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The Microsoft Enterprise Library is a collection of reusable software components (application blocks) designed to assist software developers with common enterprise development challenges.



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EntLib Extensions to WSSF

Entlib Extensions to WSSF is an extension that enables WSSF to easily integrate with Enterprise Library. This extension allows you to very easily handle cross cutting concerns in WCF services like Validation, Exception Handling and Logging without much programming. The extensi...

patterns & practices: Enterprise Library Contrib

Enterprise Library Contrib is a community developed library of extensions to the patterns & practices Enterprise Library.

Enterprise Library Extensions

Extensions for the Microsoft Enterprise Library application blocks which makes programming applications even easier.

Enterprise Library 2.0 Authenticating Email Trace Listener

An add-on enterprise library 2.0 trace listener that can optionally authenticate to an smtp server to send log messages. Based in part on the entlib email trace listener and work by Erwyn Van Der Meer for the Rolling flat file trace listener

Unity Community Contributions

A project dedicated to the community contributions for Unity, the Microsoft Patterns and Practices dependency injection framework.

Enterprise Library Validation block For javascript

This project makes it easier for web client use Enterprise library validation block (VAB) validate user input. It transform validation rule which configed in App or web config file to javascript rule. ????? entLib VAB ????? js ???????

EntLib Extensions

Enterprise Library Extensions




Example application (in both VB and C#) using ASP.NET MVC 3, and Enterprise Library 5 (Data Access and Unity Application Blocks), and WCF.

NetMag-VAB - Exemplo de projeto utilizando VAB (EntLib) para a revista .net Magazine

Exemplo de projeto utilizando VAB (EntLib) para a revista .net Magazine

NetMag-DI - Exemplo de projeto utilizando Unity (EntLib) para a revista .net Magazine

Exemplo de projeto utilizando Unity (EntLib) para a revista .net Magazine

Cyclops - Some simple objects to enhance entlib 5 DAAB

Some simple objects to enhance entlib 5 DAAB

DotNetCRM Community Edition

DotNetCRM Community Edition is an open source, enterprise-class CRM built on the .NET platform. It is designed to be extensible, pluggable, configurable, database agnostic, and includes a well-documented C# API.

TecX - Building Technical Expertise

Building expertise with technologies, frameworks and advanced features of .NET using proven patterns and best practices

Enterprise Library Extensions - DI + ORM

A set of extension points and application blocks that add on to the functionality of the Microsoft Patterns & Practices Enterprise Library (2006). Features such as an XML configuration based Dependency Injection Framework and a simple Object Relational Mapping Framework have ...

akka-patterns - Implementations of common enterprise integration patterns and more using Akka

This project provides implementations of some common enterprise integration patterns and other more general patterns for Akka. Many of these patterns are straightforward to implement and certainly not rocket science, but are not provided out of the box in akka. Therefore it's useful to have a single library that is well tested and saves each project re-inventing the wheel. Contributions welcome.The EnvelopingActor will wrap any incoming messages in an Envelope object, together with attributes describing that message. This pattern is used when you need to associate metadata with the message. The typical example would be when a correlation id is needed for a message exchange.

ObjectBuilder Dependency Injection Framework

ObjectBuilder is a tool for building dependency injection systems for the .NET platform. It was originally designed by the Microsoft patterns & practices team for use in the Composite UI Application Block and Enterprise Library. ObjectBuilder can be used to create a variety...


Entlib is Userd to Company OA System framwork

helios-kernel - Include-style dependency manager and module loader

Helios Kernelprovides the necessary features intended to make dependency managementsimple and straightforward. Syntax of a module and dependencydeclaration is implemented in the classic include-style:```js// list of dependenciesinclude('path/to/someLibrary.js');include('../path/to/anotherLibrary.js');init = function() { // module code, // objects declared in the included modules are available at this point LIB.someLibrary.sayHello();}```A set of dependencies is listed in the module head


A Delphi Prism Library that takes advantage of the Cirrus AOP Library and to provide method caching using the Microsoft Enterprise Patterns and Practice Caching Block.