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Download Organizer is a Windows service developed in C# on .NET 4 to monitor your downloads folder and move inbound files to various locations on your PC.



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PHP-Nuke is a Web Portal System or content management system. The goal of PHP-Nuke is to have an automated web site to distribute news and articles with users system. Each user can submit comments to discuss the articles.


download Now ( )Create Database Mysql Or Another Software for php Extract All File In YOur Cpanel/PHP account after Open Your Site extract Link After Enter Your Database details And Submit...... Done............... Upload All files "files" folder ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Login Admin Panel:::::::::::::::::::: With Password after click ON "Full update database" Check Your

File Manager

ASP.NET file manager user control. This user control allows people to cut, copy, paste, rename, delete and download files and folders just like an FTP browser.

File management system

Easy to use and setup file/document management system. Allows admins to upload files, create folders and manage users. Users are able to login to browse and read/download files. Written in PHP - uses MySQL as backend.


AlphaGet is a download manager for Windows. You can drag links onto the AlphaGet Widget and it will download a file on the selected folder. It is developed in C# 4.0 and Windows Presentation Foundation.

overnet - Download file manager (official core)

Download file manager (official core)

CCCMS-Downloads - Download file manager module for CCCMS

Download file manager module for CCCMS

edonkeyclc - Download file manager (official core)

Download file manager (official core)

edonkey2k-core - Download file manager (official core)

Download file manager (official core)

Weeble File Manager

Weeble File Manager is a web based file manager / ftp client, built on php4. It allows users to Copy, Move, Rename, Upload, Download, amp; Edit files on an FTP server, through their web browsers.

PHP Explorer (Free file manager)

PHP Explorer is a one-file, web-based file manager programmed in PHP and JavaScript and licensed under the GNU GPL. It allows you to upload, download, view, edit, copy, move/rename and change permissions of a single file/directory or a group of files/dir

Mollify - Web File Manager

Mollify is a web file manager for publishing and managing files hosted in a web server. Users can have access to different files and with different permissions. It has support to Search files, Extract zip archives, File uploading (large files are uploaded in small chunks), WebDAV support and lot more.

AzureAD-BYOA-Provisioning-Samples - Samples to use the Microsoft

The software development kit referred to by the samples assume that .NET 4.5.1 is installed. That platform can be downloaded from samples use a simple System for Cross-Domain Identity Manager provider implementation, of which the source code is provided. That provider synchronizes data with a file of comma-separated values, and it uses version 12.0 of the Microsoft Office Access Connectivity Engine to traverse the file. To install that engine, proceed to to download and install the 64-bit version of Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0.dll.

uGet - Download Manager

uGet, the Best Download Manager for Linux. uGet is an Open Source download manager application for GNU/Linux developed with GTK+, which also comes packaged as a portable Windows app. uGet uses very few resources while at the same time packs an unparalleled powerful feature set. These features include a Queue, Pause/Resume, Multi-Connection (with adaptive segment management), Mirrors (multi-source), Multi-Protocol, Advanced Categorization, Clipboard Monitor, Batch Downloads, Individualized


TotalW is a two panel file manager written in PHP. It is ajaxed. TotalW can download file from internet or upload file from your computer. You can mail files on remote server or download them to computer. It can zip files(.tar.gz) or unzip them.

eXtplorer File Manager

eXtplorer is a PHP-based File Manager. It allows to browse directories, edit, copy, move, delete, search, upload and download files, create amp; extract archives, create new files and directories, change file permissions (chmod) and much more.

Yet Another web-based File Manager

YaFM is a web-based file manager written in PHP. It allows you to upload, download, view, edit, copy, move/rename, change permissions and owner group of a single file or a group of files which reside on a unix filesystem local to the script.

Download accelerator/manager 4 KDE Linux

doKa is a download accelerator/manager for KDE, with the beauty of KDE. It supports various connections that divides the file. It'll have the feature of add new connections on the quot;flyquot;.

JDownloader - Download Management Tool

JDownloader is a free, open-source download management tool with a huge community of developers that makes downloading as easy and fast as it should be. Users can start, stop or pause downloads, set bandwidth limitations, auto-extract archives and much more. it has own powerful OCR module.