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Deppton allows you to run dynamic survey forms. No need to develop specific survey workflows as they are defined in xml. It uses Windows Mobile 5.0 and is written in C#.



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qwikScoreLt - qwikscorecard from cloudspokes and mobile survey

qwikscorecard from cloudspokes and mobile survey

twsurvey - Survey for ThoughtWorks Atlanta Mobile 2012

Survey for ThoughtWorks Atlanta Mobile 2012

interrogativ - Online survey generator for mobile devices developed at University of Bergen

Online survey generator for mobile devices developed at University of Bergen


Example repo of creating a restaurant survey using jQuery Mobile, Icenium, and Everlive.

mobile-survey - Tutorial for mobile rails app

Tutorial for mobile rails app

Limesurvey - Survey Application

LimeSurvey is an open source survey application. Each application could have unlimited surveys and each survey could have unlimited questions and participants. Almost 20 different question types are supported. Images and videos could be uploaded for a survey. It has better users and group management. The access to the survey could be restricted to group.


Calculate Your Impact on Climate Change Measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions data in alignment with Executive Order 13514 Guidance. Through an intuitive user interface, federal agencies can use a bottom-up approach to capture and analyze GHG data at the site level where funding and management decisions occur. Download a two-page PDF here. Data Prepopulation Import up to 90% of a typical agency's Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions data from e


A survey of cross platform toolkits and frameworks for building mobile apps.

Survey™ Project DNN® Module

The goal of this project is to create a DotNetNuke (DNN)® Module of the Survey™ Project survey and (data entry) forms toolkit. Survey™ is a free web based survey and (data entry) forms toolkit for processing and gathering data online. DotNetNuke® is a web content m...

JD eSurvey - Design, Collect, and Analyze Survey Data

JD eSurvey delivers an exceptionally intuitive, open source system with easy-to-use interfaces to design, collect, and analyze survey data. It supports features to Embed unique survey inside your web sites, Bulk send survey email invitations, Randomizing pages and questions, Piping of previous answers, Customize your survey with your logo, Builds statistics, charts and graph.


Sterling Research Group provides HCAHPS Survey, Data Collection & reporting: HCAHPS survey questionnaire, reporting & results also includes patient satisfaction survey, hospital survey, patient experience survey and patient satisfaction research.

Coffee Survey Framework

Coffee Survey Framework is an extensible, XML-based ASP.NET 4.0 framework for building and maintaining tabular survey pages.

Survey Nuke

Survey Nuke is a survey and form software that allows you to create and deploy easily without any technical knowledge web based forms to gather important feedback from your customers, employees or website visitors. Once you've gathered all this information Survey Nuke provide...

Survey™ Project - web survey & form engine

Survey™ Project is a free & open source web based survey and (data entry) forms application for processing & gathering data online. Written in C# and ASP.NET.


HCAHPS Survey - Sterling Research Group provide HCAHPS Survey, CAHPS Survey, HCAHPS Scores. Our HCAHPS survey asks patients to answer questions about their experiences in the hospital.

open-source-survey - The Open Source Survey

We've run the largest survey of the open source community to date, the results of are an open dataset for us all to use and learn from. We hope the dataset informs some of the most pressing questions about open source software, the people that create it, their experience, and their relationship to the industry that depends on it.Learn more about the survey design and the topics we're studying.

Web Survey

WebSurvey is an ASP.NET server control that helps developers quickly and easily generated web-based surveys from an XML file.

SurveyMaster - web survey form engine

Survey Master is a free web based survey generator written in

Dynamic Survey Forms - SharePoint Web Part

Create manage dynamic survey forms as SharePoint web part. Record survey score for logged user or for someone else. This project has been designed to support Doctor/patient survey forms and tract patient visits for specific study.

photo-survey - Photo Survey Application and Data Management tools for the Photo Survey solution

Photo Survey is a configurable JavaScript application designed to crowdsource property damage assessments, inventory blighted properties, target reappraisal efforts, and identify structures that could pose safety concerns.