dropbox-sdk-go-unofficial - :warning: An UNOFFICIAL Dropbox v2 API SDK for Go

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Additionally, the base github.com/dropbox/dropbox-sdk-go-unofficial/dropbox package exports some configuration and helper methods.First, you need to register a new "app" to start making API requests. Once you have created an app, you can either use the SDK via an access token (useful for testing) or via the regular OAuth2 flow (recommended for production).




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dropbox-sdk-js - Dropbox JavaScript SDK —

  •    Javascript

The Dropbox JavaScript SDK is a lightweight, promise based interface to the Dropbox v2 API that works in both nodejs and browser environments.See examples/ for working examples of how the SDK can be used in a few different environments.

dropbox-sdk-python - Python SDK for Dropbox API v2.

  •    Python

A Python SDK for integrating with the Dropbox API v2. Compatible with Python 2.7 and 3.4+. Documentation is available on Read the Docs.You need to create an Dropbox Application to make API requests.

dropbox-sdk-dotnet - .NET SDK for the Dropbox API v2.

  •    CSharp

A .NET SDK for integrating with the Dropbox API v2.To get started with Dropbox.NET, we recommend you add it to your project using NuGet.

Dropbox - PHP 5.3 SDK for the Dropbox REST API

  •    PHP

PHP 5.3 SDK for the Dropbox REST API

SwiftyDropbox - Swift SDK for the Dropbox API v2.

  •    Swift

The Official Dropbox Swift SDK for integrating with Dropbox API v2 on iOS or macOS.Full documentation here.

dbox - NodeJS SDK for Dropbox API (THIS LIBRARY IS OBSOLETE!!)

  •    Javascript

A Node.JS convenience wrapper around the Dropbox API. Simplifies OAuth handshake and removes HTTP ceremony. I always recommend you bundle your dependencies with your application. To do this, create a package.json file in the root of your project with the minimum information...

dropbox-sdk-java - A Java library for the Dropbox Core API.

  •    Java

A Java library to access Dropbox's HTTP-based Core API v2. This SDK also supports the older Core API v1, but that support will be removed at some point.You can also download the Java SDK JAR and and its required dependencies directly from the latest release page. Note that the distribution artifacts on the releases pages do not contain optional dependencies.

dropbox-sdk-php - Do not use this SDK. See ReadMe for more.

  •    PHP

Do not use this SDK. It relies on Dropbox API v1, which is obsolete.A PHP library to access Dropbox's HTTP-based API.

DropboxBrowser - A simple ios Dropbox PDF Document Browser - list Dropbox, browse directory, download PDF Documents

  •    Objective-C

Dropbox Browser provides a simple and effective way to browse, search, and download files using the Dropbox's API and SDK. In a few minutes you'll have a working Dropbox file browser in your app that lets users browse and download their files. Project highlights and key features are listed below. Dropbox Browser has a great interface built for iOS 7, solid file handling features, notification integration, background support, and file search capability.

node-dbox - NodeJS SDK for Dropbox API

  •    Javascript

NodeJS SDK for Dropbox API

dbxcli - A command line client for Dropbox built using the Go SDK

  •    Go

Download pre-compiled binaries for Mac, Windows and Linux from the releases page.The --verbose option will turn on verbose logging and is useful for debugging.

vdisk sdk for windows phone


unofficial vdisk sdk for windows phone. We can upload files to vdisk, sharing your photoes.

dropbox-js - Unofficial JavaScript library for the Dropbox Core API.

  •    CoffeeScript

Unofficial JavaScript library for the Dropbox Core API.

dropbox - An easy-to-use client library for the official Dropbox API.

  •    Ruby

An easy-to-use third-party interface to the RESTful Dropbox API. A simple Rails controller that allows a user to first authorize their Dropbox account, and then upload a file to their Dropbox.

aliyungo - Go SDK for Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud) - Golang API for ECS, OSS, DNS, SLB, RDS, RAM, MNS, STS, SLS, MQ, Push, OpenSearch, DM, Container Service etc

  •    Go

This is an unofficial Go SDK for Aliyun services. You are welcome for contribution. This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.

dropbox-api - Dropbox API Ruby Client

  •    Ruby

A Ruby client for the Dropbox REST API. To deliver a more Rubyesque experience when using the Dropbox API.

git-remote-dropbox - A transparent bridge between Git and Dropbox - use a Dropbox (shared) folder as a Git remote! :gift:

  •    Python

This Git remote helper makes Dropbox act like a true Git remote. It maintains all guarantees that are provided by a traditional Git remote while using Dropbox as a backing store. This means that it works correctly even when there are multiple people operating on the repository at once, making it possible to use a Dropbox shared folder as a Git remote for collaboration.Once the helper is installed, using it is as simple as adding a remote like dropbox:///path/to/repo.


  •    PHP

Dropbox Uploader is a PHP class named DropboxUploader which can be used to upload files to Dropbox, an online file synchronization and backup service. Its development was started before Dropbox released their API, and to work, it scrapes their website. So you can and probably should use their API now as it is much more stable. It's the Dropbox Core API in PHP.

Nuage - A Dropbox-like interface for your existing data (with support for many backends)

  •    Javascript

A Dropbox-like file manager that let you manage your data anywhere it is located. It could be FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Git, S3, Minio, Dropbox, Google Drive. It helps to manage your files from a browser, Upload files and folders, Audio player, Video player, Image viewer and lot more.

FileProvider - FileManager replacement for Local, iCloud and Remote (WebDAV/FTP/Dropbox/OneDrive) files -- Swift

  •    Swift

This Swift library provide a swifty way to deal with local and remote files and directories in a unified way. This library provides implementaion of WebDav, FTP, Dropbox, OneDrive and SMB2 (incomplete) and local files.