Dependency Context Mapper

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A context based dependency mapper for any dependency injection framework.



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Mvc3WithNinject - mvc 3 with Dependency injection (ninject) mvc 3 with Dependency injection (ninject)

Dependency Injection Service Provider (DISP)

Dependency Injection Service Provider (DISP) is a wrapper or an interface that aim to allow .NET developers use one of the inversion of control (IoC) containers out there such as StructureMap or Ninject from a high level of abstraction, using the same interface and classes wi...

Putty - A clean and simple dependency injection framework for PHP 5.4 inspired by C#'s Ninject

Features========- Simple yet versatile fluent binding syntax- Organise bindings into easy to manage modules- Promotes loosly coupled systems- Classes have no dependency to Putty- Constructor injection (the best type of injection)- Flexible instance lifecycles- Optional lazy loading for bindings- Customizable binding cacheInstallation============Clone repo to your project and simply `require 'Putty\Putty.php';`Your first Putty Module======================Organise your bindings into their own modu


Anise is a dependency injection framework specifically written to make the developer's job as easy as possible. You don't have to develop your code specifically for the framework, and it provides all features you'd expect along with simple and flexible configuration language.

javaee_cdi - Open Testsuite for CDI aka. Context and Dependency Injection. Test

Open Testsuite for CDI aka. Context and Dependency Injection. Test

cdiDemo - JEE6 demo on Context and Dependency Injection

JEE6 demo on Context and Dependency Injection

myfaces-ext-cdi - Java Context and Dependency Injection (JSR-299) Extensions for Apache MyFaces

Java Context and Dependency Injection (JSR-299) Extensions for Apache MyFaces


A template Visual Studio project for doing Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) with dependency injection via Ninject.


Implementing Dependency Injection with Ninject in a ASP.NET MVC Application. The source code has been explained in the DNC Magazine, Issue 01. This magazine is "absolutely free" and you can get it over here

Enterprise Library Extensions - DI + ORM

A set of extension points and application blocks that add on to the functionality of the Microsoft Patterns & Practices Enterprise Library (2006). Features such as an XML configuration based Dependency Injection Framework and a simple Object Relational Mapping Framework have ...

gongular - A different approach to Go web frameworks

gongular is an HTTP Server Framework for developing APIs easily. It is like Gin Gonic, but it features Angular-like (or Spring like) dependency injection and better input handling. Most of the time, user input must be transformed into a structured data then it must be validated. It takes too much time and is a repetitive work, gongular aims to reduce that complexity by providing request-input mapping with tag based validation.Note: gongular is an opinionated framework and it heavily relies on reflection to achieve these functionality. While there are tests to ensure it works flawlessly, I am open to contributions and opinions on how to make it better.

inject - Dependency injection for go

Package inject provides utilities for mapping and injecting dependencies in various ways.InterfaceOf dereferences a pointer to an Interface type. It panics if value is not an pointer to an interface.

injection-js - Dependency injection library for JavaScript and TypeScript in 5

Dependency injection library for JavaScript and TypeScript in 5.2K. It is an extraction of the Angular's dependency injection which means that it's feature complete, fast, reliable and well tested.Up-to-date with Angular 4.1.


Simple dependency injection for scala: allows for adding objects into different contexts (a context may inherit from another context) and obtaining the objects from currently chosen context. Objects can be added as singletons (one object with given ID per context), lazy singletons (singleton that is created on first get() operation) and prototypes (new object is created on each get() execution). If you want to learn more, please, visit project Wiki (still to be extended). Maven artifact availa

siringa - Minimalist dependency injection library for Python that embraces annotations syntax

siringa (meaning syringe in Italian) is a minimalist, idiomatic dependency injection and inversion of control library for Python, implemented in Hy, a homoiconic Lisp dialect for Python.To get started, take a look to the documentation, API, tutorial and examples.

HK2 - A light-weight and dynamic dependency injection framework

HK2 is a light-weight and dynamic dependency injection framework. HK2 is an implementation of JSR-330 in a JavaSE environment. JSR-330 defines services and injection points that can be dynamically discovered at runtime and which allow for Inversion of Control (IoC) and dependency injection (DI).


blog-n is an ASP.Net MVC blog engine for anyone with basic HTML/ASP.Net development skills. It is written in C# and uses ASP.Net MVC 3 with the Razor View Engine, Entity Framework 4.0 for Data Access, and Ninject for Dependency Injection.

MVC Forum

A bulletin board system (like phpBB) running on the ASP.NET MVC stack. The project is build using the latest technologies, and it's build using a provider model, so if you don't like the data providers or dependency injection we have implemented, you can implement your own ...


A dependency injection library for haXe, inspired by Ninject.


Manage your Church's volunteer recruitment processing with ease. Uses twitter-bootsrap for UI. MVC3, Entity Framework 4.3 for ORM, ninject for dependecy injection, automapper for object-to-object mapping. :)