scream - Dynamic viewport management for mobile

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Dynamic viewport management for mobile. Manage viewport in different states of device orientation. Scale document to fit viewport. Calculate the dimensions of the minimal iOS 8 view relative to your viewport width.


orientationchangeend : ^1.1.2
platform : ^1.3.0
sister : ^3.0.0



Related Projects

brim - View (minimal-ui) manager for iOS 8.

  •    Javascript

View (minimal-ui) manager for iOS 8. Try it and tweet it if you like it.

burger - Burger - The minimal hamburger menu with fullscreen navigation.

  •    CSS

Burger is a minimal hamburger menu with fullscreen navigation. It is created by mblode. if you have cloned the repo or downloaded from .zip, there are a few steps you must take within the terminal.

viewport-units-buggyfill - Making viewport units (vh|vw|vmin|vmax) work properly in Mobile Safari.

  •    Javascript

This is a buggyfill (fixing bad behavior), not a polyfill (adding missing behavior). That said, it provides hacks for you to get viewport units working in old IE and Android Stock Browser as well. If the browser doesn't know how to deal with the viewport units - vw, vh, vmin and vmax - this library will not improve the situation unless you're using the hacks detailed below. The buggyfill uses the CSSOM to access the defined styles rather than ship its own CSS parser, that'S why the hacks abuse the CSS property content to get the values across. The buggyfill iterates through all defined styles the document knows and extracts those that uses a viewport unit. After resolving the relative units against the viewport's dimensions, CSS is put back together and injected into the document in a <style> element. Listening to the orientationchange event allows the buggyfill to update the calculated dimensions accordingly.

FullscreenOverlayStyles - Some simple and creative overlay styles and effects

  •    CSS

Some simple and creative overlay styles and effects. From sliding the overlay into the viewport to using SVG morphing shapes, we explore some effects for fullscreen overlays. Integrate or build upon it for free in your personal or commercial projects. Don't republish, redistribute or sell "as-is".

onScreen - A light library that does stuff when the matched elements enter or leave the viewport

  •    Javascript

A light library that does stuff when the matched elements enter or leave the viewport. Tested to work in IE9+, Edge, Gecko, Blink, and Webkit. Hint: demos now have their own repository. Be sure to check them out.

TWTSideMenuViewController - Side Menus for iOS 7

  •    Objective-C

With iOS 7, apps are encouraged to use the whole screen and not rely on the 20pt status bar to be outside of the plane of your app. This breaks the existing side bar idea in that the status bar now lives over two view contexts with a single style. Working with the team at Luvocracy, we needed to find a way to show a side menu for our iOS 7 release. Many designers on Dribbble began looking at a new approach for side bars. Inspired by this we worked up a quick prototype that slides the view to the right and scales revealing the menu as seen in the dribbble samples above. Moving forward from this idea and inspired by other ideas from iOS 7 we changed it from a slide to more of a viewport change.

ASMediaFocusManager - iOS library to animate your image and video thumbnails to fullscreen.

  •    Objective-C

ASMediaFocusManager gives the ability to focus on any thumbnail image or video by a simple tap. The thumbnail image is automatically animated to a focused fullscreen image view or video player. Another tap on the 'Done' button shrinks (or defocuses) the image back to its initial position. Each thumbnail image view may have its own transform, the focus and defocus animations take care of any initial transform.

viewport - :computer: Gets the dimensions of the Viewport and beyond.

  •    Javascript

Viewport is a component to ease viewport management. You can get the dimensions of the viewport and beyond, which can be quite helpful to perform some checks with JavaScript. Also, you can use it without components.

in-viewport - Get a callback when any element becomes visible in a viewport (body or custom viewport)

  •    Javascript

Know when an element is in the window viewport or a custom viewport. We watch for your element to enters the viewport and call your callback when it does.

react-native-google-analytics-bridge - React Native bridge to the Google Analytics libraries on both iOS and Android

  •    Objective-C

Google Analytics Bridge is built to provide an easy interface to the native Google Analytics libraries on both iOS and Android. The key difference with the native bridge is that you get a lot of the metadata handled automatically by the Google Analytics native library. This will include the device UUID, device model, viewport size, OS version etc.

in-view - Get notified when a DOM element enters or exits the viewport. :eyes:

  •    Javascript

Get notified when a DOM element enters or exits the viewport. A small (~1.9kb gzipped), dependency-free, javascript utility for IE9+. With in-view, you can register handlers that are called when an element enters or exits the viewport. Each handler receives one element, the one entering or exiting the viewport, as its only argument.

within-viewport - JavaScript utility that determines whether an element is completely within the browser viewport

  •    Javascript

All of the above offer the same features. Although this plugin is still actively maintained, it will eventually be made obsolete by the Intersection Observer API. You can check the current state of browser compatibility at Meanwhile, withinviewport will continue to work on current and legacy browsers.

Chameleon - Chameleon is a port of Apple's UIKit for iOS (and some minimal related frameworks) to Mac OS X

  •    Objective-C

Chameleon is a port of Apple's UIKit (and some minimal related frameworks) to Mac OS X. It is meant to be as much of a drop-in replacement for the real UIKit as possible. It also adapts some iOS user interface conventions to the Mac (such as UIAlertView being represented by NSAlert) so that apps built using Chameleon have as much chance as possible of feeling at home on the desktop with relatively little porting effort. Chameleon requires OS X 10.6 or higher. Apps built with it have been proven to be acceptable to Apple for the Mac App Store. Chameleon was first built by The Iconfactory to unify the codebase of Twitterrific for both Mac and iOS.

Toast-PhoneGap-Plugin - :beers: A Toast popup plugin for your fancy Cordova app

  •    C++

This plugin allows you to show a native Toast (a little text popup) on iOS, Android and WP8. It's great for showing a non intrusive native notification which is guaranteed always in the viewport of the browser.

jquery-fullscreen-plugin - This jQuery plugin provides a simple to use mechanism to control the new fullscreen mode of modern browsers

  •    Javascript

This jQuery plugin provides a simple to use mechanism to control the new fullscreen mode of modern browsers. Currently only newer Webkit-based browsers (Like Chrome and Safari), Firefox and IE11+ provide this new fullscreen feature. This only works when the code was triggered by a user interaction (For example a onclick event on a button). Browsers don't allow entering fullscreen mode without user interaction.

SJFullscreenPopGesture - Fullscreen pop gesture

  •    Objective-C

Fullscreen pop gesture. It is very suitable for the application of the video player. 全屏返回手势. 对带有视频播放器的App非常适用. Please wait for the example load, or download the project directly.

isInViewport - An ultra-light jQuery plugin that tells you if an element is in the viewport but with a twist

  •    Javascript

An ultra-light jQuery plugin that tells you if the element is in the viewport, but with a twist. For a more performant alternative, please take a look at observe-element-in-viewport which uses the new IntersectionObserver API. Please keep in mind that you might have to ship a polyfill for IntersectionObserver depending on the browsers you support.