farther: Firmware, protocol, and language bindings for remote access to AVR

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An AVR/Arduino runs the farther firmware that listens on an interface like the USART, virtual COM port, etc and executes code programmed on a remote host.




Related Projects

MCU Java source

Java source to C source translator, which allows to write MCU programs in Java. Now AVR are supported, others can be added. Convenient Java methods instead of manual register handling.

awesome-cpus - All CPU and MCU documentation in one place

This repository contains documentation for various CPUs. There are data sheets, programmer's manuals, quick reference cards, etc. Before submitting a pull request, please read the Contribution Guidelines.


CAN Remote Automation and Control with the AVR Set of tool for Web based Home Automation over the CAN-Bus including firmware and PCB.

i2cdevlib - I2C device library collection for AVR/Arduino or other C++-based MCUs

I2C device library collection for AVR/Arduino or other C++-based MCUs

i2cdevlib - I2C device library collection for AVR/Arduino or other C++-based MCUs

I2C device library collection for AVR/Arduino or other C++-based MCUs

AVR Butterfly MP3 Player

Firmware and Hardware for an MP3 player using an AVR Butterfly, VS1001K decoder and SD/MMC card with FAT filesystem.

hiduino - :musical_keyboard: Native USB-MIDI on the Arduino

The HIDUINO project provides firmwares, documentation, and example code for building a class-compliant USB-MIDI device from an Arduino UNO or Mega 2560. HIDUINO does not use middleware software to convert serial messages through a MIDI loopback port (like LoopBe1 on Windows or IAC on OSX). Instead, HIDUINO provides a true USB-MIDI device for plug-and-play compatibility on Windows, OSX, and Linux - just like a commercial MIDI controller. HIDUINO takes advantage of Arduino boards where a second AVR chip is used as the USB controller, so it won't work with single chip variants (e.g. Leonardo), nor older boards that use an FTDI chip as USB controller (e.g. Duemilanove). Many cheap Arduino knockoffs that pretend to be an Uno or Mega also might not work, since they tend to use the (slighly) cheaper FTDI chips.

sevengen : 7 segment code calculator and generator

this software helps electrical engineers to calculate codes used in microcontrollers firmwares.

Example-Sketch-for-IMU-including-Kalman-filter - Software for "Guide to gyro and accelerometer with Arduino including Kalman filtering"

The code is released under the GNU General Public License. This is the firmware for the my guide at the Arduino forum: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,58048.0.html, including a Processing application (see the Graph directory) to visualize the data sent from the Arduino.


SLABHIDDevice.dll is used for the SLAB MCU example code on PC, the original source code is written by C++. This wrapper class brings SLABHIDDevice.dll to the .Net world, so it will be possible to make some quick solution for firmware testing purpose.

gort - Command Line Interface (CLI) for RobotOps

Gort (http://gort.io) is a Command Line Toolkit for RobotOps. Gort provides tools to scan for connected devices, upload firmware, and more.Gort is written in the Go programming language (http://golang.org) for maximum speed and portability.

netmf-interpreter - .NET Micro Framework Interpreter

Welcome to the .NET Micro Framework interpreter GitHub repository.The Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework combines the reliability and efficiency of managed code with the premier development tools of Microsoft Visual Studio® to deliver exceptional productivity for developing embedded applications on small devices. The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework SDK supports development of code, including device I/O, in the C# language using a subset of the .NET libraries, and is fully integrated with the Microsoft Visual Studio® development environment. The .NET Micro Framework class library supports all major namespaces and types from the desktop framework, managed drivers support, Remote Firmware Updates and Cryptographic functions for Secure Devices. This GitHub project allows building the full SDK and device Firmware images including the lwIP open source TCP/IP stack and the OpenSSL distribution.

grbl - An open source, embedded, high performance g-code-parser and CNC milling controller written in optimized C that will run on a straight Arduino

Grbl is a no-compromise, high performance, low cost alternative to parallel-port-based motion control for CNC milling. It will run on a vanilla Arduino (Duemillanove/Uno) as long as it sports an Atmega 328. The controller is written in highly optimized C utilizing every clever feature of the AVR-chips to achieve precise timing and asynchronous operation. It is able to maintain up to 30kHz of stable, jitter free control pulses.

The Retargettable MCU Emulator

A retargettable micro-controller and embedded system emulator architecture, providing common supports to emulate various types of micro-processors amp; devices on an x86 PC. Development of emulation for Arduino and various shields is just about to be launched in 2012.

GPIB-Ethernut Controller

An universal Lan-to-GPIB adapter for lab instruments using the Egnite Ethernut 2.1; code in AVR C; supports http protocals and able to run cgi scripts; Primary interface is command based; software, firmware, and hardware schematics are all available

Embedded LocoNet

A set of C language API's and firmware applications that manage access to the Digitrax LocoNet and the core hardware resources of the Atmel AVR family of devices, to allow custom embedded LocoNet devices to be developed using GCC

Atmel USB DFU Programmer

A multi-platform command-line programmer for Atmel (8051, AVR, XMEGA amp; AVR32) chips with a USB bootloader supporting ISP. This is a mostly Device Firmware Update (DFU) 1.0 compliant user-space application.

yakko protocol

The Yakko project is a home automation system. It defines a new protocol implemented as firmware running in AVR atmega microprocessors. The goal is to build a method to make logical connections between hardware devices such as lamps, switchers and so on.


This project makes it possible to switch 8 LEDS over a USB connection. It indicates the CPU work or animations. The following page contains the schematic, firmware ... http://www.cesko.host.sk/IgorPlugUSB_RS232/IgorPlug-USB%20(AVR)%20RS232_eng.htm

tmk_keyboard - Keyboard firmwares for Atmel AVR and Cortex-M

This repository includes keyboard and converter firmware projects built with tmk_core keyboard library. Changed action code for ACTION_LAYER_MODS and this may cause incompatibility with existent shared URL and downloaded firmwware of keymap editor. If you are using the action you just have to redefine it on keymap editor. Existent keymap code should not suffer.