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BruteForceXKCD - Brute force Skein 1024 1024 for the XKCD hash contest

Brute force Skein 1024 1024 for the XKCD hash contest

axel-1024 - change axel accepted url length from 255 to 1024

change axel accepted url length from 255 to 1024

1024 - celebrating 1024 members in the d3 meetup

celebrating 1024 members in the d3 meetup


CRC Generator is a command-line application that generates Verilog or VHDL code for CRC of any data width between 1 and 1024 and polynomial width between 1 and 1024. The code is written in C for Win32, bus easily portable for other platforms


Notifications are beeing send in such cases, depending on your used Notifier.The default implementation of SystemEventStorage stores your data in a mix of APC and Memcached. Therefore it requires both php extensions.Usage=====init all the things. All classes prefixed with `My` need to be provided by the application/framework beeing monitored.```php// sends notificaitons on urgent events$notifier = new SeverityNotifier(new MyCustomNotifier(), SystemEvent::SEVERITY_URGENT);// main class which coll

poker_js1k - A Poker Game in exactly 1024 Bytes

A Poker Game in exactly 1024 Bytes

xkcd - Never finished skein 1024 cracker for xkcd.

Never finished skein 1024 cracker for xkcd.


Privbind is a small tool allowing secure running of unprivileged programs, but allowing them to bind to privileged (lt;1024) TCP/UDP ports. Privbind has a secure design, with no SUID executables and no daemons.




Easier to visit Website.

byten - Bit the size of file and turn it into human readable format. Go Package.

First thing first, get the remote package```$ go get github.com/pyk/byten```and import package into your project```import "github.com/pyk/byten"```then bite the bytes!```byten.Size(1024)

kestrel - simple, distributed message queue system (inactive)

This test just spams a kestrel server with "put" operations, to see howquickly it can absorb and journal them.A sample run on a 2010 MacBook Pro: $ ./dist/kestrel/scripts/load/put-many -n 100000 Put 100000 items of 1024 bytes to localhost:22133 in 1 queues named spam using 100 clients. Finished in 6137 msec (61.4 usec/put throughput). Transactions: min=71.00; max=472279.00 472160.00 469075.00; median=3355.00; average=5494.69 usec Transactions distribution: 5.00%=485.00 1

lumina-test - Test project for the 0.1 release of lumina.

It shows a picture of the mandelbulb set, completly calculated in a fragment shader. You can move around with `WASD`, zoom in with `+/-` and change the number of maximal iterations with `arrow-right` and `arrow-left`. You can also toggle coordinate-axis with `space` and toggle "anti-aliasing" with `F`. Anti-Aliasing means: For every pixel I test 4 complex numbers and take the average color.I tested on a Intel HD4000 and 100 iterations with "anti-aliasing" at 1024*756 were no problem. Of course a

Virtual IP Linux Kernel Patch

Patch for Linux Kernel (branch 2.4) for skiping capability of binding port less of 1024, setuid, setgid and chroot.


Front-end build boilerplate, includes best practise snippets from HTML5 Boilerplate, 320 and Up and normalise.css - includes responsive stylesheets for 320, 480, 786 and 1024 width devices


A quick little demo of something nifty that can be done in PyGame, for deployment on public kiosks (libraries, museums, etc.). Written for LSU's CSC4700 class.


Scott'sNewOS is a totally new operating system not based on anything i have seen yet with full graphics surport although the screen can be totatly disabled ie headless mode i hope to include servers and clients for all protocols using ports below 1024


A Poker Game in exactly 1024 Bytes


CipherMail provides a safe alternative to the mail_to helper by hiding mailto links from e-mail harvesting bots. The generated output is completely obfuscated by a 1024 bit random key. They keyword is stored on the server, so it is never revealed to the client. Processing is performed on the server-side via an AJAX request and the decrypted redirect is returned to the client, opening a mail composer window… just like normal mailto link.