umeditor - ueditor的mini版本,特点是体积小巧和更快的加载速度

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grunt : ~0.4.1
grunt-contrib-concat : ~0.3.0
grunt-contrib-cssmin : ~0.6.0
grunt-closurecompiler : ~0.9.9
grunt-contrib-copy : ~0.4.0
grunt-transcoding : ~0.1.1
grunt-text-replace : ~0.3.9
grunt-contrib-compress : ~0.7.0



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fis - Front-end Integrated Solution - 前端集成解决方案, 最新版请进入 FIS3

  •    PHP

Front-end Integrated Solution - 前端集成解决方案, 最新版请进入 FIS3

fex-edu - FEX 学院


FEX 学院

SmashApps JQuery Editor

  •    DotNet

SmashApps JQuery Editor is a simple editor for JQuery and JavaScript. JQuery Editor focuses on CSS3 and HTML5. Create stunning web pages with the latest effects. It is developed in Visual Basic 2010 with the .net Framework 4.0. Created by the SmashApps Development Team

interview-questions - FEX 面试问题


FEX 面试问题

Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG - Tools for Visual Studio & Team System


Tools for Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server / Team System; Assembly Reference Tool; WBS Editor - Work Breakdown Structure Editor

WBS Editor: Team Foundation Server [TFS] Work Breakdown Structure Editor


WBS Editor makes it simple to create Work Breakdown Structures. It offers seamless integration of WBS in a Team Foundation Server environment, allowing to store WBS information in Work Items. Further, it offers Iteration workload analysis features and personalized WBS analysis.

CKEditor - The best browser-based WYSIWYG editor

  •    Javascript

CKEditor is a text editor to be used inside web pages. It's a WYSIWYG editor, which means that the text being edited on it looks as similar as possible to the results users have when publishing it. It brings to the web common editing features found on desktop editing applications like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. It's an editor to be used inside web pages.

Team Build Deployer


Team Build Deployer makes it easy to deploy web application projects using Team Build 2010. The solution is written in C#, and enhanced build scripts, and enables Team build to use the built in web application deployment packaging configured found in Visual Studio 2010. Th...

stencil - A Web Component compiler for building fast, reusable UI components and Progressive Web Apps 💎 Built by the Ionic Framework team

  •    TypeScript

Stencil is a simple compiler for generating Web Components and progressive web apps (PWA). Stencil was built by the Ionic Framework team for its next generation of performant mobile and desktop Web Components. Stencil combines the best concepts of the most popular frontend frameworks into a compile-time rather than run-time tool. It takes TypeScript, JSX, a tiny virtual DOM layer, efficient one-way data binding, an asynchronous rendering pipeline (similar to React Fiber), and lazy-loading out of the box, and generates 100% standards-based Web Components that runs on both modern browsers and legacy browsers back to Internet Explorer 11.

ICECoder - Web IDE / Browser Code Editor

  •    PHP

ICEcoder is a web IDE / browser based code editor, which allows you to develop websites directly within the web browser. It uses the brilliant CodeMirror for code highlighting & editing, with a slick IDE wrapped around it to make the whole thing work. It supports code editing for HTML, CSS, LESS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, PHP & Ruby.

MS CRM 2011 : Pragma Toolkit : Ribbon, Site Map Editor


Pragma Toolkit is a developer tool for improving productivity of the CRM 2011 developers. First release contains Ribbon Editor and Site Map Editor. Pragmasys Team will be adding more such tools as they are developed. Community feedback is welcome.

web-sharelatex - The web front end for ShareLaTeX, a web-based collaborative LaTeX editor

  •    Javascript

web-sharelatex is the front-end web service of the open-source web-based collaborative LaTeX editor, ShareLaTeX. It serves all the HTML pages, CSS and javascript to the client. web-sharelatex also contains a lot of logic around creating and editing projects, and account management. The rest of the ShareLaTeX stack, along with information about contributing can be found in the sharelatex/sharelatex repository.

editor - Next-gen, highly customizable content editor for the browser - based on React and Redux

  •    Javascript

ORY is a company building and maintaining developer tools for a safer, more accessible web. You might also like our other Open Source projects! The ORY Editor is a smart, extensible and modern editor ("WYSIWYG") for the web written in React. If you are fed up with the limitations of contenteditable, you are in the right place.The ORY Editor is used at Germany's largest (~800k uniques per month) E-Learning Website to improve the wiki experience.

Alloy Editor - WYSIWYG editor based on CKEditor with completely rewritten UI

  •    Javascript

Alloy Editor is a modern WYSIWYG editor built on top of CKEditor, designed to create modern and gorgeous web content. It provides smart toolbars appear right near the selected text and offer different functionality based on context, Paste rich text from any web page and preserve its formatting, The full styling power of CKEditor and lot more.