.Net Dependencies

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.Net Dependencies provides different views of the dependencies between a serie of assemblies. This application is developed in C# with the framework .Net 4.0 but works as well with assemblies generated with an other version of the framework.




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cargo-dot - Generate graphs of a Cargo project's dependencies

cargo dot | dot -Tsvg > Cargo.svg```Examples--------This project's dependencies![cargo-dot dependencies](etc/cargo-dot.png)Servo's dependencies![servo dependencies](etc/servo.png)

pybotgram - A Telegram Bot writed in Python with plugins based in yagop's telegram-bot

sudo apt-get install libreadline-dev libconfig-dev libssl-dev lua5.2 liblua5.2-dev libevent-dev libjansson-dev libpython-dev make```- bot dependencies:```sudo apt-get install git python3 libpython3-dev python-pip python3-pipsudo pip3 install virtualenv```- Optional dependencies:If you want to have all the plugins, you will have to install some more dependencies:```sudo apt-get install libtiff4-dev libjpeg8-dev zlib1g-dev libfreetype6-dev liblcms1-dev libwebp-dev./launch.sh optdeps```To install i

pip-tools - A set of tools to keep your pinned Python dependencies fresh.

pip-compile will produce your requirements.txt, with all the Flask dependencies (and all underlying dependencies) pinned. You should put your requirements file under version control.And it will produce your requirements.txt, with all the Flask dependencies (and all underlying dependencies) pinned. Don't forget to put this file under version control as well.


Deriving dependencies for R packages, R sessions, and documents with embedded R code is an essential part of documenting what packages and libraries are required to be able to re-run code or rebuild a package. The dependencies package aims to provide tools for deriving dependencies and using this information to set up an environment containing those dependencies.

vendorize - vendorize is a tool for vendorizing go imports, including transitive dependencies

vendorize crawls the dependency graph of a given package and copies external dependencies to a specified import prefix. It handles transitive dependencies, and updates the import statements of all packages to point to the right place.Next, select a project whose dependencies you want to vendorize. Select a package import path prefix where the dependencies will be copied. These two paths make up the two mandatory positional arguments to vendorize.

BinDeps.jl - Tool for building binary dependencies for Julia modules

Since there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the package systems and the role of this package, before we get started looking atthe actual package, I want to answer a few common questions: * What is `BinDeps`? `BinDeps` is a package that provides a collection of tools to build binary dependencies for Julia packages. * Do I need to use this package if I want to build binary dependencies for my Julia package? Absolutely not! The system is designed to give the maximum amount o

pride - Manages a pride of Gradle modules

Pride works with the concept of modules: Git or Subversion repositories that contain individual Gradle projects that depend on each other. You can build large applications of such modules, but while working on the application in your local development environment, you rarely need to work on all of the modules at the same time.If you only want to work on one module at a time, it's no problem, as Gradle will load the module's dependencies from whatever artifact repository you are deploying your bu

MavenDependencyBlocks - Blocks of Maven dependencies, for quickly adding dependencies to projects

Blocks of Maven dependencies, for quickly adding dependencies to projects

dependencies - Specify your project's dependencies in a single place.

A simple way to express, manage and require your dependencies in Ruby.Dependencies allows you to declare the list of libraries your application needs with a simple, readable syntax. It comes with a handy command line tool for inspecting and vendoring your dependencies.

nut - Vendor Go dependencies

Gophers love nuts.nut is a tool that allows Go projects to declare dependencies, download dependencies, rewrite import paths and ensure that dependencies are properly vendored.

lein-git-deps - git dependencies for leiningen

A Leiningen task that will pull dependencies in via git.You will also need to manually add the checked-out project's dependencies as your own (the plugin simply checks out the code, it doesn't recursively resolve dependencies).

node-navi - :octocat: Cross links for Node JS modules on GitHub.

This extension is guaranteed to increase your overall happiness and satisfaction with life. ([Download](https://github.com/bucaran/node-navi/blob/master/node-navi.safariextz?raw=true))![](screenshot.png)JavaScript projects often include more dependencies than the average human brain can keep track of. Using small modules to orchestrate your project is the right thing to do, but is troublesome to navigate across dependencies._node-navi_ is a Safari extension that attempts to solve this problem, b

Dependencies - Repository for packaging OpenRCT2 library dependencies together.

Repository for packaging OpenRCT2 library dependencies together.

rtrace - Rtrace is an x86/x86_64 native code debugger written in Ruby with zero dependencies

Disclaimer: THIS IS BETA CODERuby code (with zero dependencies) for debugging native x86/x86_64 bit Linux binaries using the ptrace API. ARM support is planned but not yet finished.Rtrace ships with Eucalyptus. A fully functional scriptable debugger that doubles as a unit test for Rtrace. Eucalyptus is scriptable and extendable, its not just a test harness. It ships with real world examples that work out of the box.When I said "no dependencies" I really meant it. Not a single third-party gem is

depz - Convenient tool for rebuilding package.json dependencies from local node_modules.

```Resets package.json dependencies using a pretty interactive process.Usage: packager [options]Options: -c, --clear Wipe all dependencies and devDependencies (start from scratch). [default: 1] -m, --modifier Which npm version prefix to add. [default: "~"] -y, --yes Assumes you want to add all node_modules to package.json.```

helios-kernel - Include-style dependency manager and module loader

Helios Kernelprovides the necessary features intended to make dependency managementsimple and straightforward. Syntax of a module and dependencydeclaration is implemented in the classic include-style:```js// list of dependenciesinclude('path/to/someLibrary.js');include('../path/to/anotherLibrary.js');init = function() { // module code, // objects declared in the included modules are available at this point LIB.someLibrary.sayHello();}```A set of dependencies is listed in the module head

npm-dependencies-pagelet - Pagelet for the dependencies UI for a single package

Pagelet for the dependencies UI for a single package

dependencies - Third-party dependencies of the RSSD game engine.

Third-party dependencies of the RSSD game engine.