LGSideMenuController - iOS view controller, shows left and right views by pressing button or gesture

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iOS view controller, shows left and right views by pressing button or gesture. Download repository, then add LGSideMenuController directory to your project.




Related Projects

SideMenuController - A side menu controller written in Swift for iOS

  •    Swift

SideMenuController is a custom container view controller written in Swift which will display the main content within a center panel and the secondary content (option menu, navigation menu, etc.) within a side panel when triggered. The side panel can be displayed either on the left or on the right side, under or over the center panel. CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Cocoa projects.

Side-Menu.iOS - Animated side menu with customizable UI

  •    Swift

Animated side menu with customizable UI. Made in Yalantis. Check this project on dribbble. Check this project on Behance. For application targets that do not support embedded frameworks, such as iOS 7, SideMenu can be integrated by including source files from the SideMenu folder directly, optionally wrapping the top-level types into struct SideMenu to simulate a namespace. Yes, this sucks.

SideMenu - Simple side menu control for iOS, no code necessary! Lots of customization

  •    Swift

Hi, I'm Jon Kent and I am an iOS designer, developer, and mobile strategist. I love coffee and play the drums. SideMenu is a simple and versatile side menu control written in Swift.

InteractiveSideMenu - iOS Interactive Side Menu written in Swift.

  •    Swift

A customizable, interactive, auto expanding and collapsing side menu for iOS written in Swift. You can find more details into CONTRIBUTING file.

iOS-Slide-Menu - iOS Slide Menu with ability to add both left and right menu, and built in gesture recognizer

  •    Objective-C

iOS Slide Menu built on top of UINavigationController, with configurable buttons, reveal animations, and tap/swiper gesture recognizers. If you are updating from previous versions you'll get compile errors, due to changes to RevealAnimations. Animation configuration is now handled differently, and is separated from the SlideNavigationController. Please see bwlow for more information.

MFSideMenu - Facebook-like side menu for iOS

  •    Objective-C

This project was inspired by the side-menu functionality seen in the Facebook iOS app. MFSideMenu utilizes view controller containment and gives you a simple API for implementing side-menu functionality. It integrates with storyboard-based apps as well as traditional setups. ####CocoaPods Add pod 'MFSideMenu' to your Podfile.

TWTSideMenuViewController - Side Menus for iOS 7

  •    Objective-C

With iOS 7, apps are encouraged to use the whole screen and not rely on the 20pt status bar to be outside of the plane of your app. This breaks the existing side bar idea in that the status bar now lives over two view contexts with a single style. Working with the team at Luvocracy, we needed to find a way to show a side menu for our iOS 7 release. Many designers on Dribbble began looking at a new approach for side bars. Inspired by this we worked up a quick prototype that slides the view to the right and scales revealing the menu as seen in the dribbble samples above. Moving forward from this idea and inspired by other ideas from iOS 7 we changed it from a slide to more of a viewport change.

RESideMenu - iOS 7/8 style side menu with parallax effect.

  •    Objective-C

iOS 7/8 style side menu with parallax effect inspired by Dribbble shots (first and second). Since version 4.0 you can add menu view controllers on both left and right sides of your content view controller.

PaperFoldMenuController - A navigation menu on the left of the screen using on PaperFold

  •    Objective-C

PaperFoldMenuController is a UITabBarController replacement, but displays the view controllers in a table view on the left side of the screen. This table view is shown/hidden using PaperFold-for-iOS. Selecting from the menu on the left changes the view controller on the right. PaperFoldMenuController uses view controller containment. ####Parameters #####viewControllers The array of custom view controllers to display on screen. The title of each view controllers are shown in the menu table view on the left.

simple-side-drawer - Simple library which enable you to add a drawer(slide-out) navigation to your android application

  •    Java

SimpleSideDrawer is an android library to add a drawer navigation into your android application. This library has high affinity with other libraries like ActionBarSherlock or etc. ###Step2: Set up the side menu Add the 2 lines under the onCreate method in an Activity you want to add the side menu.

ViewDeck - An implementation of the sliding menu found in various iOS apps.

  •    Objective-C

ViewDeck is a framework to manage side menus of all kinds. It supports left and right menus and manages the presentation of the side menus both programmatically and through user gestures. The heart of ViewDeck is IIViewDeckController, which is a container view controller. You can then assign your center view controller to it as well as side view controllers. IIViewDeckController makes sure your content view controllers are added to the view controller hierarchy their views are added to the view hierarchy when needed.

AndroidSideMenu - Side menu for android applications

  •    Java

This library is deprecated and won't be supported any longer. Instead, I would suggest you to use DrawerLayout which is supported by Google and follows their design guidelines. AndroidSideMenu lets you create side (slide\drawer, whatever you call it) menu without special effort.

react-native-side-menu - Side menu component for React Native

  •    Javascript

On iPhone, the scroll-to-top gesture has no effect if there is more than one scroll view on-screen that has scrollsToTop set to true. Since it defaults to true in ReactNative, you have to set scrollsToTop={false} on your ScrollView inside Menu component in order to get it working as desired.

FAPanels - FAPanels - Swift

  •    Swift

Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that builds your dependencies and provides you with binary frameworks. Run carthage update to build the framework and drag the built FAPanels.framework into your Xcode project.

ColorMatchTabs - This is a Review posting app that let user find interesting places near them

  •    Swift

To setup and customize the component you should implement ColorMatchTabsViewControllerDataSource for ColorMatchTabsViewController. Menu view controller aggregates the elements described above. If you want to fully customize or rearrange the elements, just create your own view controller instead of MenuViewController.

FB-Style-Page-Slide-Menu - FB mobile inspired slide out menu built on jQuery mobile

  •    Javascript

FB mobile inspired slide out menu built on jQuery mobile

Parchment - A paging view controller with a highly customizable menu

  •    Swift

Memory-efficient: Parchment only allocates view controllers when they’re needed, meaning if you have a lot of view controllers you don’t have to initialize them all up-front. Infinite scrolling: Because view controllers are only allocated as you are scrolling, you can create data sources that are infinitely large. This is perfect for things like calendars.

fb-menu - Facebook-like slide menu in HTML5 & CSS3


Facebook-like slide menu in HTML5 & CSS3

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