HealthKit - Cordova plugin for the iOS HealthKit framework

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See the example for how to use these functions. The official Apple documentation for HealthKit can be found here.



Related Projects

iOS8-Sampler - Code examples for the new features of iOS 8.

  •    Objective-C

Code examples for the new features of iOS 8. When try the HealthKit or HomeKit examples, you have to use a provisioning profile for which HealthKit or HomeKit are enabled.

TextDrawable - This light-weight library provides images with letter/text like the Gmail app

  •    Java

###TextDrawable This light-weight library provides images with letter/text like the Gmail app. It extends the Drawable class thus can be used with existing/custom/network ImageView classes. Also included is a fluent interface for creating drawables and a customizable ColorGenerator. Note: Specify width/height for the ImageView and the drawable will auto-scale to fit the size.

JLPermissions - An iOS pre-permissions utility that lets developers ask users on their own dialog for calendar, contacts, location, photos, reminders, twitter, push notifications and more, before making the system-based permission request

  •    Objective-C

Only add the pod for the permissions you plan on using. Apple rejects apps that include Healthkit API's but do not use them. To run the example project; clone the repo, and run pod install, then open JLPermissionsExample.xcworkspace.

arek - AREK is a clean and easy way to request any kind of iOS permission (with some nifty features 🤖)

  •    Swift

AREK is a clean and easy to use wrapper over any kind of iOS permission written in Swift. Every goal could be easily reached using AREK.

Windows 8 App Design Reference Template: Health & Fitness


The Health & Fitness is an emulation of a fitness app with placeholders for Category, Group Category, and Detail data.

Exert Fitness Log

  •    CSharp

Exert is a Fitness/Workout Log application.

Program for calculating Body Mass Index

  •    Java

J2ME program for calculating Body Mass Index (BMI). The formula is: BMI = weight / (height ^ 2) weight can be expressed in the unit kg or libbra height can be expressed in the unit meter or inch

autosize - Autosize is a small, stand-alone script to automatically adjust textarea height to fit text

  •    Javascript

Autosize is a small, stand-alone script to automatically adjust textarea height to fit text. The autosize function accepts a single textarea element, or an array or array-like object (such as a NodeList or jQuery collection) of textarea elements.

Windows 8 App Design Reference Template: Fitness


Fitness template is an emulation of a health and fitness app with placeholders for Category, Group Category, and Detail data

linear_regression_demo - This is the code for "How to Make a Prediction - Intro to Deep Learning #1' by Siraj Raval on YouTube

  •    Python

##Overview This is the code for this video by Siraj Raval on Youtube. This is the 1st episode in my 'Intro to Deep Learning' series. The goal is to predict an animal's body weight given it's brain weight. The model we'll be using is called Linear Regression. The dataset we're using to train our model is a list of brain weight and body weight measurements from a bunch of animals. We'll fit our line to the data using the scikit learn machine learning library, then plot our graph using matplotlib. You can just run pip install -r requirements.txt in terminal to install the necessary dependencies. Here is a link to pip if you don't already have it.

gorb - IPVS on steroids – REST API, heartbeats, service discovery and more

  •    Go

This daemon is an IPVS frontend with a REST API interface. You can use it to control local IPVS instance in the Kernel to dynamically register virtual services and backends. It also supports basic TCP and HTTP health checks (called Gorb Pulse). Backends which fail to pass the health check will have weights set to zero to inhibit any traffic from being routed into their direction. When a backend comes back online, GORB won't immediately set its weight to the previous value, but instead gradually restore it based on backend's accumulated health statistics.

RadialChartImageGenerator - Radial Bar Chart Generator for Apple Watch -

  •    Javascript

A simple tool that generates images for animating radial or circular progress charts for the Apple Watch and WatchKit. The charts are referred to as rings, dials, radials or circles. Clearly, Apple likes radial progress charts which are used in their activity monitor health watch app (Apple Health & Fitness Watch App).

textFit - A jQuery-free component that quickly fits single and multi-line text to the width (and optionally height) of its container

  •    Javascript

A fast, dependency-free text sizing component that quickly fits single and multi-line text to the width and/or height of its container. textFit supports IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and most mobile browsers. If you find an incompatibility, please file an issue.

The Diary of Hercules

  •    Python

The Diary of Hercules is a personal workout diary program for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. It can be helpful in creating training plans and storing data about gym progress. This program created with Python/wxPython and SQLObject/SQLite.

gender_detector - Get gender from first name in ruby.

  •    Ruby

Gender Detector is a Ruby library that will tell you the most likely gender of a person based on first name. It uses the underlying data from the program “gender” by Jorg Michael (described here). The result will be one of andy (androgynous), male, female, mostly_male, or mostly_female. Any unknown names are considered andies.

grid_map - Universal grid map library for mobile robotic mapping

  •    C++

This is a C++ library with ROS interface to manage two-dimensional grid maps with multiple data layers. It is designed for mobile robotic mapping to store data such as elevation, variance, color, friction coefficient, foothold quality, surface normal, traversability etc. It is used in the Robot-Centric Elevation Mapping package designed for rough terrain navigation. The grid map package has been tested with ROS Indigo, Jade (under Ubuntu 14.04) and Kinetic (under Ubuntu 16.04). This is research code, expect that it changes often and any fitness for a particular purpose is disclaimed.



To comprise an easy to use, professional & attractive looking application to locate professionals in the health and fitness industry in South Africa.

ionic-plugin-deeplinks - Handle deeplinks into your Ionic/Cordova apps from Universal Links, App Links, and Custom URL schemes

  •    Java

This plugin is being maintained by the Ionic community. Interested in helping? Message max on ionic worldwide slack. If you used to handle URI schemes with the help of this plugin and have migrated to Branch Metrics, you can make use of a plugin such as to facilitate custom URL schemes.

PHPThumb - PHP Thumbnail & Image Manipulation Library

  •    PHP

This project was recently updated to 2.0 and is PSR-0 compliant and supports Composer integration. Some parts of the documentation are incorrect as they haven't been updated for the new version. Your 1.0 code is not compatible with 2.0! Please review the updated examples for how to use the new version. PHP Thumb is a light-weight image manipulation library aimed at thumbnail generation. It features the ability to resize by width, height, and percentage, create custom crops, or square crops from the center, and rotate the image. You can also easily add custom functionality to the library through plugins. It also features the ability to perform multiple manipulations per instance (also known as chaining), without the need to save and re-initialize the class with every manipulation.

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