SQL floating point compare function

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Comparison of floating point values in SQL Server not always gives the expected result. With this function, comparison is only done on the first 15 significant digits. Since SQL Server only garantees a precision of 15 digits for float datatypes, this is expected to be se...




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This project is library that allows users to script SQL Server database objects. Library uses dynamic management views for extracting data about databases objects. This library could be used in various situations. The most interesting areas are comparing database objects a...

DbDiff: Database Diff and Database Scripting

Compare MSSql database structures. (Sql 2005, Sql 2008, Sql 2008R2, Sql Denali ) Features: - compare database structures - scripting without dmo or smo - commandline scripting, commandline compare - standalone dll-s for referencing

SqlDiffFramework-A Visual Differencing Engine for Dissimilar Data Sources

Unique in database comparison, SDF lets you compare live data--or saved snapshots--from any combination of SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, or ODBC data sources (Access, Excel, CSV files, etc.). Compare like-named or dissimilar tables or fields--now you can compare apples to oranges!

Visual Studio Comparison Tools

Visual Studio Comparison Tools is a add-in for Visual Studio which uses external tools to compare files, folders and clipboard. Features: Comparing two files, selecting folders for comparison from the solution explorer and comparing (and merging) clipboard to a file or selecte...

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A synthetic benchmark to compare the performance of various sql-drivers for Go's database/sql package

DB Compare

DB Compare is a simple utility that compares the schema (Tables, Views, and Stored Procedures) of two SQL Server databases.

Open DBDiff

Open DBDiff is an open source database schema comparison tool for SQL Server 2005/2008. It reports differences between two database schemas and provides a synchronization script to upgrade a database from one to the other.


DBSourceTools is a GUI utility to help developers bring SQL Server databases under source control. A powerful database scripter, code editor, sql generator, and database versioning tool. Compare Schemas, create diff scripts, edit T-SQL with ease. Better than Management Studio.


IQ.DbA is a light weight database management tool. - Easily browse through your table's data, run queries. - Compare schema / meta data. - Compare & synchronize table data (schema must be the same). - Create, Backup & Restore Db. - View & kill connections. - Added, sync...


Schema-compare is a PHP script that will compare two database schema's and show the differences side-by-side. It will also generate sql statements that will alter the old database to match the schema of the new database.

SQL Workbench - DBMS-independent SQL query tool

SQL Workbench is a DBMS-independent, cross-platform SQL query tool. Its main focus is on running SQL scripts (either interactively or as a batch) and export/import features. It could compare the data of two database and generate the necessary SQL statements to migrate one to the other.

Sequel Pro - MySQL Database management for Mac

Sequel Pro is a fast, easy-to-use Mac database management application for working with MySQL databases. It gives you direct access to your MySQL databases on local and remote server. It supports Full table management including indexes and MySQL Views.

Sql Superstar - Sql server compare

A tool to compare SQL server Database structure and stored. Simple, free and no so bad.


This module extends the datetime.time-module and makes it more handy respectivly to comparison, addition and substraction. You can compare, add and substract a daytime with another daytime, a datetime.time-object or an int or float as total amount of seconds. Making sums is also possible with a datetime.timedelta.

smartProfiler - Smart and easy way to profile algorithms in C.

I recommend a short message, for example the name of the function to measure (MESSAGE="sqrt()").```cPROFILE( MESSAGE ) {// CODE TO PROFILE}```You can specify the number of iterations as well. This time you would have to use PROFILE_N().```cPROFILE_N(MESSAGE, iterations) {// CODE TO PROFILE}```Finally, you can print a summary comparing the results sorted in a proper way.```cvoid PROFILE_SUMMARY();```That's all!!One more thing, the first call to PROFILE() will be the reference in the summary, ie,


.NET library for comparing objects structurally. Intended for use in unit tests to avoid bloated assertions or comparison code.

cargo-benchcmp - A small utility to compare Rust micro-benchmarks.

A small utility for comparing micro-benchmarks produced by cargo bench. The utility takes as input two sets of micro-benchmarks (one "old" and the other "new") and shows as output a comparison between each benchmark.Dual-licensed under MIT or the UNLICENSE.


CompareZilla is a utility application that can compare database table. The databases DO NOT have to be of the same type and not even on the same machine. Current release supports Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and DB2. database table compare database table ..

Are two SQL Databases the Same

As a software product evolves it is inevitable that the underlying database schema changes and you have to make sure any changes you make in the development cycle are made to all other database as the software is distributed. In all our products we include a database manageme...