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Recently many users should have the of Air Jordan 4 black red color, in the nets to Nick game of Jay - Z and wife beyonce sat out Sunday night watch the city <strong><a href="">cool grey 9</a></strong>game of course should be concerned with the hip-hop heavenly Kings of the real Lou, camouflage work pants match Air Jordan "Bred" actual appear effect is good, Jay - Z real the wear take a l


In your wedding, flowers will perish, the cake will be eaten but what's left with you for years to come is the wedding album. Thus wedding photographing is something you can invest a little bit in. Moreover, having a professional wedding photographer will make everything a lot easier. When the time comes to select a professional wedding photographer for your special day, there are various elements to consider that will greatly affect the outcome. 1. Professional photographers already have inten


I see zero, but vowed that the injury will be shaved, or at least its impact-resistant structure g, is not ... of course. I can not say the same thing on my arm lol. This is a tuff one clock looks good, and reliability. With it, I was a good size. Looks like another G shock, so everything seems to be the same, which is great, it seems that a group of extremists. cheap rolex watch I bought a G-shock thanks again!Some people talk about the lighting problem. Admit a little worried at the beginning.


I spent more tan $ 100, the Casio not believe that my son will love it, but is not it a Christmas gift. I have to say is very sharp, and very durable. Fast delivery. The product is great. I look good, big deal. ar1400 I would recommend this product to anyone explicitlyThis bad boy, but you can go around, but I need to play within everyone jealous. I love the people, the Dark Knight (an alias) to see more than a month. When you use a lot of compliments, IG shocked you the best is my ev


When it comes to the bridal dresses, most of brides maybe pay more attention on the styles and designs so that they are easy to ignore the important aspect-color. A beautiful garment consists of beautiful style, good fabric, color and other detail. When you are thinking what color can go well with you, there are lots of charming color choices offered to you. White has traditionally represented purity and has always been a favourite with all women; in fact most American women prefer to choose t

cachebar - A simple API caching layer built on top of HTTParty and Redis

CacheBar is a simple API caching layer built on top of Redis and HTTParty.When a good request is made to the API through an HTTParty module or class configured to be cached, it caches the response body in Redis. The cache is set to expire in the configured length of time. All following identical requests use the cache in Redis. When the cache expires it will attempt to refill the cache with a new good response. If though the response that comes back is bad (there was timeout, a 404, or some other problem), then CacheBar will fetch a backup response we also store in Redis (in a separate non-expiring hash). When it pulls this backup response out it inserts it into the standard cache and sets it to expire in 5 minutes. This way we won't look for a new good response for another 5 minutes.


Km in how to choose running shoes, light hiking shoes and avoid hurt. Feel have a pair of comfortable, appropriate and high cost performance of running shoes, to take part in the sports speaking is indispensable.Running shoes contrast - choose - experience article: this paper through the analysis of the structure and running <strong><a href="">Pre Order bred 4s </a></strong>shoes classificat

FunkySlide - A LibGDX puzzle game. The code for Android and Desktop versions.

FunkySlide is a simple puzzle game, where you have a 4x4 board with 15 elements (Christmas presents). There are 3 types of presents: 1. Good presents, which you through to the Santa's sack (beneath the board) 2. Bad presents. You have get rid of them. 3. Bombs, which help you to get rid of bad presents.Also you've got snow piles which you can't move but can destroy with bombs. The rules are simple: save all good presents from bombs and put them to the sack. With every destroyed good present you

unsafe-swift - C experiments in Swift

Swift is a great language because it lets you write safe code with concepts like optional, immutability, automatic memory management using ARC and more. But there is also another side to Swift which is less known. That is you can use it to write unsafe code. In Swift we have access to all C library and functions. Using these you can allocate raw memory using `malloc`, or release it using `free` and manipulate the memory and perform pointer arithmetic. These libraries are available in Swift to of


Why is why ultrasonic ultrasound to pouch technology to the bags under the eyes technology is first ...<br />Why ultrasonic to pouch technology is the most advanced technology currently available in the market to the bags under the eyes, but precisely because of the numerous methods, so often people spoiled for choice, but can not always find the best to pouch. To pouch surgery is small, but because the bags under the eyes is in a special position to the bags under the eyes must be selected prop


LED digital time illuminate your face does not light, the other watches that that night? What reliable, shockproof, moisture, magneticproof the shock, waterproof, a table, speedometer! (I think it's cool) is the the analog pointer moves automatically add. However, the manual will take some time to discover. A small price to pay for such high-tech watches. [url=]armani exchange watches[/url] If you need to have your army.Th


Today, the English writing contest remarkably well, my mood is very easy, happily said to his mother: "mom, let's go shopping!" "Good!" My mother is also very happy.So, my mother and I walked slowly on the street, hand in hand, the weather is not cold,<strong><a href="">cool grey 9</a></strong> the sun shines on the body warm. Is walking, mom by hand to point to, say to me: "Jing Jing, lo


The most important optical components in opticaltransmitter is semiconductor laser, in fact, it is a laser diode (Laser Diode,LD), of course, do not use the laser diode, but the use of semiconductor lightemitting diode (Light Emitting Diode, LED).1310nm optical transmitters generally usedirect modulation (VSB - Amplitude modulation, VSB-AM), its function is toconvert electrical signals into optical signals, the injected laser power toachieve it through an external circuit. It is set to the bias

maptools - CRAN Task View for mapping tools

This task view contains information about mapping and visualizing spatial data in R. The base version of R does not ship with many tools for mapping spatial data. Thankfully, there are an increasingly large number of tools for doing so, both with just R or javascript libraries. A list of available packages and functions is presented below, grouped by the type of activity. If you have any comments or suggestions for additions or improvements for this taskview, go to Github and submit an issue, or make some changes and submit a pull request. If you can't contribute on Github, send Jeff an email. If you have an issue with one of the packages discussed below, please contact the maintainer of that package. This task view is focused on mapping spatial data and less so on the foundations of working with spatial data in R. That material is covered in detail in the Spatial Task View. There is some overlap between the two task views, but an effort has been made to reduce redundancy so that these task views compliment one another.Coordinates for spatial data can come in many different flavors with different units, datum, projections, and more. Many of the tools will visualize your data regardless of the native coordinate reference system; however, most (all?) of the javascript libraries assume some flavor of latitude-longitude, thus if your data are projected they need to be transformed back to geographic coordinates prior to mapping. For most mapping and visualization efforts unprojected data (often displayed in Web Mercator/EPSG::3857) is fine; however, if accurate area, length, or distance measurements are required through interacting with the map, then projections need to be considered. A discussion of projections and coordinate systems is beyond the scope of this task view. To learn more a good starting place is NCEAS' Overview of Coordinate Reference Systems in R. This more general discussion of projection from the USGS is also good.

latex-templates - Community-driven minimalist LaTeX templates presented with Python/Jinja2.

[btford/write-good][write-good] is a native linter for English proseand works well on LaTeX documents.If `write-good` is installed, the Makefile's in this project will outputa list of warnings and tips for improving writing afterbuilding the LaTeX documents.


Facebook is good. Pylons is good. Wanna use the Facebook API in a Pylons project? Good luck.


Also it may burn out of cleaner. Around track buildings, you'll come across using only natural gasoline employing city buildings on acreage, a gas tank is applied to their land that will be refilled in a good number of weeks and also months. A solo downside of handling a natural gas heater is a fact a number its power will have wasted around exhaust smells but whenever you will take a look at it right through, you may find it a reduced amount of overpriced to perform. If you actually ever looks

LaTeX to RTF converter

LaTeX to RTF convertor that handles equations, figures, and cross-refe


Purchasing great shoes does not means to possess costly footwear. Not all of all of us can afford dozens of designer shoes, even though we might possess penchant for expensive shoes. It is a amaze to buying on a tight budget. We're also very pleased to getting a great bargain. Ways to get fashionable, enjoyable, and complementing footwear at discount cost? There are several great ways. Buy discount goods do not imply old as well as bad items. It is a good way to chec


myRequirements is a Silverlight web-application with the intention to make more secure software. The basic of the tool is to make it easier for the developers to find good security requirements. Also, the tool presents guidelines on security measures in form of security design patterns that the user should use based on the requirements that they have selected. The tool utilizes the potential of security requirement patterns and how they can be connected to security measures. For now, the tool is