Fast DBF

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A free and open source .net library for reading/writing DBF files. Fast and easy to use. Supports writing to forward-only streams which makes it easy to write dbf files in a web server environment.



Related Projects

dbf - DBF is a small fast Ruby library for reading dBase, xBase, Clipper and FoxPro database files

  •    Ruby

DBF is a small fast Ruby library for reading dBase, xBase, Clipper and FoxPro database files

.NET DBase File Reader

  •    DotNet

Simple .Net dll to provide functionality to read DBase files, written in C# targeting .NET 4.0. The dll currently only supports DBase 3, 4 and 5 file structures.


  •    C

dollyBase is Dbase Clone, can read old dbf and prg files, and can interprete the old applications in xbase


  •    CSharp

DbfExporter is a small library written entirely in C# 2.0. It creates DBase III (Or FoxPro 2.6) files by directly writing with System.Io streams. No ODBC drivers or 3rd party component required. Total control on the dbf structure.


  •    Perl

Anubisnet - support for Slackware and software development in QT and TCL, applications for Windows and Linux, home of dbf - dBASE Reader and Converter. Visit to get more info.

xBaseJ - xBase Engine for Java

  •    Java

This is a Java based xBase engine to read write and update dbf files. Using the package's classes and methods programmers can process dBase III and IV files and some clones (e.g. Clipper/FoxPro) along with index and tag files and the individual fiel

Dbf converter

  •    Python

dbfconverter converts dbf files database into sql code wich you can import into any sql database. It is good for those who works on old database with dbf files and often need to convert all dbf files into sql database.

DBF Import Export Wizard


DBF Import Export Wizard is a tool for anyone needing to import DBF files into SQL Server or to export SQL Server tables to a DBF file. This project was created to supplement the lack of this functionality in SQL Server versions after 2000. This was developed using C#.

tDBF component for Delphi and BCB

  •    Delphi

TDBF is a native dBASE III+, dBase IV and dBase 2k data access component for Delphi, BCB, Kylix, FreePascal. It allows you to create very compact database programs which don't need any special installer programs. The DB engine code is compiled right into your executable.


  •    C

Fast data loading from DBF ( dbf , xBASE , Clipper ) files of arbitrary structures into RBDMS Oracle. Excellent for mass files loading. May be the fastest tool possible. Automatic tables creation from dbf files. No problems with reserved words.

DBCMD - a DBF command line tool


A DBF easy to use command line or batch tool for management of DBF and other related files.



DbfDotNet aim is to offer a fully .Net framework managed support for dBase files and indexes. It is designed as a very quick embedded single-user database/entity framework. As it work on disk (rather than on memory) It is able to cope with very large datatables.


  •    VBNET

ExcelToDBF is an open source Add-in for Excel 2007 enabling Excel users to accomplish two kinds of operations: saving an active Worksheet to DBF IV format and changing a DBF file using Excel.

dbf library

  •    CSharp

Access the simple dbf database format the easiest possible way. This library consists basically of only two files (dbf.h and dbf.c), although C++ wrappers and sample GUI apps using wxWidgets and MFC are included, plus a C# implementation with no GUI.

Persian FoxPro DBF viewer for .NET


Many legacy systems used FoxPro in Iran. This component allows data stored in DBF files to be read by .NET, including the necessary Farsi codepage conversions.

GTK DBF Editor

  •    C

A simple editor for dbf files. The editor is built with GTK+, making it available on a number of platforms, including Linux and Windows.

canmatrix - Converting Can (Controller Area Network) Database Formats .arxml .dbc .dbf .kcd ...

  •    Python

Canmatrix implements a "Python Can Matrix Object" which describes the can-communication and the needed objects (Boardunits, Frames, Signals, Values, ...) Canmatrix also includes two Tools (canconvert and cancompare) for converting and comparing CAN databases.


  •    PHP

A PHP Database API with XML/dbase implementations. Generic database manager provides centralised admin, and template class with examples for easy creation of database GUIs. The XML version does not require DOM and is built upon the Php.XPath class.


  •    Delphi

dQuery is a general database query tool like the Microsoft Query. It provide a general query function and some extra ability such like export to Excel (not save as excel files), export to HTML, XML ... Another feature is that it use the ADO technology, This project is renamed to quot;QueryDquot; on 2013/5/12 because dBase ( claim they register quot;dQueryquot; on July 31st, 2002


  •    C

Data Entry and Reporting Tool, this is a tool similar to DBase, M$ Acces, and others. Graphical interface (Motif/LessTif), DBMS backends include MySQL, XBase ( and mdb-tools (

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