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Simple library to simplify storage of application data when a bulky dedicated database is cumbersome and unnecessary




Related Projects

Flat File DataBase 2 MySQL DataBase

  •    Perl

An CGI script that makes converting an flat File DataBase to an MySQL DataBase easyer.

PxDBTOFILE - DB to file export via XML

  •    Perl

PxDBTOFILE is a database to file exporter in PERL. Users create XML files that are used by PxDBTOFILE to export data from a database to any number of flat text files in variable formats. Great for systems that require database extraction to flat tex

Flat-File Database for perl

  •    Perl

Lightweight Flat-File database API for perl. Allows SQL queries to manipulate the database info. Requires no module building. Current Version: 1.0.11b

Metakit - embedded database library with small footprint

  •    C++

Metakit is an embedded database library with a small footprint. It fills the gap between flat-file, relational, object-oriented, and tree-structured databases, supporting relational joins, serialization, nested structures, and instant schema evolution

Flat Database


Simple project making it really quick and easy, to implement a simple flat-file database for an application.

Flat-file SQL

  •    PHP

Flat-file SQL (fSQL) is a set of classes available in PHP that allows users without SQL database servers to select and manipulate flat-file data using SQL queries. fSQL is designed to support as many SQL queries and features as it can.

flywheel - A flat-file, serverless, document database for PHP that can store data in JSON, YAML or Markdown formats

  •    PHP

A flat-file, serverless, document database for PHP that can store data in JSON, YAML or Markdown formats. Often MySQL can be overkill for a small site or blog installation. Although it's present by as standard on many hosting packages it still requires several manual steps including configuration, user and databases creation etc.

PalmOS Flat-File Database Tools

  •    C++

Unix and Win32 conversion utilities for the PalmOS flat-file database programs MobileDB, JFile v3.x, List, and quot;DBquot; which is hosted here on SourceForge.

Flat-File Forum

  •    Perl

Flat-File Forum (FFF) is a project being written in perl to create a forum-like messaging system without the need of a database (using flat, text files).

techy - A flat file CMS based on Gulp and AbsurdJS

  •    CSS

I'm a super simple Flat CMS based on Node.js (Gulp.js and AbsurdJS). If you don't want to use a database to store your content I could help you. Write everything in Markdown format and I'll convert it to HTML. In other words, there are JavaScript expressions which you may write between <% and %> and basically fetch information based on other files in your codebase. For example generating a site map or showing the latest added Markdowns.

Flat File Parser

  •    CSharp

A flat file parser capable of loading in complete or partial flat text files. It will convert each row in the file into a standard CLR object.


  •    PHP

iCFPS is a flat-file CMS. It was designed to be small, usable, flexible and simple. It uses a flat-file database, so will work on nearly every PHP-enabled host.

First Choice to HTML

  •    Perl

Do you still have PFS:First Choice database files? First Choice was a great DOS-base flat file database program. The program, first2html, reads the file and converts it to HTML, as a TABLE. You can put your First Choice database into a web page!

Metakit database engine

  •    Perl

Metakit is an efficient database library with a small footprint. It's a cross between flat-file, RDBMS, and OODBMS. Keywords: structured storage, transacted, load on-demand, portable, C++, Python, Tcl, instant schema versioning.


  •    Java

ServingXML is an open source, Apache 2.0 licensed, framework for flat/XML data transformations. It defines an extensible markup vocabulary for expressing flat-XML, XML-flat, flat-flat, and XML-XML processing in pipelines.

Flat File DataBase (FFDB) for PHP

  •    PHP

Advanced PHP database for those without mySQL or similar dedicated databases. Supports many data types and advanced features through a simple PHP object API. Low-level implementation very efficient with indexes. Example code and database manager supplied.

My Php Database

  •    PHP

If u host ur site on a limited resources, and do not have access to any database like mysql gdbm etc. quot;My Php Databasequot; will give limited database support in php itself using flat file. Should be sufficient for small data like site statistics etc.

passbox - Simple command line password manager using a flat file as a database and GPG encryption

  •    Shell

Passbox is a tool for managing a GPG encrypted text file as a password database. Please bear in mind that due to the highly configurable nature of GnuPG and passbox, all responsibility for keeping your passwords secure and backed up is on you.

htmly - Databaseless Blogging Platform, Flat-File Blog and Flat-File CMS

  •    PHP

HTMLy is an open source Databaseless Blogging Platform or Flat-File Blog prioritizes simplicity and speed written in PHP. HTMLy can be referred to as Flat-File CMS either since it will also manage your content. You do not need to use a VPS to run HTMLy, shared hosting or even free hosting should work as long as the host supports at least PHP 5.3.