preact-boilerplate - :guitar: Ready-to-rock Preact starter project, powered by Webpack.

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Ready-to-go Preact starter project powered by webpack.



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jspm-preact - just another JSPM boilerplate with preact and hot reloading modules

just another JSPM boilerplate with preact and hot reloading modules

preact-redux-example - :repeat: Preact + Redux Example Project

Ready-to-go Preact + Redux starter project, powered by webpack.

MM_boilerplate - My Basic Project Boilerplate

Starting point for some of my projects. Already includes libraries and filesthat I use often and some boilerplate code. **This structure is targetted formid-size to large projects** (10K+ JS LOC, 2K+ CSS LOC)You should consider using [HTML5 Boilerplate]( of my boilerplate since it's broadly used, have proper documentation,lots of contributors, etc... The only reason I'm not using it is because itdoesn't fit my current workflow.. - I like AMD modules and been u

preact-compat-example - :speedboat: Demo of preact-compat + react-toolbox to reduce build size by 95%

A demo showing how to use preact-compat to work with the react-toolbox library with Preact instead of React.

frontend-boilerplate - webpack-react-redux-babel-autoprefixer-hmr-postcss-css-modules-rucksack-boilerplate (unmaintained, I don't use it anymore)

I don't use this anymore, it's unsupported, use boilerplate of things that mostly shouldn't exist.

preact-in-es3 - :horse: How to use Preact without Babel, ES2015 or JSX.

Preact doesn't require that you use any sort of build tooling or transpiler.This repo contains a bare-bones example of how to use Preact in JavaScript of yesterday.