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Flowplayer is an Open Source video player for the web. Embed the video streams into your web pages. User will get rich media experience by viewing video streams from your site. Player could be extended with Flash plug-ins, JavaScript plug-ins or Streaming plug-ins. Give a new look and feel to the player by extending it.

It could play the video irrespective of location. The video could be stored in any CDN network like Akamai, Amazon Cloudfront or even local web server. It has built-in slow motion and fast forward support. Social sharing is an important need for almost all web sites. Its viral plug-in helps to spread the videos to most popular social media.

It has ability to detect bandwidth speed and adjust the bit-rate transferred. It supports MPG, WMV, MOV and AVI formats.




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Open video player - media players for Flash and Silverlight

Open Video Player (OVP) is an initiative encompassing the use of open standards, best practices, and established development methodologies in the development of media player applications. Currently this project provides a code base that can be used to solve common problems as part of building advanced, scalable, and robust web-based media player applications in Flash, Silverlight, Apple iOS and HTML5.

Gnash - GNU Flash movie player

Gnash is the GNU SWF movie player, which can be run standalone on the desktop or an embedded device, as well as as a plugin for Firefox and all other Geeko based browsers, Chrome, and Konqueror. Gnash can switch at runtime between the Cairo, OpenGL, and AGG renderers. Media handlers could also be switched between FFmpeg and Gstreamer.

Lightspark - modern flash player implementation

Lightspark is a modern, open source, flash player implementation written from scratch following the SWF file format specifications released by Adobe. Lightspark main target is supporting newer Flash versions (9/10) and ActionScript 3.0 while being efficient leveraging the capabilities of modern hardware such as heavy parallel processing and programmable video cards.

OSFLV - Embeddable FLV Player

The OS FLV Player is an Open Source, embeddable player for Flash native video files. The player provides a large amount of options that can be changed in the embed code. It supports SWF and FLV file types.

SharePoint Video Player Web Part & SharePoint Video Library

This solution comes with a Video Library Template and a Video Player Web Part. The SharePoint Video Player support Flash FLV videos. [Windows SharePoint Services]

tvidx - A jquery plugin for HTML5 video player which gracefully degrades to flash video player.

A jquery plugin for HTML5 video player which gracefully degrades to flash video player.

Flash-Video-Player - Flash based video player built in flash builder

Flash based video player built in flash builder

GodLikeMouse Flash Video Player

The GodLikeMouse Flash Video Player is a robust desktop application for playing FLV (Flash Video) files. GLM-FLV includes the following features: Smooth playback, Aspect ratio kept, Fullscreen playback mode, volume and video control, and much more.

localreport-2012-video-player - Flash Builder Project - Video Player for Local Report 2012

Flash Builder Project - Video Player for Local Report 2012

accessible-html5-video-player - Accessible HTML5 Video Player

A lightweight HTML5 video player which includes support for captions and screen reader accessibility. For details, read the blog post Introducing an Accessible HTML5 Video Player on the PayPal Engineering blog. Also see 7 Lessons from Developing an Accessible HTML 5 Video Player.Insert the CSS in the Head of your HTML document. You'll also need to upload the sprite image (or use your own) and adjust the path in the CSS file.

mpv - Video player based on MPlayer/mplayer2

mpv is a media player based on MPlayer and mplayer2. It supports a wide variety of video file formats, audio and video codecs, and subtitle types. mpv has an OpenGL based video output that is capable of many features loved by videophiles, such as video scaling with popular high quality algorithms, color management, frame timing, interpolation, HDR, and more.

jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress - Mirror of JW Player for WordPress – Flash & HTML5 Video Player

Mirror of JW Player for WordPress – Flash & HTML5 Video Player


The best way to embed Flash & HTML5 Video player in your Wordpress Blog. Includes GPL Flowplayer (2,3,5), OS FLV player, and MediaElement.js.

HTML5 Video for Umbraco

This is a project to allow you to insert HTML5 <video> into your website with a flash player fallback if the users browser does not support the <video> tag. We will utilise the VideoJS library in order to achieve an easily skinable <video> player by using CSS.


This is a simple custom HTML5 video player that I made for a class final project. I leveraged the new HTML5 video and audio tags to make a custom player that will work without the use of a flash plugin and will work on mobile devices.

Flash-Video-Player - A basic video player for flv playback.

A basic video player for flv playback.


A video player using FlowPlayer and jQuery which has been designed to be hosted on read only hosts (S3, Github)

flowplayer - The HTML5 video player for the web

The HTML5 video player for the web

ASP.NET Embedded Video Player (YouTube™ API, C#)

ASP.NET Embedded Video Player (YouTube™ API, C#)