relish - Better error messages for Hapi.js Joi validation

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Joi provides awesome schema validation, but the error messages returned are not user-friendly. This package returns a more user-friendly version of Joi's default response and allows for custom error messages. Once initialized, this package exposes a custom failAction handler that can be used in your Hapi.js Route Options.


hoek : ~4.0.2



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validates_url - URL Validation for Rails

  •    Ruby

This gem adds the capability of validating URLs to ActiveRecord and ActiveModel. The default error message is not a valid URL. You can pass the message: "my custom error" option to your validation to define your own, custom message.

SharePoint Error Reporting


SharePoint Error Reporting set up a custom error page to provides error and debug information to the site administrator. No longer an Unexpected Error Has Occurred, or Unknown Error message. [Windows SharePoint Services]

Simple but Cool Silverlight Message Boxes (Info, Error, Confirm, etc.)

  •    Silverlight

Simple but presentable message boxes for Silverlight developers. Designed for ease of integration with existing projects.

.Net Error Resource Management

  •    DotNet

Framework for managing error message strings in resource files and exceptions using enuemrations for message access.

webpack-validator - Validates your webpack config with Joi

  •    Javascript

Writing webpack configs is brittle and error-prone. This package provides a joi object schema for webpack configs. This gets you a) static type safety, b) property spell checking and c) semantic validations such as "loader and loaders can not be used simultaneously" or "query can only be used with loader, not with loaders". You're very welcome to give feedback & PR's.


  •    PHP

PHP error and exception handling class. To simplify error and exception handling, converts errors into exceptions. Adds 'nice' error message box for final user and developer full error data including execution trace. Plus some helping methods

BeautifyRuby - Sublime Text 2 & 3 Plugin to Beautify Ruby

  •    Ruby

Erb html templates uses Paul Battley's htmlbeautifier gem. This (as well as rubygems) is assumed to be installed as seen by the ruby interpreter. Note that if you beautify an erb file but htmlbeautifier is not found, the error message is 'check your ruby interpreter settings', do not be misled. If an error is encountered while processing the file, Python receives an empty string and the following message is displayed but may have nothing to do with your Ruby settings.

Whisper - :mega: Whisper is a component that will make the task of display messages and in-app notifications simple

  •    Swift

Break the silence of your UI, whispering, shouting or whistling at it. Whisper is a component that will make the task of displaying messages and in-app notifications simple. It has three different views inside. Display a short message at the bottom of the navigation bar—this can be anything, from a "Great Job!" to an error message. It can have images or even a loader.

django-mailviews - Class-based email views for the Django framework, including a message previewer.

  •    Python

Class-based email views for the Django framework, including a message previewer. Rendering and sending emails in Django can quickly become repetitive and error-prone. By encapsulating message rendering within view classes, you can easily compose messages in a structured and clear manner.

TraceKit - Attempts to create stack traces for unhandled JavaScript exceptions in all major browsers

  •    Javascript

In order to get stack traces, you need to wrap your code in a try/catch block like above. Otherwise the error hits window.onerror handler and will only contain the error message, line number, and column number. You also need to throw errors with throw new Error('foo') instead of throw 'foo'.

clojure-error-message-catalog - a catalog of common Clojure errors and their meaning


We are experimenting with starting a community driven catalog of common errors. The main categories will be Clojure, ClojureScript and libraries. The idea is that people can submit an issue with a particular error, or make a pull request with the error, description and hopefuly one or two solutions to resolve it.

react-native-exception-handler - A react native module that lets you to register a global error handler that can capture fatal/non fatal uncaught exceptions

  •    Objective-C

A react native module that lets you to register a global error handler that can capture fatal/non fatal uncaught exceptions. The module helps prevent abrupt crashing of RN Apps without a graceful message to the user. V2 of this module now supports catching Unhandled Native Exceptions also along with the JS Exceptions ✌🏻🍻 There are NO breaking changes. So its safe to upgrade from v1 to v2. So there is no reason not to 😉.

superstruct - A simple and composable way to validate data in Javascript.

  •    Javascript

A simple and composable way to validate data in JavaScript. Superstruct makes it easy to define interfaces and then validate JavaScript data against them. Its type annotation API was inspired by Typescript, Flow, Go, and GraphQL, giving it a familiar and easy to understand API.

go-proto-validators - Generate message validators from .proto annotations.

  •    Go

A protoc plugin that generates Validate() error functions on Go proto structs based on field options inside .proto files. The validation functions are code-generated and thus don't suffer on performance from tag-based reflection on deeply-nested messages.


  •    Shell

Mistakes happen. At Square, we accept that human error is inevitable. We anticipate potential slip-ups and implement safety measures to mitigate—and oftentimes completely eliminate—any repercussions.For example, Square's Luhn filter monitors logs and masks anything that looks like a credit card number. If a number like "4111 1111 1111 1111" were accidentally logged as part of an error message, our filter would replace it with "XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX" and page an on call engineer.

node-verror - Rich JavaScript errors

  •    Javascript

This module provides several classes in support of Joyent's Best Practices for Error Handling in Node.js. If you find any of the behavior here confusing or surprising, check out that document first.To match the Unixy feel, when you print out the error, just prepend the program's name to the VError's message. Or just call, which does this for you.

ocropy - Python-based tools for document analysis and OCR

  •    Jupyter

OCRopus is a collection of document analysis programs, not a turn-key OCR system. In order to apply it to your documents, you may need to do some image preprocessing, and possibly also train new models. In addition to the recognition scripts themselves, there are a number of scripts for ground truth editing and correction, measuring error rates, determining confusion matrices, etc. OCRopus commands will generally print a stack trace along with an error message; this is not generally indicative of a problem (in a future release, we'll suppress the stack trace by default since it seems to confuse too many users).

Error Output's Description


This custom component for SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services 2005 and 2008) helps you to enhance your error flows. It provides error description, column name and other useful information. You can connect many inputs to this component to create effective error flows quickly.

iron - Encapsulated tokens (encrypted and mac'ed objects)

  •    Javascript

iron is a cryptographic utility for sealing a JSON object using symmetric key encryption with message integrity verification. Or in other words, it lets you encrypt an object, send it around (in cookies, authentication credentials, etc.), then receive it back and decrypt it. The algorithm ensures that the message was not tampered with, and also provides a simple mechanism for password rotation.Note: the wire protocol has not changed since 1.x (the version increments reflected a change in the internal error format used by the module and by the node API as well as other node API changes).

Pyrox - The high-speed HTTP middleware proxy for Python

  •    Python

Pyrox is the fast Python HTTP middleware server. Many of these common operations include things such as authentication, message enhancement, filtering and rejection, error handing, message tracking and even metric reporting. Each of these functions should be a discrete component, deployable on its own and managed separate of other service functions.

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