Ethernet/IP Industrial Protocol Library

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Implementation of the Ethernet/IP industrial protocol for .NET languages.



Related Projects

thermocouple-modbus - Thermocouple frontend accessible via industrial modbus protocol

Thermocouple frontend accessible via industrial modbus protocol


can4linux is an universal Linux device driver for ISA or PCI interface boards with CAN interface and embedded CAN controller solutions. Based on the API provided by can4linux commercial protocol stacks for CANopen, J1939 and DeviceNet are available.


Chevron is a industrial protocol translator or more accurately put, a translator of industrial protocols. These include Building Management, Process Control and SCADA protocols.

CDP Dissector

CDP Dissector is a plugin for Wireshark (the network protocol capture and analyzer tool) to dissect and analyze the UDP-based proprietary CDP protocol (Control Design Platform) from Industrial Control Design.


Protocol::Modbus CPAN module, interface to industrial Modbus gateways and devices

Linux firewall for Modbus/TCP protocol

Netfilter extention to make filtering decisions based on Modbus/TCP headers, such as function code, unit id and reference number. Modbus/TCP is a widely used industrial ethernet protocol.


EPICS-DDS is an open source implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) based on the Channel Access protocol of the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS).


A git svn clone from An open source implementation of the CIP Ethernet/IP industrial automation protocol stack


openPOWERLINK is an Open Source Industrial Ethernet solution provided by SYSTEC electronic (, Bamp;R ( and Kalycito ( It contains the Ethernet POWERLINK protocol stack for the Managing Node (master) and for the Controlled Nodes (slaves).

NtD automation libraries

Collection of libraries to help industrial application developement. ntd-data provides non-gui classes (glib-2.10 required), usually related to data management, such as serial communication, ISP (In-System Programming) for STM and LPC ARM based chips and some PLC protocol implementations (Nardi CE NCs). ntd-widgets is the gui counterpart, a collection of widgets such as switches, gauges and plots (gtk+-2.10 required).

rabbitmq-windows - Installation and configuration instructions for installing Rabbit MQ on windows

Rabbit MQ is a popular industrial strength open source implementation of the AMQP messaging protocol for communicating with message queue middleware that runs on all major operating systems.The windows installer will download, install and run the Rabbit MQ Server Windows Service listening for AMQP clients at the default port: 5672.


The use of floor scale!Floor Scales Direct are good to use in different industries and freight business. The scales can be used as tools to keep exact records of the loads and to offer dependable services to the customers. The company offer wide range of weighing scales and other products that are available for sale. The floor scales in particular are designed to work in tough conditions. User will find the scales useful for different applications like: Receiving platform and warehouse shipping


This project defines a Standard API for access to the CAN (Controller Area Network) bus. The API provides functionality for ISO/OSI Layer-2 (Data Link Layer). The CANpie driver is the base for HLPs like CANopen, DeviceNet, J1939 etc.

Industrial strength BWT compression

Help implement an industrial strength Burrows-Wheeler transform compressor! Initial release covers block-sort, MTF coding, RLE coding, Huffman coding

EPICS .NET - Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System for .NET

EPICS .NET is the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System for .NET Framework 4.0 and above. Written in C#, this control toolkit consists of three sub projects: * EPICS .NET Library, * Virtual Accelerator: Demonstrates full capabilities of the library, * EPICS Sim...

Industrial Programming

Industrial Programming approaches tips (it's old and in russian language)

pcs - industrial process control tools

industrial process control tools

VSBC-6 Industrial I/O Driver

Development of a device driver to support the on-board industrial I/O on the Versalogic VSBC-6 single board computer.

sample_app - Sample app industrial

Sample app industrial

TuxPLC - Set of softwares allowing communication with industrial PLC

Set of softwares allowing communication with industrial PLC