HHVM - HipHop Virtual Machine for PHP

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HHVM (aka the HipHop Virtual Machine) is a new open-source virtual machine designed for executing programs written in PHP. HHVM uses a just-in-time compilation approach to achieve superior performance while maintaining the flexibility that PHP developers are accustomed to.




Related Projects

Kaffe - Not Java

Kaffe is a clean room implementation of the Java virtual machine, plus the associated class libraries needed to provide a Java runtime environment.

DataScienceVM - Tools and Docs on the Azure Data Science Virtual Machine (http://aka.ms/dsvm)

The Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM) is a customized VM image on Microsoft’s Azure cloud built specifically for doing data science. It has many popular data science and other tools pre-installed and pre-configured to jump-start building intelligent applications for advanced analytics. It is available on Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, and on Linux. We offer Linux edition of the DSVM in either Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or on OpenLogic 7.2 CentOS-based Linux distributions. You can try the Data Science VM for free for 30 days (with $200 credits) with a free Azure Trial. The Linux (Ubuntu-based) DSVM also provides a test drive through a button on the product page. The Test Drive will provide full access to you own instance of the VM with just a free Microsoft account (No Azure subscription or CC needed).On this repo, we will feature tools, tips and extensions (see below) to the Data Science VM. We invite the DSVM user community to contribute any useful tools or scripts, extensions you may have written to enhance the user experience on the DSVM.

GNU Classpath - Mother of most of the VM

GNU Classpath provides core class libraries for use with virtual machines and compilers for the java programming language. GNU Classpath 1.0 will be fully compatible with the 1.1 and 1.2 API specifications, in addition to having significant compatibility with the 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 APIs.

Harmony - Open Source Java SE

Apache Harmony is a modular Java runtime with class libraries and associated tools. One of the goals of the Harmony project is to create a design modular enough so that parts of the VM can be implemented in different languages. This project started in 2005 and it is under active development.

masakari - Virtual Machine High Availability (VMHA) service for OpenStack.

Masakari provides Virtual Machine High Availability (VMHA) service for OpenStack clouds by automatically recovering the KVM-based Virtual Machine(VM)s from failure events such as VM process down, provisioning process down, and nova-compute host failure. It also provides API service for manage and control the automated rescue mechanism.Masakari is distributed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. The full terms and conditions of this license are detailed in the LICENSE file.

Libretto - Golang library to create Virtual Machines (VMs) on any cloud

Libretto is a Golang library to create Virtual Machines (VM) on any cloud and Virtual Machine hosting platforms such as AWS, Azure, OpenStack, vSphere, VMware Workstation/Fusion, Exoscale or VirtualBox. Different providers have different utilities and API interfaces to achieve that, but the abstractions of their interfaces are quite similar.

Hydrogen - A basic process virtual machine

A simple [register based](http://markfaction.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/stack-based-vs-register-based-virtual-machine-architecture-and-the-dalvik-vm/) [process virtual machine](http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22477128/difference-between-process-virtual-machine-with-system-virtual-machine) which is written in C/C++. It uses its own dialect of assembly and is designed to work on OSX x86_64 systems. It is intended to be used with the Giraffe Programming language but can be used with others.

astateful-vm - vm is a c++ implementation of a virtual machine for executing the astateful language.

vm is a c++ implementation of a virtual machine for executing the astateful language.

open-vm-tools - Official repository of VMware open-vm-tools project

open-vm-tools is a set of services and modules that enable several features in VMware products for better management of, and seamless user interactions with, guests. It includes kernel modules for enhancing the performance of virtual machines running Linux or other VMware supported Unix like guest operating systems.

vsock - Package vsock provides access to Linux VM sockets (AF_VSOCK) for communication between a hypervisor and its virtual machines

Package vsock provides access to Linux VM sockets (AF_VSOCK) for communication between a hypervisor and its virtual machines. MIT Licensed.For more information about VM sockets, check out my blog about Linux VM sockets in Go.

Packer - Build Automated Machine Images

Packer is a tool for building identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration. It is lightweight, runs on every major operating system, and is highly performant, creating machine images for multiple platforms in parallel.

Cacaovm - Just-In-Time (JIT) Compiler

cacaovm is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which uses Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation to execute Java methods natively. cacaovm uses GNU Classpath or OpenJDK or phoneME as Java runtime library. The cacaovm project started as a research JVM to explore new implementation techniques. The first version for the Alpha was released in February 1997 as a binary.

JC Virtual Machine - Converts Java to C

JC Virtual machine converts Java class files to C source code. It could also compiles with GCC and loads them with built-in ELF loader. Additional to that, JC provides a complete Java runtime with optimization to increase performance.

building - Build a Docker container for any app using Heroku Buildpacks

$ sudo pip install -U fig$ building -o fig.yml myuser/container-name$ fig up -dCreating myapp_web_1...$ fig scale web=3Starting myapp_web_2...Starting myapp_web_3...$ fig ps Name Command State Ports -------------------------------------------------- myapp_web_3 /start web Up 49192->8080/tcp myapp_web_2 /start web Up 49191->8080/tcp myapp_web_1 /start web Up 49190->8080/tcp This gives you a full Heroku like scaling environment in

Plex86 - An x86 Virtual Machine

Plex86 is an OSS virtual machine project for x86. It can be used on its own to run Linux VMs using lightweight VM technology, or in conjunction with the bochs emulator as an accelerator to run non VM-friendly OSes.

f/VM (Free Virtual Machine)

A virtual machine inspired by the concept of IBM's z/VM. The goal is to create a secure, fast and reliable server platform with focus on security with the ability to nest more VMs.

mrvm - Virtual Machine for the FP VM Compo

Virtual Machine for the FP VM Compo

appliances - Virtual Machine (VM) appliance specifications

Virtual Machine (VM) appliance specifications

geoserver_data_gsvm - GeoServer metadata for gs-vm virtual machine

GeoServer metadata for gs-vm virtual machine

wordpress - WordPress development virtual machine (vm) and tool kit

WordPress development virtual machine (vm) and tool kit