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Another library include extension methods focused on Persian dot net applications.




Related Projects

.NET Extensions Methods Library for C# and VB.NET (ASP.NET, MVC, SL, WPF, EF)

The .NET Extensions project is monthly updated library of C# und VB.NET extension methods for ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC, WPF, Silverlight and Entity Framework. It's part of a column published by Patrick A. Lorenz (www.pgk.de) in the German magazine "dotnetpro" (www.dotnetpro.de).

ASP.NET MVC Attribute Based Route Mapper

This is a helper extension which automatically registers all website routes containing inside custom attributes in ASP.NET MVC controller methods.

bootwrap - ASP.NET MVC library that adds extension methods for the Twitter Bootstrap components

ASP.NET MVC library that adds extension methods for the Twitter Bootstrap components

Bootstrap MVC

Bootstrap MVC provides additional methods for the MVC HTML Helper in order to generate HTML Code for the Bootstrap framework.

Extension Toolkit

The Extension Toolkit project provides a collection of useful extension methods for all kind of types (e.g. String class extensions). The Microsoft documentation is describing extension methods as follows: Extension methods enable you to add methods to existing types witho...


MvcPager is a free paging component for ASP.NET MVC web application, it exposes a series of extension methods for using in ASP.NET MVC applications, the implementation was inspired by ScottGu's PagedList<T> idea.

Griffon - Next generation desktop application development platform for the JVM

Griffon is desktop application development platform for the JVM. Inspired by Grails, Griffon leverages concepts like Convention over Configuration, modularity, and freedom of choice. The framework at its core is written 100% in Java allowing developers to write their own applications with only Java. Other programming languages such as Groovy and Kotlin may be used too, in which case additional capabilities such as builders and extension methods become available.

Generic Extension Methods

Generic Extension Methods is a class library of extension methods to help create cleaner code that is easier to maintain and provides better semantic meaning for casual observers. These methods also remove a lot of repetitive code that is utilized across objects of similar types


AroLibraries contains extension methods Advantages of extension methods: (1) Operate on object methods (2) Hiding additional operation (3) Readable code

Extension Methods

Extension Methods for .NET. For 1:WPF 2:WinForm 3:Strings and varios objects 4:Value Types

Oryon .Net Extension Methods Library

This project contains a lot of useful extension methods for .Net Applications.

Mañana MVC Framework

Extension for ASP.NET MVC. This project helps MVC developers to simplify route management in web application. Using this extension you can represent your route as a class and use OOP principals to create hierarchy of routes. This extension solves following problems: 1. Avo...

dotNetExt - .NET Extension Method Library

dotNetExt is a Extension Method Library for the .NET Framework that extends the BCL Types with helper methods that make simple tasks simpler. So far there are extensions for the Object, IEnumerable<> and String BCL Types. The library is flexible so you can Import All Extension...

AsyncWrapperGenerator - Generates TAP Async extension methods from Begin/End methods

Generates TAP Async extension methods from Begin/End methods

AutoComplete.Net (for Asp.Net and Asp.Net MVC)

AutoComplete.Net is a wrapper around the JQuery UI Autocomplete widget. It makes it easier to add autocomplete functionalities without having to bother with tons of javascript. Includes a WebControl for your Asp.Net web applications and a bunch of extension methods for your ...

Nucleo Mobile Detection

This project wraps around Wireless Universal Resource FiLe (WURFL) and provides added server-side mobile detection features for ASP.NET web forms and ASP.NET MVC. It provides controls/helpers and extension methods that make device detection support much easier. It also provi...


HtmlHelper extension methods that help with calling partial views in ASP.NET MVC 3 (Razor)


A set of ASP.Net MVC extension methods to help you figure out whether you are on a particular route or not.


Provides HtmlHelper extension methods that assist in creating html elements using the responsive "Foundation" framework v2.2, by Zurb.

.NET Extension

A most enormous library extension over Microsoft .NET platform, including 1000+ new methods and 300+ useful, official-looking, and well-structured classes.