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Related Projects

conferences - A community-curated list of conferences around the world for Android developers.

  •    Ruby

A community-curated list of conferences around the world for Android developers. Send a pull-request which adds a file to the _conferences/ directory with a new file representing the conference. The file should be named with the conference name, the year, and with an .md extension (for example,

tech-conferences-india - A comprehensive list of tech conferences in India :india:


Comprehensive list of tech conferences that are held in India. Note : 2019 conferences are listed here.


  •    Java

Conference Information System Stuttgart (ConfISS) is a conference management system to host conferences. It helps conference chairmen to administrate their conferences, reviewers to write their reviews and authors to easily submit their papers.

conferences - List of awesome conferences


This is a curated list of awesome conferences mostly related (but not limited) to the Node and JavaScript community.I've made this list to better keep track of the conferences I might attend.

awesome-conferences - :ticket: A list of awesome conferences

  •    Ruby

Add your conferences below, using the Pull Request Template provided. If you see any conferences here that you like // have attended // will attend, please add them to the new list, above! Many hands makes light work. - 👨‍💻Watch the latest and greatest conference videos on your Mac

  •    Swift is the best way to watch the latest and greatest videos from your favourite developer conferences for free on your Mac. Either search specifically for conferences, talks, speakers or topics or simply browse through the catalog - you can add talks to your watchlist to save for later, favourite or continue watching where you left off. As soon as new conferences/talks have been added it will be announced on twitter.

jitsi-meet - Jitsi Meet - Secure, Simple and Scalable Video Conferences that you use as a standalone app or embed in your web application

  •    Javascript

Jitsi Meet is an open-source (Apache) WebRTC JavaScript application that uses Jitsi Videobridge to provide high quality, secure and scalable video conferences. You can see Jitsi Meet in action here at the session #482 of the VoIP Users Conference. The Jitsi Meet client runs in your browser, without the need for installing anything on your computer. You can also try it out yourself at .

Conference (Plone AT product)

  •    Python

The product for Plone (Archetypes based) designed for management of web presentations of conferences. It has tools for conferee registration, article insertion and reviewing, conference activities management, conference calendar, and reservation.

osem - Open Source Event Manager

  •    Ruby

An event management tool tailored to Free and Open Source Software conferences. OSEM actively participates in GSoC and RGSoC.

CSrankings - A web app for ranking computer science departments according to their research output in selective venues

  •    Python

This ranking of top computer science schools is designed to identify institutions and faculty actively engaged in research across a number of areas of computer science. Unlike US News and World Report's approach, which is exclusively based on surveys, this ranking is entirely metrics-based. It measures the number of publications by faculty that have appeared at the most selective conferences in each area of computer science. This approach is intended to be difficult to game, since publishing in such conferences is generally difficult: contrast this with other approaches like citation-based metrics, which have been repeatedly shown to be easy to manipulate. That said, incorporating citations in some form is a long-term goal.

squanchy-android - Open source Android app for your conferences

  •    Kotlin

Squanchy is an open source platform for conferences. The source code for the Firebase backend and for the Flutter port of the app is available in other repositories of this organisation. Documentation is available on The project is maintained by independent contributors (see

conferences - Crowd-sourced Ruby conference wiki

  •    Ruby

Crowd-sourced Ruby conference wiki

hoverboard - GDG DevFest website template

  •    HTML

Project Hoverboard is the conference website template that helps you to set up mobile first conference website with blog, speakers and schedule management in a few minutes. The template is created based on 7 years of GDG Lviv team experience of running conferences and feedback from more than 500 event organizers from all around the world who were using previous Hoverboard versions.

CDSAgenda Conference CMS


CDSAgenda is a CMS dedicated to Conferences, Seminars and similar kind of events. Manage a tree of Events with session, talks, subtalks and documents. CDSAgenda includes a full management of user permission, using groups and roles.

Confree for Outlook


Confree lets you create audio conferences from Claro / Telmex directly from Outlook.

SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Conference Samples


This project contains source code from various SharePoint 2010 conferences where Scot Hillier presented.

Web Submission and Review Software

  •    PHP

Web-based software for submission and review of papers to academic conferences. Provides support for the entire life-cycle of the conference review process.

badgeyay - Attendee Badge Generator for Conferences http://badgeyay

  •    Python

badgeyay is a simple badge generator with a simple web UI to add data and generate printable badges in a zip. Our current goal is to provide an interface to generate badges for the FOSSASIA conference.

Conference and Meeting Management System

  •    PHP

The IAPR COMMENCE System is a web application, written in PHP linked to a MySQL database, used for managing Technical Conferences. It provides electronic submission of papers, reviewer assignment, peer reviewing, emailing of letters, program design etc.

voicechat - VoiceChat is a set of APIs to create conference rooms on the fly to be used in the browser

  •    Javascript

VoiceChat is a set of APIs to create ad-hoc conferences to be used in the browser. Its built using the Plivo WebSDK and APIs. Create and verify a Heroku account if you haven't.