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Implementation of BAML WPF localization approach in a user(WPF developer)-friendly and easy way. Visual Studio Addin allows developer in a few mouse clicks prepare your application to localization and then finally get localized application.




Related Projects

Wpf localization without compile

Localization without recompiling, use it to localize your app. (Including xaml support).

WPF Localization Extension

LocalizationExtension is a realy easy way to localize any type of DependencyProperties on DependencyObects in WPF / SL (.xaml and .cs) through .resx files.

WPF Localization Guidance

This project includes a whitepaper with code samples to help Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) developers localize their applications. The whitepaper compares LocBaml and classic Resx approaches with pros and cons.

WPF Localization Support

WPF Localization Support allows developpers to localize their WPF applications via markup extensions. It extends the code from WPF Tutorial so that you are not limited to dependency properties. It's developed in C#.

Xaml Localization Tool

Xaml Localization Tool, a extension for vs2010. Help to generate .resx files from xaml. So you can use it in any application contain xaml, such as silverlight application, windows phone application and wpf application. Xaml?????, vs2010?????. ????????xaml??????????????,????...

WpfLocalizationPoc - Demonstrates globalization/localization in WPF.

Demonstrates globalization/localization in WPF.

WPF StylesExplorer

Styles Explorer is project containing library for WPF baml decompilation and a tool to explorer baml resources.


Generates a .resx file, and the accessor class to use the resource. Supports NAMED TYPED parameters for "inserts" {0}, {1} Strings file format was introduced by Microsoft in early version of Enterprise Library. StringResourceTool was originally posted at GotDotNet site by ...

Hallenberg Framework

A framework for making it easier to use modules and dependency injection in ASP.NET MVC (and WPF in the future). You can use attributes directly on you controllers' methods to construct menu hirarchies with complete support for localization.

ResHelper Manager

Resource strings management tool that creates localization files for any type of localization target (asp.net, wpf and so on...)

Ealo - Open Source Localization for DotNetNuke - by Effority.Net

Ealo is the Open Source localization component for DotNetNuke by Effority.Net; providing components for multilingual portals (dynamic content localization). Find free Ealo based modules like Text/HTML Module, Menu, Tab Localization Module and BreadCrumb in the "Package Release".

localizationProcedure - Localization in WSN based on the composability of localization protocols

Localization in WSN based on the composability of localization protocols

Translate - Essential Toolkit for Localization Engineers.

At its core the software contains a set of classes for handling various localization storage formats: DTD, properties, OpenOffice.org GSI/SDF, CSV, MO, Qt .ts, TMX, TBX, WordFast txt, Gettext .mo, Windows RC, and of course PO and XLIFF. It also provides scripts to convert between these formats.

XLIFF2-Object-Model - If you’re looking to store localization data and propagate it through your localization pipeline allowing tools to interoperate then you may want to use the XLIFF 2

The XLIFF 2.0 Object Model contains classes and methods for generating and manipulating XLIFF 2.0 documents as described in the XLIFF 2.0 Standard. The library is built using the Portable Class Library enabling developers to generate XLIFF documents using various platforms.The XLIFF 2.0 Object Model allows a developer to build up an XLF document in memory and change various properties on the elements before writing the file. This is intended to give developers a head-start in building localization tools, platforms, and engineering systems that take advantage of the newest open localization standard.

Shuttle - String extraction, translation and export tools for the 21st century

Shuttle is a website allowing for the automatic extraction and reintegration of localizable strings in a code base. It also provides an API where articles can be submitted for translation and retrieved. In addition, it provides a workflow for translators and reviewers optimized for the efficient processing of many strings. Finally, for project managers, it provides a dashboard allowing them to view and manage the progress of a localization effort. Shuttle can be thought of as a Continuous Integration system for translations.

Baml Localizer

Baml Localizer is a set of tools to translate your WPF application. This tools follows mainly the LocBaml workflow as described in http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms788718.aspx

tradukisto mvc localization project

Supply ways to facilitate the implementation of localization in aspnet MVC projects.

DotNetNuke ASP.NET Localization BuildProvider

This project enables full use of ASP.NET localization functionality (including strongly-typed access and meta:resourcekey support) in a DotNetNuke application.

SLK Localization Micro Tool

Simple tool (similar to SLK Localization Mini Help Tool) wich I created and used for SLK Serbian localization. Clear display of crucial, don't translate and translated strings. You can translate strings directly in grid, or in the "zoomed" window. Finaly, you can save the tran...