DNN Live Messenger

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DNN Live Messenger makes it easy for users to integrate Windows Live UI Controls into their DotNetNuke Website. Instantly add the Windows Live Messenger webbar and enable users to use Windows Live Messenger from your Website.




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Pink Ego Box

'Pink Ego Box' is a single-process MSNP server suite (Dispatch, Notification, and Switchboard) for with Windows Live Messenger, MSN Messenger, Gaim, KMess, and other clients. It enables people to run older versions of client software.

Windows Live Messenger Web Tutorial for PHP

This tutorial includes the necessary steps to add Windows Live Messenger to a website and allow a user to sign in, giving them access to their account and contacts. The second part demonstrates how you can use Live Messenger to interact with your web site visitors.

Free DotNetNuke IM of 123 Web Messenger -- Web-based Friend List

With this FREE application, you could integrate DNN website Database with 123 Web Messenger seamlessly and embed a web-based Friends List into anywhere of your website. It is shown as an image button or link directly.

KMess - Live Messenger client for KDE

KMess is an MSN/Live Messenger compatible chat client for Linux. The strength of KMess is it's integration with the KDE desktop environment, focus on Live Messenger specific features and an easy-to-use interface.

MSN Messenger History Merger

The MSN Messenger History Merging tool was designed for merging the xml history files of the MSN Messenger and the Windows Live Messenger. This is useful when using multiple machines running the Messenger (e.g., office and home) with the history logging turned on. In this sce...

Windows Live Messenger Connect REST OAuth C# ASP.Net Example Application

You can now use C# server-side OAuth REST calls to interact directly with Messenger Connect (5.0) and Representational State Transfer. This example covers how to connect with Windows Live Messenger Connect via OAuth in a ASP.NET application.


Kwerty Messenger Library is a .NET class library enabling connectivity with the .NET Messenger service. You can use Kwerty Messenger Library as the foundation for your own custom MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger client or bot.

Rugicon for Outlook

Stop copying and pasting! Use your Live Messenger custom emoticons in your e-mails directly from Outlook.

DotNetNuke® Auth: Live ID

Windows Live ID authentication for DotNetNuke.

Free DotNetNuke Live Help Module

With DotNetNuke Live Help Module, integrate 123 Live Help into DotNetNuke website and add Live Chat Button anywhere you like. Let visitors to chat with your live support operator freely from the internet and turn petentical customers to buyers.

msn-export - Process Windows Live Messenger chat logs.

Process Windows Live Messenger chat logs.

emesene - Instant messaging client for Windows Live Messenger (tm) network

Instant messaging client for Windows Live Messenger (tm) network

WLM-Now-Playing-NPAPI - Windows Live Messenger Now Playing NPAPI plugin

Windows Live Messenger Now Playing NPAPI plugin

LiveSDK - ???????????????? Hotmail?SkyDrive ? Windows Live Messenger?

???????????????? Hotmail?SkyDrive ? Windows Live Messenger?

LiveExperiments - Website hosting Windows Live Messenger Connect API demos

Website hosting Windows Live Messenger Connect API demos

mm_WLMIS - Windows Live Messenger ????????

Windows Live Messenger ????????

Silverlight P2P Library

The Silverlight P2P library integrates Silverlight 2 with Live Messenger Activities, introducing the concept of Silverlight Activities. The Silverlight class library exposes the P2P Activity API. Included is a managed representation of the P2P API in an abstract P2PApplication...

FREE DNN Chat Module (Embed Mode) for 123 Flash Chat

With this FREE DotNetNuke Chat Module, embed a live chat room into website with DotNetNuke(DNN) integrated seamlessly. Once logged in the DotNetNuke,users could auto-access the web-based chat room directly.