idea-onescript - IntelliJ Idea OneScript Support

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Подсветка синтаксиса, поддержка свёртки процедур и функций. Совместима с любой IDE на основе IntelliJ IDEA.



Related Projects

XPlanner IntelliJIDEA plugin

  •    Java

IDEA plugin for xplanner

intellij-platform-plugin-template - Template repository for creating plugins for IntelliJ Platform

  •    Kotlin

TL;DR: Click the Use this template button and clone it in IntelliJ IDEA. IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template is a repository that provides a pure boilerplate template to make it easier to create a new plugin project (check the Creating a repository from a template article).

intellij-swagger - A plugin to help you easily edit Swagger specification files inside IntelliJ IDEA

  •    Java

Swagger Plugin makes it easy to edit Swagger specification files inside IntelliJ IDEA. You can find it on JetBrains' plugin page.This will start IntelliJ IDEA with the plugin installed.

VIM Emulator plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

  •    Java

VIM emulator plugin for the IntelliJ IDEA IDE. This plugin allows you to use many of the commands of VIM while editing files in IDEA. ** NOTE ** This Sourceforge project is inactive. Jetbrains took over the IdeamVIM plugin several years ago. Any support must be directed to Jetbrains.

idea-php-laravel-plugin - Laravel Framework Plugin for PhpStorm / IntelliJ IDEA

  •    Java

To install, go to Settings > Plugins and search for "Laravel Plugin". Once installed, you must activate per-project by going to Settings > Languages & Frameworks > PHP > Laravel and clicking "Enable for this project".

sbt-idea - A simple-build-tool (sbt) plugin/processor for creating IntelliJ IDEA project files

  •    Scala

Use the gen-idea sbt task to create Idea project files. If you have two sbt projects A and B, and A depends on B, then use the gen-idea sbt task on Project A to create Idea project files for both projects.

adb-idea - A plugin for Android Studio and Intellij IDEA that speeds up your day to day android development

  •    Java

A plugin for Android Studio and Intellij IDEA that speeds up your day to day android development. The number on the left is a shortcut that will stay the same for your muscle memory pleasure.

idea-php-symfony2-plugin - IntelliJ IDEA / PhpStorm Symfony Plugin

  •    Java

If your issue already exists, don't hesitate to add a comment to help contributors resolve the issue more easily. If your issue does not exist, open a new issue 😃.



A tool to generate simple HTML/text documentation from JUnit test class names and method names. Available as a standalone application and as a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 4.x and later. Please note: The plugin can be downloaded from the IDEA plugin manager.

JBoss Integration Plugin for IDEA 3.x

  •    Java

This plugin gives us the ability to integrate JBoss 3.0.x with Jetty 4.x into IDEA. The objective is to have an easy way to test and deploy web apps. Future versions of the plugin will support the combo of JBoss/Tomcat.

phpinspectionsea - A Static Code Analyzer for PHP (a PhpStorm/Idea Plugin)

  •    Java

This project is an OSS Static Code Analysis tool for PhpStorm (2016.2+) and Idea Ultimate. Some of inspections are expecting conditional statements (e.g. "if") to use group statement for wrapping body expressions. If this requirement is met then additional inspections are applied to the source code.

idea-multimarkdown - Markdown language support for IntelliJ IDEA.

  •    Java

A Markdown plugin with GFM and a matching preview style. You can download it on the JetBrains plugin page.

Alembic - ⚗️ Extract a color palette from Sketch images

  •    Javascript

A Sketch plugin to extract a color palette from any layer that contains bitmap data. This works for both images and layers with a Pattern fill. Alembic uses Color Thief to extract a representative color palette. Hi, we’re Awkward. A while ago, we came across this Tweet with an idea for a Sketch plugin that extracts color palettes from images. We felt like it was perfect to experiment with and the idea resulted in Alembic.

idea-gitignore - .ignore support plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

  •    Kotlin

Since v4.0.0, .ignore plugin updates will be delivered only to the latest stable IDE version. No worries! It means .ignore for all IDE version from before - 139-193 - will be frozen at v3.x.x.

intellij-erlang - Erlang support plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

  •    Java

Erlang support plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

intellij-scala - Scala plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

  •    Scala

Scala plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Fitnesse Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

  •    Java

fitnesse4idea is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that aims to integrate FitNesse testing and java development through a set of integrated IDE tools.

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