Developer's Toolbox

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A collection of tools a developer might need all in one package.



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devToolbox - Personal config files

Personal config files


Its a tool box, to fast and simple developer solutions.

R-toolbox-py - R-toolbox-py

This toolbox contains a framework for using R (The R Project for StatisticalComputing) in ArcGIS 10 and 10.1. This is the third version of the toolbox.This release improves the IO hook between Python and R, allowing for R messageoutput in the ArcGIS Results Window. This version also solves an issue with aname change in regards to the R module that computes Logistic Regression.Lastly, it is very important that you follow the guidelines in theINSTALLDOC.doc. Learn more[here](

Visual Studio Toolbox Manager

This project is a command-line utility designed for .NET component developers. With it, you can add or remove controls to a toolbox tab inside of Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008, for both desktop and mobile device projects of any kind.


The ArcGIS Defense and Intelligence Military Feature Toolbox is a set of tools, scripts, and applications for use in ArcGIS Desktop. These tools provide specialized processing and workflows for military feature symbology.![Image of Military Feature Toolbox]( ScreenShot.JPG "military-feature-toolbox" )

mdtoolbox - MD Toolbox: A MATLAB toolbox for the analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories

MD Toolbox: A MATLAB toolbox for the analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories

Scilab Wavelet Toolbox

Scilab Wavelet Toolbox, is designed to emulate Matlab Wavelet Toolbox. Combined with Scilab Image processing toolbox on sourceforge, one could do image wavelet processing the way as the Matlab user does.

Quaternion toolbox for Matlab

Quaternion toolbox for Matlab is a toolbox that extends Matlab to handle matrices of quaternions with real and complex components. Many Matlab operators and functions are overloaded to work for real quaternion and complexified quaternion matrices. Version 2 of the toolbox adds support for octonions.

Randomized Algorithms Control Toolbox

Randomized Algorithms Control Toolbox is a Matlab toolbox, provides analysis and synthesis methods for control problems with uncertainties.

FreeBasic Toolbox

A multi purpose toolbox type library for the FreeBasic programming language. Also with the toolbox, a full fledged Text/ASCII application framework will be developed.

The Evil Toolbox

The Evil Toolbox for Matlab is a collection of scripts and functions that serve as useful snippets for learning or teaching Octave. The original toolbox was written in Matlab and is currently beind ported and tested on Octave.

Complex Systems Scilab Toolbox

Complex Systems is a toolbox for SCILAB software. This toolbox measures some parameters for graphs representing complex systems: degree distribution, average neighboring degree, average clustering, and shell index (from k-core decomposition).

Biopsychology Nonlinear Toolbox

The Biopsychology Nonlinear Toolbox is a MATLAB toolbox that combines established analysis routines in one easy to use graphical user interface.

Auditory Modelling Toolbox

The Auditory Modelling Toolbox is a community effort to build a simple and well tested toolbox for doing auditory modelling in Matlab, Octave and C.

Kinect Toolbox

Kinect Toolbox is a set of useful tools for developing with Kinect for Windows SDK (1.7). It includes helpers for gestures, postures, replay and drawing.

toolbox - The Docker Toolbox

The Docker Toolbox installs everything you need to get started with Docker on Mac OS X and Windows. It includes the Docker client, Compose, Machine, Kitematic, and VirtualBox.


Please take a moment and fill out our <b> <a href= "" >Survey</a></b>, user interest and feedback allows us to continue working on this package.<br><br><b>Introduction</b> <br>The Toolbox for the Modeling and Analysis of Thermodynamic Systems (T-MATS) is a Simulink toolbox intended for use in the modeling and simulation of thermodynamic systems and their controls. T-MATS contains generic thermodyna

git-toolbox - A toolbox of convenient git tools.

A toolbox of convenient git tools.