

Mopidy MusicBox Webclient (MMW) is a frontend extension and JavaScript-based web client especially written for Mopidy. Alternatively, clone the repository and run sudo python install from within the project directory. e.g.

pixi-filters - A collection of filters for pixi.js v4

  •    Javascript

Click here to interactively play with filters to see how they work. All filters work with PixiJS v4.

react-pixi - Create/control a Pixi.js canvas using React

  •    Javascript

This library works with React 15. If you are using React 16, look at react-pixi-fiber or a different library also called react-pixi. Create/control a Pixi.js canvas using React.

detect-gpu - Classifies GPUs based on their 3D rendering benchmark score allowing the developer to provide sensible default settings for graphically intensive applications

  •    TypeScript

Classifies GPUs based on their 3D rendering benchmark score allowing the developer to provide sensible default settings for graphically intensive applications. Think of it like a user-agent detection for the GPU but more powerful. By default we use the UNPKG CDN to host the benchmark data. If you would like to serve the benchmark data yourself download the required benchmarking data from benchmarks.tar.gz and serve it from a public directory.

Windows Phone POST client


PostClient is an easy-to-use, thread-safe utility which makes HTTP POST web requests. It is designed in Silverlight for Windows Phone 7. It encapsulates HttpWebrequest and HttpWebResponse and works similarly to the WebClient class. PostClient is found under "WindowsPhone...

SoapClient c#


Simple c# live soap client. No need to create or use proxy classes. It parses WSDL and get a simplified definition, then use webclient to call webservice. It doesn't work with complex types (definitions in xsd) and not with wcf (soapAction parsing). maybe it could he...

Error Handling Block

  •    DotNet

Provides customizable handling of transient errors. Built-in handlers for WCF, WebClient, HttpRequest. For .NET, Silverlight, Store App, Windows Phone.

visp salaryviewer


This is a LAMP/WIMP project, with PHP as scripting language. The Visp project is to make a descent webclient for viewing old ip-louml;n/visp salarysystem data (Visp). All is in swedish, since Visp is a swedish salarysystem.

loklak_webclient - loklak web application

  •    Javascript

The loklak webclient creates services using the loklak server as a data source. The goal is to develop a fully fledged alternative to closed source twitter like frontend applications. In order to run the service you can use the API of or install your own loklak server data storage engine. For some parts of the service you require a twitter API currently (to be discontinued in the future). is a server application which collects messages from various social media tweet sources, including twitter. The server contains a search index and a peer-to-peer index sharing interface. All messages are stored in an elasticsearch index. The goal is to have a demo version that is automatically deployed from our repositories to Heroku.


  •    Java

The JPalo Client, API, and WebClient are tools to visualize and model data of a Palo or XMLA database. Their main purpose is Business Intelligence Reporting and Planning. With the API, programmers can easily model their specific needs.

buddycloud - Sharing, discovering, communicating. Magically simple.

  •    Java

buddycloud is designed as a completely new way to share online: your buddycloud channel connects you to the world's realtime conversation. Follow topic channels and plug into a community of experts. Create your own topic channels and share them with the world - or make them private and choose who can view them.

::phpMpReloaded:: The webclient for mpd

  •    Javascript

PHP Webclient Collection for MPD (music player daemon)


  •    Javascript

a webbased desktop, which handles modules like email-app and so by a webclient. Today only for Mozilla like Browsers. Tester/Developer are welcome :) Check it out on

evennia - Python MUD/MUX/MUSH/MU* development system

  •    Python

Evennia is a modern library for creating online multiplayer text games (MUD, MUSH, MUX, MUCK, MOO etc) in pure Python. It allows game creators to design and flesh out their ideas with great freedom. Evennia is made available under the very friendly BSD license. is the main hub tracking all things Evennia.

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