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List one or all sites on a farm with information concerning size, storage, bandwith, owner, site permissions for displaying those with a specific right on the sites.



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This nifty little application generates a batch file that, when run, will set the LOCK state of a chosen Site Collection and sub sites to either NoAdditions or Readonly or NoAccess


SharePoint utility to list information concerning document libraries in one or more sites. Displays Size, Validity, Folder, Parent, Author, Minor and Major Version, Modified / Created By, Modified / Created Date, Title, URL, ID Checked Out information, Email Address Setting....


A nifty little utility that allows you to automate the backups of sites on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Usage: -a || -d || -w [-f <filename>] Operations and Parameters: -a Create backup file for all sites -d Create backup file for all sites that have been modified i...


GEPBACKUP is a SharePoint 2010 and 2013 utility that creates a Powershell script based on the changes in the site.

Sql Server Permissions Auditor

Sql Server Permissions Auditor helps audit permissions on your Sql Server 2005 and up database. The software will audit permissions on tables, stored procedures, and look for several patterns of concern in stored procedures. It requires admin permissions to run. The first ...

Xoops - Web content management system in PHP

XOOPS is an acronym of eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System. XOOPS is a web application platform written in PHP for the MySQL database. Its object orientation makes it an ideal tool for developing small or large community websites, intra company and corporate portals, weblogs and much more.

bitballoon-api - API Documentation for the BitBalloon REST API

The pagination info is included in the `Link` header.```Link: <>; rel="next", <>; rel="last"```Linebreak is included for readability.The possible rel values are:* `next` Shows the URL of the immediate next page of results.* `last` Shows the URL of the last page of results.* `prev` Shows the URL of the immediate previous page of results.Sites=====The `/sites` endpoint allows you


GEBestBetAdder is a SharePoint utility which helps with the exporting and importing of keywords and best bets.

Create SharePoint Sites from CSV Script

The “Create SharePoint Sites from CSV Script” is a PowerShell script which creates multiple SharePoint sites in bulk from a Comma-separated values (CSV) file. The script also enables you to set permissions on the sites during creation using the same CSV file.

our-wedding-site - Geoff and Erin's site for information on our wedding.

Geoff and Erin's site for information on our wedding.

bitballoon-ruby - Ruby API client for BitBalloon

end```Redeploy a site from a dir:```rubysite = bitballoon.sites.get(site_id)deploy = site.deploys.create(:dir => "/tmp/my-site")deploy.wait_for_ready```Redeploy a site from a zip file:```rubysite = bitballoon.sites.get(site_id)deploy = site.deploys.create(:zip => "/tmp/")deploy.wait_for_ready```Update the name of the site (its subdomain), the custom domain and the notification email for form submissions:```ruby site.update(:name => "my-site", :custom_domain => "", :n

gcp-audit - A tool for auditing security properties of GCP projects.

A tool for auditing security properties of GCP projects. Inspired by Scout2.gcp-audit takes a set of projects and audits them for common issues as defined by its ruleset. Issues can include, but are certainly not limited to, storage buckets with read/write permissions for anyone and compute engine instances with services exposed to the Internet.

mail-audit-list - list detector plugin for Mail::Audit

list detector plugin for Mail::Audit

Mail-Audit-List - Release history of Mail-Audit-List

Release history of Mail-Audit-List

Synchronizing SharePoint Lists Between Internal and External Sites

This is a sample program to push SharePoint List data from Site to Site. I had to do it to transform the data from intranet site to the extranet site.

SP Jump List

SP Jump List is a sandboxed solution for SharePoint 2010 that takes advantage of the jump list support added for pinned sites with Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7. It automatically adds links from the quick launch of a site to the jump list when a site is pinned to the task bar

SPLimitedAccessDiscovery - Reveal your SharePoint "Limited Access" Permissions!

Ever wonder what "limited access" meant in your SharePoint permissions? Ever try to uncover the instances of unique permissions within your SharePoint sites, trying to find out what is causing "limited access" for your account(s)? Did you become angry when you realized it coul...

SharePoint 2010 inspecting unique permissions

Allow user to search and remove unique permissions at sub site, List, Folder and Item level.

STSADM Permissions

Manage list and document list permissions Manage file permissions in a document list For more information check

SharePoint Audit View

SharePoint audit project which adds the ability to view audit logs at the SharePoint item, library and site level through the context menus and ribbon buttons. Code makes it easy to extend the audit offering that SharePoint provides, which to be honest is pretty poor. Ba...