quadtree-lib - Efficient quadtrees library written in CoffeeScript.

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If you are already familiar with quadtrees, then you should perfectly understand how to use this library. Otherwise, there are many online articles (wikipedia does the job) which explain the advantages of using the quadtree datastructure in certain situations.




Related Projects

XNA Quad Tree


Source files for an XNA Quad Tree. Note that this code will not compile until you implement some of the classes that are referenced.


  •    Go

Go-datastructures is a collection of useful, performant, and threadsafe Go datastructures.Interval tree for collision in n-dimensional ranges. Implemented via a red-black augmented tree. Extra dimensions are handled in simultaneous inserts/queries to save space although this may result in suboptimal time complexity. Intersection determined using bit arrays. In a single dimension, inserts, deletes, and queries should be in O(log n) time.

gjk.c - Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi (GJK) collision detection algorithm in 200 lines of clean plain C

  •    C

This is a rough but fast implementation of GJK collision detection algorithm in plain C. Just one C file, less then 200 lines, no dependencies. It is in 2D for now, full 3D version is upcoming... This 2D-version uses Minkowski sums and builds a triangle-simplex in Minkowski space to tell if two arbitrary convex polygons are colliding. 3D-version will be roughly the same, but will build a tetrahedron-simplex inside a 3-dimensional Minkowski space. It currently only tells if there is a collision or not. C-code for distance and contact points coming soon.Fuck licenses and copyright. I made it for learning purposes, this is public knowledge and it's absolutely free for any usage.

RubyTree - A General Purpose Tree Data Structure for Ruby

  •    Ruby

RubyTree is a pure Ruby implementation of the generic tree data structure. It provides a node-based model to store named nodes in the tree, and provides simple APIs to access, modify and traverse the structure. The implementation is node-centric, where individual nodes in the tree are the primary structural elements. All common tree-traversal methods (pre-order, post-order, and breadth-first) are supported.

rbush - RBush — a high-performance JavaScript R-tree-based 2D spatial index for points and rectangles

  •    Javascript

RBush is a high-performance JavaScript library for 2D spatial indexing of points and rectangles. It's based on an optimized R-tree data structure with bulk insertion support. Spatial index is a special data structure for points and rectangles that allows you to perform queries like "all items within this bounding box" very efficiently (e.g. hundreds of times faster than looping over all items). It's most commonly used in maps and data visualizations.

kd-tree-javascript - JavaScript k-d Tree Implementation

  •    Javascript

A basic but super fast JavaScript implementation of the k-dimensional tree data structure. As of version 1.01, the library is defined as an UMD module (based on https://github.com/umdjs/umd/blob/master/commonjsStrict.js).

hitchhiker-tree - Functional, persistent, off-heap, high performance data structure

  •    Clojure

Hitchhiker trees are a newly invented (by @dgrnbrg) datastructure, synthesizing fractal trees and functional data structures, to create fast, snapshottable, massively scalable databases. The hitchhiker namespaces contain a complete implementation of a persistent, serializable, lazily-loaded hitchhiker tree. This is a sorted key-value datastructure, like a scalable sorted-map. It can incrementally persist and automatically lazily load itself from any backing store which implements a simple protocol.

jOrgChart - A jQuery plugin to draw tree-like structures such as OrgCharts.

  •    Javascript

jQuery OrgChart is a plugin that allows you to render structures with nested elements in a easy-to-read tree structure. To build the tree all you need is to make a single line call to the plugin and supply the HTML element Id for a nested unordered list element that is representative of the data you'd like to display. If drag-and-drop is enabled you'll be able to reorder the tree which will also change the underlying list structure. To get up and running you'll need a few things.

Tree - A basic but flexible tree data structure for php and a fluent tree builder implementation.

  •    PHP

In Tree you can find a basic but flexible tree data structure for php together with and an handful Builder class, that enables you to build tree in a fluent way. The Tree\Node\NodeInterface interface abstracts the concept of a tree node. In Tree a Node has essentially two things: a set of children (that implements the same NodeInterface interface) and a value.

QuadTree XNA-GS DrawableGameComponent


A quadtree component for terrain/landscape management. I am using Microsoft's XNA Game Studio v1.0.

C# QuadTree


This is a C# QuadTree implementation, since I was unable to find a complete and usable code example myself, I thought I'd share this with you, my fellow lazy developer!

open_quadtree_mapping - This is a monocular dense mapping system corresponding to IROS 2018 "Quadtree-accelerated Real-time Monocular Dense Mapping"

  •    Cuda

This is a monocular dense mapping system following the IROS 2018 paper Quadtree-accelerated Real-time Monocular Dense Mapping, Kaixuan Wang, Wenchao Ding, Shaojie Shen. Red line is the camera trajectory.

treelib - An efficient implementation of tree data structure in python 2/3.

  •    Python

Tree implementation in python: simple to use for you. Brett Alistair Kromkamp (brettkromkamp@gmail.com): Post basic idea online.

VelcroPhysics - High performance 2D collision detection system with realistic physics responses.

  •    CSharp

It has been years since this code was last touched, and technology has moved a lot since. The code is currently under construction and subject to change. If you need a physics engine right now, please use the previous release. Velcro Physics is a high performance 2D collision detection system with realistic physics responses.

Shapes Library

  •    CSharp

Shapes is a powerful library for XNA. It allows to easily create different kinds of shapes via code. It makes the game development much easier because it provides useful functionality like collision detection or movment along the outline of a shape. many samples are included.



SDL_Collide is a simple 2D collision detection library for SDL supporting pixel perfect collision tests between surfaces, bounding box collision checks and circle intersection routines.

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