Fiddler TreeView Panel Extension

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Extension for Fiddler, to display the session information in a TreeView panel instead of the default ListBox, so it groups the information logically based on hosts, folders, etc...



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BuiltWith Fiddler Integration

Project Description BuiltWithFiddler adds BuildWith functionality to the HTTP Debugging Proxy Fiddler. It helps to determine the underlying technologies used in HTTP responses. It is written in C# by Andy at Bare Web

Weiddler - Fiddler addin

Fiddler addin

Fiddler Delayed Responses Extension

A fiddler extension that help developers delay the delivery of HTML Responses to applications. Some delay user stories: - Delivery of css to HTML pages, delaying or disturb the renderization - Delivery of javascript to HTML pages, raising javascript events. - Timeouts - ...

prot-od-netcaps - Network captures for examples in Windows protocols overview documents

This project contains annotated network captures for examples in Windows protocols overview documents. Overview Documents describe how related protocols work together to support common scenarios and are published at MSDN under Windows Protocols/Overview Documents at Use either Network Monitor (NetMon) or Message Analyzer to open and examine the network capture files. For more information on setting up and using Netmon with these captures, see UsingTheEUODCaptures.docx. For information on viewing these captures in Message Analyzer, see captures for the scenarios covered in a particular Overview Document are released together in a single folder with a file name composed of the "short name" of the Overview Document, for example [MS-ADFSOD]-captureALL. In the .matp capture files included in the folders, the Windows product version used to generate the captures is included in the name, for example MS-ADFSOD_Example1_WIN2016_X64_WIN10_X64_Domain.matp. In addition, the annotations in each network capture file include the published date (in the footer) of the Overview Document used to generate the captures.

crabtrap - an http proxy that can capture and replay requests

an http proxy that can capture and replay requests

Mini Proxy - a light-weight local proxy

a light-weight proxy written in C# (around 200 lines in total), it allows intercept HTTP traffic and hook custom code. Its initial scenario is to capture Http headers sent from a HttpWebRequest object. Limitations: Http 1.0 proxy Range header not forwarded

dabbler - Commandline alternative for Fiddler web debugging proxy

Commandline alternative for Fiddler web debugging proxy

toxiproxy - :alarm_clock: :fire: A TCP proxy to simulate network and system conditions for chaos and resiliency testing

Toxiproxy is a framework for simulating network conditions. It's made specifically to work in testing, CI and development environments, supporting deterministic tampering with connections, but with support for randomized chaos and customization. Toxiproxy is the tool you need to prove with tests that your application doesn't have single points of failure. We've been successfully using it in all development and test environments at Shopify since October, 2014. See our blog post on resiliency for more information.Toxiproxy usage consists of two parts. A TCP proxy written in Go (what this repository contains) and a client communicating with the proxy over HTTP. You configure your application to make all test connections go through Toxiproxy and can then manipulate their health via HTTP. See Usage below on how to set up your project.

DataSetInspector plugin for Fiddler HTTP Debugger

This is an inspector plugin for the Fiddler HTTP Debugger which shows datasets in a .Net DataGridView control.

google-drive-proxy - Google Drive Proxy is a Windows service that provides a simpler interface to the Google Drive API for other applications

Drive Proxy is a Windows Service that streamlines communication with Google Drive. It is meant to facilitate the construction of tools that leverage Google Drive's cloud storage capacity without burdening the hard drive and network with unnecesary local copies. Drive Proxy handles authentication with Google Drive and manages the cache where the needed files reside.It uses a simple protocol to communicate with client applications over a pipe. It is currently used by the [Google Drive Shell Extension] ( project to provide a transparent interface between Windows Explorer and Google Drive.

snapchat-spam - Fucking advanced app to spam people with useless snaps on snapchat.

Close the app - force close it - attach a network insector to your phone (I recommend Charlex Proxy or Fiddler). Open the app on your phone and look at the request made to ``, in the json response, under `updates` there is a field labeled `auth_token`. Copy that and you're all gucci.

TCPDump - Network Packet Analyzer

TCPDump, a powerful command-line packet analyzer; and libpcap, a portable C/C++ library for network traffic capture. It prints out a description of the contents of packets on a network interface that match the boolean expression. The Packet Capture library provides a high level interface to packet capture systems. All packets on the network, even those destined for other hosts, are accessible through this mechanism.

TraceMyNet: a network tracing tool

TraceMyNet is a network tracing tool. It acts as a TCP socket proxy and allows you visualize network traffic, including local traffic that tools like netmon can't capture. It has support for SLL encrypted connections as well.

Fiddler AMF Extension

The project is create Fiddler extension for showing AMF remoting calls in friendly way.

FiddlerAutoCapture - Fiddler extension to automatically save all content hierarchically

Fiddler extension to automatically save all content hierarchically


Web????,??Fiddler???. ??Nodejs??,???. A smarty proxy tool for web debugging, it's works like Fiddler.

ngrok - Introspected tunnels to localhost

ngrok is a reverse proxy that creates a secure tunnel between from a public endpoint to a locally running web service. ngrok captures and analyzes all traffic over the tunnel for later inspection and replay. You can give this URL to anyone to allow them to try out a web site you're developing without doing any deployment.

ircsnapshot - Tool to gather information from IRC servers

--proxy SERVER[:PORT] SOCKS4 proxy to connect through -o --output Directory Output directory (default .) -t --throttle 1.0 Seconds to sleep before sending commands (default 1) -h --help Print this message</pre>Output======The UI writes the contents of the log, but the primary output is to a json file in the executing directory.<pre>server.log.txt - Log fileserver.json - JSON encoded list of links visible to connecting user{ 'links': [], //


Streamy is an audio/video/network recorder. It can capture and store any large network content using its proxy. Streamy 4.0 will be realeased in September :)

HTML2POP3 : gmail proxy

Convert Webmail to POP3.Is also included a SMTP/POP3 tunneling system that allow send and receive email in a private network HTTP PROXY based. All connection are plugin based. Over 450 email server supported and tested, GMAIL POP3/SMTP over Proxy Network