Feature Builder Contrib

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Feature Builder Contrib is a Feature Extension that provides additional Feature Commands, ValueProviders and Conditions for Feature Builder 1.0 and will help you build great Extensions for Visual Studio 2010.




Related Projects

resharper-vsix - VSIX and ReSharper integration

This repo contains two projects that enable better integration between Visual Studio's VSIX extensions and ReSharper.The first project, resharper-vsix is a ReSharper extension that will install any VSIX files bundled inside one of ReSharper 8's NuGet based extensions. This is intended to enable ReSharper extensions to also extend Visual Studio in ways that ReSharper doesn't currently support, perhaps by including project or item templates, or different editor extensions (highlights, adornments, folding, etc).


When you build your VSIX in Visual Studio (or the command line) when the .vsix file is produced it is not fully compressed. This project will enable VSIX developers to create fully compressed .vsix files with a NuGet package.

Feature Builder Guidance Extensions

Feature Builder Guidance Extensions are Feature Extensions which extend the guidance for the Feature Building experience. Each FBGX will be supplied as source code as well as there is a single FBGX-Binaries release which is linked to from the Visual Studio Gallery.

dotnet-apiport - This repo contains .NET Portability Analyzer (VSIX and Console) libraries and tools

This repository contains the source code for .NET Portability Analyzer tools and dependencies.The libraries are continuously published to dotnet-apiport MyGet gallery. The Visual Studio extension is published to Open VSIX Gallery. The latest version number of each library can be seen in that gallery.

Multi-Project Templates with Wizard: Visual Studio 2010 Sample

This project shows you simple example of creating multi-project templates with wizard using Visual Studio 2010, which generates VSIX file. A VSIX file enables us to install Visual Studio extensions (tools, controls, template etc) with a single click.

Solution template generator

Solution template generator, gets a .SLN file containing multiple projects and then converts it to a .VSIX file.


Use C# code as template to generate C# code Compiles to VSIX file for Visual Studio 2010 uses: BaseCustomToolGenerator to integrate into VS2010 AppDomain to run code in another domain without locking .dll file CSharpCodeProvider to compile C# code during custom tool execution

VSIX Editor

VSIX Editor is a small handy tool to quickly tweak your Visual Studio Extension Packages.

F# and C# ASP.NET MVC 3 (Razor) VSIX Project Template Example

This project provides an example of how to create a F# and C# VSIX Project Template made up of a C# ASP.NET MVC 3 web application, a F# Library that contains controllers, models, etc., and a F# Library that can be used to contain unit tests.

VsMono - VSIX package to allow VS2010 to load MonoTouch and MonoMac projects

VSIX package to allow VS2010 to load MonoTouch and MonoMac projects

BreezeAngularSpaTemplateVsix - Create a VSIX for the **Breeze MVC SPA Template** with **AngularJS**

Create a VSIX for the **Breeze MVC SPA Template** with **AngularJS**


Force-updates a Visual Studio 2010 VSIX extension to mark it as compatible with a given Atmel Studio version.

Nova-Solution-Wizard - [VSIX] Helper to make the creation of Nova-based solutions easier.

[VSIX] Helper to make the creation of Nova-based solutions easier.

Landscape - XSL Presentation Framework

Landscape aims to provide a solid foundation to develop complex and feature rich frontends for web application or websites. Never complain anymore for malformed HTML code or ultra rigid templates. Landscape is meant to give you the complete control over the generation of HTML...

ASP.NET MVC Ajax Code Builder with JQuery

This project code build Client Side JavaScript Wrapper Class for each Controller Action based on reflection, and user just need to define simple Event Handler function, and then can enjoy the Ajax Feature! Example: System.IncludeJs('/Content/Controllers/EchoController.js'); ...

GPAvatarView - A dead simple UIView subclass for rounded corners images

You can use `GPAvatarImage` directly from Interface Builder, dragging a `UIView` into your view hierarchy and chaning its class to `GPAvatarImage`. The view is fully compliant with Xcode 6 Live Rendering feature, so you can preview the image and set a placeholder directly from IB.Needless to say, you can otherwise use this component programmatically.


Feature code for rule to send an email to arbitrary email address each time a property node is created by a builder


PHP HMVC multiple site/application content management framework. The primary purpose of this project is to provide an isolated development space for all sites one would create, regadless of complexity or contrast. To that end many concepts common to established frameworks have been employed to cohere with a multiple site a management paradigm. Common concepts include, but are not limited to Nodes, Fields and Taxonomy. Also, unlike many existing frameworks code reuse is prompted not only in the f