C# Garbage Pump: Password Keylogger Evasion

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C# DLL for handling password input that is not susceptible to keylogging through a Garbage Pump technique, which pumps random keys, i.e. garbage, out while the user enters in a password. See screenshots for output results.




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For Project 3 we created a security system which consisted of an end user typing username and code into the keypad and a security guard accessing the system over RS232 serial cable using Window’s Hyperterm. For this project, use the the updated keyboard files from here. In the project code removing the #define EXTRA_CREDIT will make it the base 4-digit code system, otherwise it is a username/password system. The keypad page for this lab explains how to use it for typing letters.

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sixarm_debian_crack_packages - SixArm.com » Debian » Crack packages for password security

SixArm.com » Debian » Crack packages for password security