epub.js - Enhanced eBooks in the browser.

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Epub.js is a JavaScript library for rendering ePub documents in the browser, across many devices. Epub.js provides an interface for common ebook functions (such as rendering, persistence and pagination) without the need to develop a dedicated application or plugin. Importantly, it has an incredibly permissive Free BSD license.



event-emitter : ^0.3.5
jszip : ^3.1.5
lodash : ^4.17.10
marks-pane : ^1.0.9
path-webpack : 0.0.3
stream-browserify : ^2.0.1
xmldom : ^0.1.27



Related Projects

readium-js - EPUB processing engine written in Javascript

  •    Javascript

EPUB core processing engine written in Javascript. This is a software component used by the Readium Chrome extension and the "cloud reader" ( https://github.com/readium/readium-js-viewer ).

ePubReader - open and read any epub file


ePubReader is an easy-to-use, FAST, FREE class library for opening and reading EPUB files. Images, styles and Table Of Contents (TOC) are all supported. The library written in C# 4.0 Example Usage: //Init epub object. Epub epub = new Epub(@"c:\example.epub");...

js-epub - EPUB library for Javascript

  •    Javascript

EPUB library for Javascript

readium-js-viewer - ReadiumJS viewer: default web app for Readium.js library

  •    HTML

Note: Please don't use the zip download feature on this repo as this repo uses submodules and this is not supported at present by github and will result in an incomplete copy of the repo. EPUB reader written in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

epublib - a java library for reading and writing epub files

  •    Java

Epublib is a java library for reading/writing/manipulating epub files. I consists of 2 parts: a core that reads/writes epub and a collection of tools. The tools contain an epub cleanup tool, a tool to create epubs from html files, a tool to create an epub from an uncompress html file. It also contains a swing-based epub viewer.

Sigil - Sigil is a multi-platform EPUB ebook editor

  •    C++

Sigil is a free, open source, multi-platform ebook editor. It is designed to edit books in ePub format (both ePub 2 and ePub 3). Please do not use the issue tracker to ask questions. Both of the main developers of Sigil monitor the Sigil Forum at https://www.mobileread.com/forums. All questions should be directed there.

FolioReader-Android - A Java ePub reader and parser framework for Android.

  •    Java

FolioReader-Android is an ePub reader written in Java. Starting with Android 9.0 (API level 28), cleartext support is disabled by default.

FolioReaderKit - 📚 A Swift ePub reader and parser framework for iOS.

  •    Swift

FolioReaderKit is an ePub reader and parser framework for iOS written in Swift. FolioReaderKit is available through CocoaPods and Carthage.

Manga to Epub


Manga to Epub allow you to convert a bunch of images to a single "epub" file, readable on your reader. It handles most of the image types as well as several archives. You have multiple customization options, such as trimming the images in order to remove white borders.

Epub Editor


A simple epub editor that allows you to make quick changes to epub source files.

epub - python/curses cli epub reader

  •    Python

python/curses cli epub reader

readium-sdk - A C++ ePub renderer SDK

  •    C

Version 0.14 includes support for building a shared or static library for Android devices using the Android NDK r8e. See the Platform Support section for more information. The Readium SDK is an ePub reader SDK of similar scope and capability to Adobe's Reader Mobile SDK (RMSDK). As such, it is designed to implement an ePub3- compliant Reading System, although its initial form will concentrate solely on the core ePub3 specification and fixed-layout metadata, expanding later to cover associated standards such as Page Templates.

kcc - KCC (a.k.a. Kindle Comic Converter) is a comic and manga converter for ebook readers.

  •    Python

Kindle Comic Converter is a Python app to convert comic/manga files or folders to EPUB, Panel View MOBI or E-Ink optimized CBZ. It was initially developed for Kindle but since version 4.6 it outputs valid EPUB 3.0 so despite its name, KCC is actually a comic/manga to EPUB converter that every e-reader owner can happily use. It can also optionally optimize images by applying a number of transformations. If you have general questions about usage, feedback etc. please post it here. If you have some technical problems using KCC please file an issue here. If you can fix an open issue, fork & make a pull request.

save-as-ebook - Save a web page/selection as an eBook (

  •    Javascript

Save a web page/selection as an eBook (.epub format) - a Chrome/Firefox/Opera Web Extension

EPUB_SDK - EPUB 3.0 SDK for Android and iPhone, Offical team site : http://epub.anfengde.com

  •    Javascript

EPUB 3.0 SDK for Android and iPhone, Offical team site : http://epub.anfengde.com

readium - Readium: open source library for handling EPUB documents

  •    Javascript

Readium: open source library for handling EPUB documents

epubsharp.net - Yet Another ePub Library


epubsharp - Yet Another ePub Library Implemented using C#,Contains epubsharp.Core, epubsharp.Builder, epubsharp.Browser

Epub Reader for Windows Phone


Epub Reader for Windows Phone

Epub spell checker


This is a tool that will attempt to list spelling errors, OCR errors and the like from an epub file and try to suggest fixes.

Mobi Batch Converter


MBCCmd Mobi Batch Converted was designed for batch multithreading converting ePub and FictionBook fb2 e-books to Amazon Kindle supported format.