pull-block - transform input into equally-sized chunks as output

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pull-stream version of block-stream. Create a new through stream b that outputs chunks of length size or opts.size.



pull-through : ^1.0.18



Related Projects

casync - Content-Addressable Data Synchronization Tool

  •    C

Encoding: Let's take a large linear data stream, split it into variable-sized chunks (the size of each being a function of the chunk's contents), and store these chunks in individual, compressed files in some directory, each file named after a strong hash value of its contents, so that the hash value may be used to as key for retrieving the full chunk data. Let's call this directory a "chunk store". At the same time, generate a "chunk index" file that lists these chunk hash values plus their respective chunk sizes in a simple linear array. The chunking algorithm is supposed to create variable, but similarly sized chunks from the data stream, and do so in a way that the same data results in the same chunks even if placed at varying offsets. For more information see this blog story. Decoding: Let's take the chunk index file, and reassemble the large linear data stream by concatenating the uncompressed chunks retrieved from the chunk store, keyed by the listed chunk hash values.

vst3sdk - VST 3 Plug-In SDK

  •    CMake

A VST Plug-in is an audio processing component that is utilized within a host application. This host application provides the audio or/and event streams that are processed by the Plug-in's code. Generally speaking, a VST Plug-in can take a stream of audio data, apply a process to the audio, and return the result to the host application. A VST Plug-in performs its process normally using the processor of the computer. The audio stream is broken down into a series of blocks. The host supplies the blocks in sequence. The host and its current environment control the block-size. The VST Plug-in maintains the status of all its own parameters relating to the running process: The host does not maintain any information about what the Plug-in did with the last block of data it processed. From the host application's point of view, a VST Plug-in is a black box with an arbitrary number of inputs, outputs (Event (MIDI) or Audio), and associated parameters. The host needs no implicit knowledge of the Plug-in's process to be able to use it. The Plug-in process can use whatever parameters it wishes, internally to the process, but depending on the capabilities of the host, it can allow the changes to user parameters to be automated by the host.

btcd - An alternative full node bitcoin implementation written in Go (golang)

  •    Go

btcd is an alternative full node bitcoin implementation written in Go (golang).This project is currently under active development and is in a Beta state. It is extremely stable and has been in production use since October 2013.

lcfs - LCFS Graph driver for Docker

  •    C

tl;dr: Every time you build, pull or destroy a Docker container, you are using a storage driver. Current storage drivers like Device Mapper, AUFS, and Overlay2 implement container behavior using file systems designed to run a full OS. We are open-sourcing a file system that is purpose-built for the container lifecycle. We call this new file system Layer Cloning File System (LCFS). Because it is designed only for containers, it is up to 2.5x faster to build an image and up to almost 2x faster to pull an image. We're looking forward to working with the container community to improve and expand this new tool. Layer Cloning FileSystem (LCFS) is a new filesystem purpose-built to be a Docker storage driver. All Docker images are constructed of layers using storage drivers (graph drivers) like AUFS, OverlayFS, and Device Mapper. As a design principle, LCFS focuses on layers as the first-class citizen. The LCFS filesystem operates directly on top of block devices, as opposed to merging separate filesystems. Thereby, LCFS aims to directly manage at the container image’s layer level, eliminate the overhead of having a second filesystem that then is merged, and to optimize for density.

Apache Axiom - XML object model supporting deferred parsing

  •    Java

Apache Axiom is an XML object model supporting deferred parsing.

PullUpController - Pull up controller with multiple sticky points like in iOS Maps

  •    Swift

The desired size of the pull up controller’s view, in screen units. The default value is width: UIScreen.main.bounds.width, height: 400. A list of y values, in screen units expressed in the pull up controller coordinate system. At the end of the gestures the pull up controller will scroll to the nearest point in the list.

adblock-nocoin-list - Block lists to prevent JavaScript miners


This is an adblock list to block "browser-based crypto mining". Currently there are a few websites added into the lists. If you see other websites supporting these deeds, then feel free to raise an Issue or Pull request for it to be taken care of. You can also use the 1blocker package if you use 1Blocker on iOS or Mac. Simply open the file in 1Blocker on iOS or MacOS to import it.

AxPipe - C++ Binary Stream Class Library

  •    C++

AxPipe - A binary stream abstraction C++ class framework for efficient implementation of both push and pull-model filters and all kinds of sources and sinks. Implementation-transparent optional multi-threading. Efficient reference-counted buffer handling

jquery-lifestream - Show a stream of your online activity with jQuery

  •    Javascript

Show a stream of your online activity. Check out the example or create your own lifestream instantly. Feel free to fork the project and add your own feeds in. Just send a pull request to christianvuerings/jquery-lifestream when you're finished.

Live - Demonstrates how to build a live broadcast app(Swift 3)

  •    Swift

The app can also run on a simulator, but to broadcast, you need to run it on a real device. That is, the boadcaster push the live stream using the RTMP protocal to a media server, the audience pull the stream from the server using RTMP or HLS protocal.

Swift-MMP - 🎧 Stream Material-design Music Player written by Swift for iOS.

  •    Swift

Stream Material-design Music Player written by Swift for iOS. Powered by DOUAudioStreamer-Swift. You are welcome to fork and submit pull requests.

ghprb-plugin - github pull requests builder plugin for Jenkins

  •    Java

When a new pull request is opened in the project and the author of the pull request isn't whitelisted, builder will ask Can one of the admins verify this patch?. One of the admins can comment ok to test to accept this pull request for testing, test this please for one time test run and add to whitelist to add the author to the whitelist. If an author of a pull request is whitelisted, adding a new pull request or new commit to an existing pull request will start a new build.

git-pr-release - Release pull request generator

  •    Ruby

Creates a "release pull request", whose body consists of features list or pull requests that are to be released into production. It's especially useful for QA and pre-release checks. git-pr-release automatically collect pull requests merged into master branch and generates the content of the release pull request. All configuration are taken using git config. You can write these variables in file .git-pr-release (instead of .git/config or ~/.gitconfig) to share project-wise configuration to other collaborators.

PullToRefresh - This component implements pure pull-to-refresh logic and you can use it for developing your own pull-to-refresh animations

  •    Swift

This component implements pure pull-to-refresh logic and you can use it for developing your own pull-to-refresh animations, like this one. But you probably won’t use this component, though. UITableViewController and UICollectionViewController already have a simple type of refresher. It’s much more interesting to develop your own pull-to-refresh control.

vue-pull-to - ⚡️ A pull-down refresh and pull-up load more and infinite scroll component for Vue

  •    Javascript

A pull-down refresh and pull-up load more and infinite scroll component for Vue.js. The component will occupy 100% height of the parent element by default. props top-load-method and bottom-load-method will default to a loaded parameter, which is a function that changes the state of the component's load, and must be called once loaded. The component will always be loaded, if loaded('done') The internal state of the component will become a successful state of loading, loaded('fail') for the failure.

git-pull-request - git command to automatically pull github pull requests into their own branch

  •    Python

git command to automatically pull github pull requests into their own branch

refresher - Pull to refresh in Swift

  •    Swift

Refresher is pull to refresh library written in Swift. It provides easy to use UIScrollView methods to add pull to refresh to your view. Refresher also supports custom animations. You can use your own custom UIView subclass as pull to refresh view.

contributors-on-github - :cactus: Show stats about contributors on github

  •    Javascript

The original idea was to show if it's a contributors first PR on the pull request page such as https://github.com/babel/babel/pull/3283. You can start from any page on github.com and when you navigate to a specific issue/pull request (such as https://github.com/babel/babel/pull/3331), it will inject information inline (like the # of PRs a user has made to that specific repo).


  •    Shell

This is another ip/host blockeer used to create blocking entries in both the hosts.allow file, and also pf tables. Blcoks are built on illigal logins and also final block log entries from hosts.allow. The ability to pull in external blacklists once a day

ios-view-frame-builder - A small library for semantic layout of UIViews.

  •    Objective-C

POViewFrameBuilder aims to provide a simple way to layout UIViews programatically while maintaining the semantics and readability of the code. It lets you modify a view's frame by chaining a series of readable layout methods. It reduces the amount of frame calculation code and keeps the intent of your layout clear. A handy tool for your average layoutSubviews, animation block etc. It is by no means complete, but rather contains a number of methods I have happened to need at various occasions. Feedback and pull requests are very welcome.