Exception Reporter

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ExceptionReporter is a .NET component that shows a dialog with detailed information on an Exception and the application/system running it. It allows the application user to copy, save and/or email a textual report of the incident.




Related Projects

Smart Logger

SmartLogger is a web service that can consume exceptions thrown from client applications. The exceptions can be categorized based on severity, applications and exception time stamp. It also includes a search feature to drill down the exceptions log based on search criteria. ...

perl-HTTP-Exception - HTTP::Exception - throw HTTP-Errors as (Exception::Class-) Exceptions

HTTP::Exception - throw HTTP-Errors as (Exception::Class-) Exceptions

Exception Manager

Having trouble with unhandled exceptions? Exception Manager will catch these exceptions for you and log them, and then continue running the program. You can choose whether or not to display a dialog box. Only invoked when *not* running from the debugger (Run without Debugging)

Exceptional ReSharper Plugin

This is a plugin for great ReSharper product. The main purpose for that plugin is to aid developers to analyse thrown exceptions and provide some guidance about them. It introduces the notion of checked exception that you may know from Java to C#.

perl-Exception-Base - Exception::Base - Lightweight exceptions

Exception::Base - Lightweight exceptions

Exception Message Box: WPF Dialogbox/Messagebox with treeview exception browser

This is a light weight WPF exception message box that displays information from an exception. It uses reflection to parse exception properties and display the content using a tree view. Inner exceptions can be unfolded and viewed. Exception data can be copied to the clipboard.

rack-exceptions - On exceptions, deliver emails by using the mail exception

On exceptions, deliver emails by using the mail exception

fluent-plugin-detect-exceptions - A fluentd plugin that scans line-oriented log streams and combines exceptions stacks into a single log entry

fluent-plugin-detect-exceptions is an output plugin for fluentd which scans a log stream text messages or JSON records for multi-line exception stack traces: If a consecutive sequence of log messages forms an exception stack trace, the log messages are forwarded as a single, combined log message. Otherwise, the input log data is forwarded as is.Text log messages are assumed to contain single lines and are combined by concatenating them.


PHP error and exception handling class. To simplify error and exception handling, converts errors into exceptions. Adds 'nice' error message box for final user and developer full error data including execution trace. Plus some helping methods

exceptions-fwk - Exception handling framework with Java

Exception handling framework with Java

specs2-exceptions - temporary repo to demo an exception handling irregularity in specs2

temporary repo to demo an exception handling irregularity in specs2

noir-exception - middleware for displaying Noir style exceptions in the browser

If you always want to show the stack traces, just use `wrap-exceptions`.```clj(ns my.ns (:require [noir-exception.core :refer [wrap-exceptions]] ...))(def quiet? (not (= (System/getenv "PROFILE") "dev")))(def app (app-handler [routes] :middleware [


This is a fully customizable php 5 error/exception handler class that gives the user far more control in how errors and exceptions are displayed and logged compared to what PHP's defaults offer. It allows different settings to be specified for displaying and logging, user-defined viewer friendly error messages on production sites, and more.

cause - A backport of Exception#cause from Ruby-2.1.0

Installation------------Add `gem 'cause'` to your `Gemfile`, then run `bundle install`. If you're notusing bundler, then just `gem install cause`.Usage-----Just continue programming as normal. When you rescue from exceptions they'llhave a third property, cause, in addition to backtrace and message. The causeis the exception object that was being handled when the error was raised.While this is not directly useful in normal programming, it's very useful fordebugging. Exception trackers like [Bugsn

unsafe-swift - C experiments in Swift

Swift is a great language because it lets you write safe code with concepts like optional, immutability, automatic memory management using ARC and more. But there is also another side to Swift which is less known. That is you can use it to write unsafe code. In Swift we have access to all C library and functions. Using these you can allocate raw memory using `malloc`, or release it using `free` and manipulate the memory and perform pointer arithmetic. These libraries are available in Swift to of


This is a small logging library We created at developerpath.com to help us log exceptions. It write it to a text file and you can easilay open that txt.

nestegg - Nestegg Gem for supporting nested exception in Ruby (ala Java chained exceptions)

Nestegg Gem for supporting nested exception in Ruby (ala Java chained exceptions)


JEHA (Java Exception HAndler) makes easy handling exceptions in Java programs. You can annotate your classes and methods and the framework know what to do when an error is raised. Annotate your class. JEHA does the rest!

lapis-exceptions - Exception tracking for Lapis

This module makes the error handler in Lapis save the errors to database. Optionally you can make it email you the exceptions.

ora-exception-handler - A flexible package object for Oracle PL/SQL exception handling

A flexible package object for Oracle PL/SQL exception handling