FlashPreloadProfiler - Good alternative to Adobe Flex Profiler

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FlashPreloadProfiler is an multi-purpose profiler designed to help productivity and stability during development of any flash scene. It gives access to more profiling tools like Overdraw graph, Mouse listeners graph, Internal events time repartition, Instantiation Statistics/StackTrace for all object (including Temporary object), Sampling data "Dump", hook on ANY flash app, local or web, debug or release.

source code location: https://code.google.com/p/flashpreloadprofiler/




Related Projects

PBLabsProfiler - A simple sampling Java/SWT profiler for Flash applications. Under the GPL license.

A simple sampling Java/SWT profiler for Flash applications. Under the GPL license.


django-profiler is util for profiling python code mainly in django projects but can be used also on ordinary python code. It counts sql queries a measures time of code execution. It logs its output via standard python logging library and uses logger profiling. If your profiler name doesn't contain any empty spaces e.g. Profiler('Profiler1') django-profiler will log all the output to the profiling.Profiler logger.

perl-MasonX-Profiler - MasonX::Profiler - Mason per-component profiler

MasonX::Profiler - Mason per-component profiler

perl-Devel-Profiler - Devel::Profiler - a Perl profiler compatible with dprofpp

Devel::Profiler - a Perl profiler compatible with dprofpp

wp-plugin-profiler - Basic profiler for WordPress plugins

Basic profiler for WordPress Plugins. Benchmarks any given plugin by testing response times with and without the plugin activated.Plugin Profiler is hosted on the WordPress.org plugin repository so you can install it from there like any other plugin. Here's a guide on how to install Plugin Profiler for your WordPress site.

SSAS Profiler Trace Collector with Scheduling Facility

AS Profiler Scheduler is a tool that will enable Scheduling of SQL AS Tracing using predefined Profiler Templates. For tracking different issues there are different templates.

CLR Profiler

Provides downloads for those who want to use a profiler of managed code, and those who want to write a profiler of managed code.

gae_mini_profiler - A ubiquitous mini-profiler for Google App Engine, inspired by mvc-mini-profiler

A ubiquitous mini-profiler for Google App Engine, inspired by mvc-mini-profiler

java-profiler - Sampling profiler for the JVM

javaprof supports starting and stopping of a profiler while your program is running. A very simple HTTP interface is provided, by default on port 19999. To start profiling: curl http://myhost:19999/profile-start?time=30If no time argument is given, the profiler will run indefinitely. To pauseprofiling: curl http://myhost:19999/profile-stopTo fetch the current profile data: curl http://myhost:19999/profile-fetch > hprof.txtTo clear the profile data: curl http://myhost:19999/profile-cl

gae_mini_profiler - A ubiquitous mini-profiler for Google App Engine, inspired by mvc-mini-profiler

A ubiquitous mini-profiler for Google App Engine, inspired by mvc-mini-profiler


Dibi custom profiler for CodeIgniter 2 to display SQL and Exceptions in CI 2 Profiler overview, with the same format as native queries profiler in CI 2.

dope - DOtemacs ProfilEr.. A per-sexp-evaltime profiler

DOtemacs ProfilEr.. A per-sexp-evaltime profiler

JVM Monitor - Java profiler integrated with Eclipse

JVM Monitor is a Java profiler integrated with Eclipse to monitor CPU, threads and memory usage of Java applications. JVM Monitor would be useful to quickly inspect Java applications without preparing any launch configuration beforehand. JVM Monitor automatically finds the running JVMs on local host and you can easily start monitoring them. It is also supported to monitor Java applications on remote host by giving hostname and port number.

Memprof - A Ruby gem for memory profiling

Memprof is a Ruby level memory profiler that can help you find reference leaks in your application. Memprof can also do very lightweight function call tracing to help you figure out which system calls, and library calls your code causes. Ruby memory profiler similar to bleak_house, but without patches to the Ruby VM.


Valgrind is an award-winning instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools. There are Valgrind tools that can automatically detect many memory management and threading bugs, and profile your programs in detail. You can also use Valgrind to build new tools.

php-memory-profiler - Memory usage profiler for PHP

php-memprof profiles memory usage of PHP scripts, and especially can tell which function has allocated every single byte of memory currently allocated.In script 1, a before/after approach would designate file_get_contents() as huge memory consumer, while the memory it allocates is actually freed quickly after it returns. When dumping the memory usage after a() returns, the memprof approach would show that file_get_contents() is a small memory consumer since the memory it allocated has been freed at the time memprof_dump_array() is called.

async-profiler - Sampling CPU and HEAP profiler for Java featuring AsyncGetCallTrace + perf_events

This project is a low overhead sampling profiler for Java that does not suffer from Safepoint bias problem. It features HotSpot-specific APIs to collect stack traces and to track memory allocations. The profiler works with OpenJDK, Oracle JDK and other Java runtimes based on HotSpot JVM.There are two operating modes: CPU profiling and HEAP profiling.

Open Data Profiler

Open Data Profiler is a an open source, extensible data profiler, which enables users to analyze and gather automatically data quality facts on data sources in various formats (XML, JDBC or CSV).