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This is a little utility to help with Job changes in FFXIV.




Related Projects

Equipmant Equipment Macro Manager

  •    C++

Equipmant is a program designed to create equipment script files for the Final Fantasy XI Windower. Create macros in FFXI to use these scripts and they will change equipment quickly, even making it possible to change all equipment in a single macro.

911 Radio and Equipment Tracker

  •    Java

911 Radio and Equipment Tracker is a Java Web-Based app that tracks police department radios by serial number or radio ID. It also uses bar-codes to track radios and other equipment mounted in police cars. There is support for hand-held devices.

Emle - Electronic Math Lab Equipment

  •    Javascript

Emle - has the math equivalent of physical science lab equipment. Math classes have not had the advantage of labs which provide the experience of direct reinforce of concepts until Emle.

Desktop Space Program


Software and technical data for space engineering projects

AEX Development Environment


Please go to cfiXML Engineering Data Exchange (sourceforge.net/projects/cfidev/) for latest Automating Equipment Exchange XML schemas -supporting capital facility equipment engineering, procurement, construction, operations amp; maintenance work process

Machine QA Manager


Machine QA Manager is intended to save and help trend results from radiation therapy equipment testing. The program will be made as generic as possible from a initial setup to enable it's use for other types of routine testing activities (for example factory equipment) but pre...

WLAN Traffic Visualizer

  •    Java

The WLAN Traffic Visualizer provides accurate measurement of traffic load and innovative visualization of frame sequences in IEEE 802.11 WLANs. It is useful for monitoring of WLAN equipment, for WLAN equipment benchmarking, and for educational purposes.

State of Siege

  •    C++

State of Siege is a realtime, massively multiplayer game in which players buy equipment for their tanks and vehicles to lay waste to their opponents. For this they will be rewarded by gaining access to newer and better equipment.


  •    Perl

Gripes (generic roguelike integer programming equipment selector) is a program designed to help the players of Angband (and similar games) to find the optimal equipment to wear, using integer programming techniques.

system-bus-radio - Transmits AM radio on computers without radio transmitting hardware.

  •    C

This program transmits radio on computers / phones without radio transmitting hardware. Some computers are intentionally disconnected from the rest of the world. This includes having their internet, wireless, bluetooth, USB, external file storage and audio capabilities removed. This is called "air gapping". Even in such a situation, this program can transmit radio.

Data Crow

  •    Java

The ultimate cataloguer

Bumblebee Instrument Management System

  •    PHP

Equipment/instrumentation booking and usage accounting system. Designed primarily for use in academic laboratories where a number of users share a set of instruments (e.g. NMR machines, microscopes, fume hoods).


  •    Perl

Master is a set of scripts that in combination with mysql, work with Foundry Network switches and routers. It's autodiscovers all Foundry equipment using the Ospf routing protocol and collect information about the devices for use in scripts.

HP 8970 Noise Figure Meter Software


hp8970 is a set of command line programs developed for the HP 8970A and HP 8970B noise figure meters to record data from them and manage ENR tables. One of the programs, 'txgpib' can send an arbitrary GPIB command to an arbitrary piece of equipment.

Cataclysm-DDA - Cataclysm - Dark Days Ahead

  •    C++

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is a roguelike set in a post-apocalyptic world. While some have described it as a "zombie game", there is far more to Cataclysm than that. Struggle to survive in a harsh, persistent, procedurally generated world. Scavenge the remnants of a dead civilization for food, equipment, or, if you are lucky, a vehicle with a full tank of gas to get you the hell out of Dodge. Fight to defeat or escape from a wide variety of powerful monstrosities, from zombies to giant insects to killer robots and things far stranger and deadlier, and against the others like yourself, that want what you have... Visit our website for download links to all stable and experimental releases.


  •    Python

PyTuneSounds is a application that lets the user tune the volumes of sounds in a variety of ways, e.g. to use these in psychoacoustic experiments. It is possible to correct the spectrum of the sound with respect to equipment-inherent filters.


  •    PHP

Free CMMS(computerized maintenance management system) is a web application for industrial maintenance departments to manage work orders, preventative maintenance, parts inventory, labor, and equipment.

Maintenance Manager

  •    Java

Maintenance Manager is a Help Desk Application written using Java to allow tracking of quot;troublequot; tickets and their resolution. It can also track equipment, SN#'s amp; service dates. Please see http://maintmgr.sourceforge.net for installation instructions


  •    C++

Glowworm is an application to control theater lighting equipment using the DMX protocol. It is meant as an extensible platform to host different user interface concepts.

InjectionIII - Re-write of Injection for Xcode in (mostly) Swift4

  •    Objective-C

This start-over implementation on Injection for Xcode has been built into an app: InjectionIII.app included in the repo which runs in the status bar. Code injection allows you to update the implementation of methods of a class incrementally in the iOS simulator without having to rebuild or restart your application saving developer time. You can avoid the complications of code signing by using the pre-built binary which is available to download here. For some reason you may need to take the app out of qurantine manually or it will report it as damaged when you run it: xattr -d com.apple.quarantine ~/Downloads/InjectionIII.app. To use, copy/link it to /Applications and run the app. Injection also expects to find your current Xcode at path /Appplications/Xcode.app. Injection no longer requires you to change your project as for iOS is always available if you use the "Start Injection" menu (or type control-=) each time you start your app. Once injection is connected, a file watcher is started in the InjectionIII app and whenever you save a Swift or Objective-C source the target app is messaged to update the implementation. The file watcher can be disabled & enabled while the app is running using the status bar menu. If you inject a subclass of XCTest it will try running that individual test inside your application. When you run your application without rebuilding (^⌘R), recent injections will be re-applied.