Files Name Copier

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Files Name Copier is a simple easy to use utility that allows you to drag and drop any number of files onto it. The clipboard will now contain the list of files you just dropped.



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xml-blacklist - ruby task to strip nodes from xml documents

```./filter_xml_dir OPTION...```Copy all files from one directory to another, stripping out specified XML nodes from each file in the process.All files from SOURCE will be processed and copied to DESTINATION. Unless `--no-recurse` is supplied, all subfolders willbe copied as well. Only folders with files in them will be copied. File types are not checked. Symlinks are copied intonormal files by default, but with `--symlink=link` the target will be relinked (without change) in DESTINATION, or wit


FileCopy uses the clipboard to copy a file. Useful when needing to copy a file between your machine and a machine you're remote administrating and you're not able to copy the file any other way.

chrome-stay-fresh - Chrome extension to reload tabs programmatically via HTTP requests

which accepts HTTP requests on port 7700 and notifies the Chrome extensionwhen those requests are made. The extension itself maintains a list of"listening" tabs which are automatically reloaded (i.e., "refreshed")whenever the **native messaging host** receives a `GET /reload HTTP/1.1`request.This extension is meant to accompany the[vim-stay-fresh]( Vim plugin and/orthe [vim-hooks]( Vim plugin. Much likebacon, eggs, and toast,


Right click on file to copy/move it to dynamic list of open Explorer paths. Eliminates the need to dig around in your taskbar for the other explorer window to complete your drag and drop operation.

Text Difference Visualizer

Silverlight control for discovering and visualizing the difference between two text files or just two strings that you copy and paste. You can choose files either by clicking on the file buttons and selecting them from the file dialogue or you can just drag and drop them.


A flexible tool to automate processing amp; organizing files and folders.

VB Drag Drop File Listing to Text

VB Drag Drop File Listing to Text. This little application will return your list of files. Useful when search returns a list of files and there is no way to save the list in a text format.

Wbxml Parser for SYNCML 1.2

The Wbxml Parser is a tool for SYNCML 1.2 that parse trace log(eg. 02 00 00 6A..) and you are able to drag amp; drop wbxml file to it. it support SYNCML 1.2 currently. and it create WBXML FILE in data folder when only you are copy amp; paste trace log to it.

WheresMyCheese - Copy the path of a file to Mac clipboard

Copy the path of a file to Mac clipboard

copypath.vim - Copy current editing file path to clipboard.

Copy current editing file path to clipboard.

Silverlight Drag Drop Manager

Silverlight Drag Drop Manager allows you to easily implement drag and drop behaviour in your Silverlight projects by providing a DragSource & DropTarget control, which act as a content container and can contain any SL user control. Highly configurable.


This bundle is no longer actively updated. It is maintained for bugs affecting use with Symfony 2.0.x only. If you are interested in taking over maintenance of this bundle, please contact []( Thanks!Introduction============This bundle provides multiple file uploads, based on the [BlueImp jQuery file uploader]( package. Both drag and drop and multiple file selection are fully supported in compatible browsers. We


A jQuery plugin to turn any standard input type file into a nice drag drop zone with validators and previews.

Java File Copy Library

The Java File Copy Library is a software library that provides an easy and powerful API for file copy operations. You can define a batch of copy jobs with regular expressions and can use a Swing Component to show the overall copy progress.

100Projects - 100 Projects to be completed, for me its in Python

**Mp3 Tagger** – Modify and add ID3v1 tags to MP3 files. See if you can also add in the album art into the MP3 file’s header as well as other ID3v2 tags.**Log File Maker** – Make an application which logs various statistics in response to given events. This can be something that logs what an application does, what the system is doing, when something like a file changes etc.**Excel Spreadsheet Exporter** – Create an online application which can read in a file and create an Excel Spreadshe