Dynamic Survey Forms - SharePoint Web Part

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Create manage dynamic survey forms as SharePoint web part. Record survey score for logged user or for someone else. This project has been designed to support Doctor/patient survey forms and tract patient visits for specific study.




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FreeForm Form Builder- Silverlight Dynamic XML Form Designer

FreeForm is a Silverlight Dynamic Forms Designer. It is enterprise forms for gathering information and making tools, include a lot of Silverlight4 interface control.

TellForm - Form Builder, Alternative to TypeForm or Google Forms

TellForm is a free, opensource form builder similar to Google Forms or TypeForm that can create stunning forms for recruiting, market research and more.


Formsy is an XML driven forms engine built with ASP.Net 3.5. Formsy is super easy to use, is completely extensible and generates clean markup for easy styling.


Orbeon Forms is an open source web forms solution. It includes an XForms engine, the Form Builder web-based form editor, and the Form Runner runtime.

InfoPath Managed Form Templates Deployment Tool for SharePoint

This tool is an effort towards helping all those who are working on InfoPath Forms with SharePoint. It helps to upload/install, re-install, upgrade a form template with just a click of the button. The tool also can help in generating a script/batch file so that you can run it man

dyna-form-engine - create a form engine to generate dynamic forms

create a form engine to generate dynamic forms

yet_another_form_builder - Form builder that simplifies the process of building forms in rails

Form builder that simplifies the process of building forms in rails

bootstrap_form_builder - Rails form builder for generating forms using Twitter Bootstrap styling

Rails form builder for generating forms using Twitter Bootstrap styling

Mautic - Open Source Marketing Automation Software

Mautic is marketing automation software (email, social & more). It provides support for Social Media Marketing, Contact Management, Email Marketing, Campaigns, Forms, Reports.

sharpforms - Dynamic form sheet generator created with ASP.NET and C#.

This project is created in ASP.NET and C# and is a simple clone of the Google Forms application. It is possible to create and store form structures as well as fill in specific forms and display the data. Generated links can be used to access already created forms for filling in.

bitballoon-ruby - Ruby API client for BitBalloon

end```Redeploy a site from a dir:```rubysite = bitballoon.sites.get(site_id)deploy = site.deploys.create(:dir => "/tmp/my-site")deploy.wait_for_ready```Redeploy a site from a zip file:```rubysite = bitballoon.sites.get(site_id)deploy = site.deploys.create(:zip => "/tmp/my-site.zip")deploy.wait_for_ready```Update the name of the site (its subdomain), the custom domain and the notification email for form submissions:```ruby site.update(:name => "my-site", :custom_domain => "www.example.com", :n

angular-schema-form - Generate forms from a JSON schema, with AngularJS!

Schema Form is inspired by the nice [JSON Form](https://github.com/joshfire/jsonform) library andaims to be roughly compatible with it, especially its form definition. So what sets Schema Formapart from JSON Form?1. Schema Form integrates deeply with AngularJS and uses AngularJS conventions to handle forms.2. Schema Form uses [tv4](https://github.com/geraintluff/tv4) for validation, making it compatible with version 4 of the JSON schema standard.3. By default, Schema Form generates Bootstrap 3

ng-fab-form - Convenient forms for Angular with no extra markup? Fabulous!

AngularJS forms are pretty nice. But if you have worked with angular for a while, you'll find that the out of the box mechanics like the instant validation are far from perfect from the common users perspective. Furthermore you probably catch yourself declaring (and sometimes forgetting) the same stuff on and on again like giving a novalidate attribute, preventing submission for invalid forms or declaring a proper name attribute and worst of all: setting up validation messages again and again.It is understandable why the angular-developers want to give us the freedom, of doing all this stuff in the most flexible manner, but most of the time you want to keep things consistent and not handle every form differently.ng-fab-form tries to help you with this with a reasonable default but highly configurable behavior for your forms.

Forms Based Authentication Management - SharePoint2007FBA

This is my own update to Stacy Draper's FBABasic project for Forms Based Authentication in MOSS 2007. In additon to managing your fba user's roles, my project adds the ability to manage their SharePoint groups (upon account creation and through the editing UI).

MOSS Feature Generator

The MOSS Feature Generator generates features out of existing functionalities on a MOSS 2007 site. This includes Site Columns, Content Types and ListTemplates (including schema.xml and forms). The tool will be expanded in two ways: a build tree will be created to make it possi...

InfoPath 2007 to Infopath 2010 form Migrator

This project will help you to upgrade all existing InfoPath 2007 forms to InfoPath 2010 forms.

forms - A lightweight go library for parsing form data or json from an http.Request.

Forms is a lightweight, but incredibly useful go library for parsing form data from an http.Request. It supports multipart forms, url-encoded forms, json data, and url query parameters. It also provides helper methods for converting data into other types and a Validator object which can be used to validate the data. Forms is framework-agnostic and works directly with the http package.Forms follows semantic versioning but offers no guarantees of backwards compatibility until version 1.0. Keep in mind that breaking changes might occur. We will do our best to make the community aware of any non-trivial breaking changes beforehand. We recommend using a dependency vendoring tool such as godep to ensure that breaking changes will not break your application.

ITaCS SharePoint Post Installation Tool (PIT)

The ITaCS SharePoint Post Installation Tool (PIT) automates the most common post installation tasks on a WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007 server. It's written in C# as a Windows Forms Application and relies on SharePoint's system requirements (e.g. .NET Framework 3.0)


PatientOS - an Open Source (GPL) Healthcare Information System. PatientOS (pronounced Patient-oh-es where O and S stand for Open Source) has been designed from the outset to be a Healthcare Information System (HIS). Healthcare Information System (EHR EMR PMS) for small hospitals and clinics. Scheduling, Orders, Meds, Pharmacy, Clinical Doc, HL7, Billing & more. Broad commercial support. Distributed clinical system written in pure Java with toolset to customize.