- 定时任务调度系统,提供自动化任务管理调度功能和可操作的web图形化管理各种复杂的任务调度

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Related Projects

crontab-ui - Easy and safe way to manage your crontab file

  •    Javascript

Editing the plain text crontab is error prone for managing jobs, e.g., adding jobs, deleting jobs, or pausing jobs. A small mistake can easily bring down all the jobs and might cost you a lot of time. With Crontab UI, it is very easy to manage crontab. Here are the key features of Crontab UI. Read this to see more details.


  •    Java

Jcrontab is a scheduler written in Java. The project objective is to provide a fully functional schedules for Java projects. Jcrontab is designed to be extended and integrated with any project. Reads and stores the tasks to execute in a file, a database or an EJB and provides a basic web UI.

cron-parser - Node.js library for parsing crontab instructions

  •    Javascript

Node.js library for parsing crontab instructions. It includes support for timezones and DST transitions. Supports mixed use of ranges and range increments (L, W and # characters are not supported currently). See tests for examples.

CronHub - CronHub is a better crontab, it is a web application which can monitor a large number of machine's crontab, and easy to manage it from web page

  •    Java

Manage a large number of cluster's Linux crontab is nasty thing, especially system administrators always must login multiple machines to check whether the crontab job has been SUCCESSFULLY executed. If it is not SUCCESSFULLY done, administrators had to RE-EXECUTE job one by one. This cronhub project aim to ease this burden, and supply a friendly web interface to manage it within JUST A MOUSE CLICK. The cronhub system consists of 2 parts : the center server part and the daemon slave program part(In my repository :, If you want to study the daemon slave part, please go to there to download.

django-crontab - dead simple crontab powered job scheduling for django.

  •    Python

dead simple crontab powered job scheduling for django (1.8-2.0). there are a bunch of setting vars to customize behavior. each of them comes with default values that should properly fit. if not, feel free to overwrite.

chat - a live chat built with python(flask + gevent + apscheduler) + redis

  •    Python

a live chat built with python(flask + gevent + apscheduler) + redis

chat - a live chat built with python(flask + gevent + apscheduler) + redis

  •    Python

a live chat built with python(flask + gevent + apscheduler) + redis

craken - A Rails plugin for managing and installing rake-centric crontab files.

  •    Ruby

A Rails plugin for managing and installing rake-centric crontab files.

crontab utility for Qt4

  •    C++

A system scheduling utility which uses crontab as the backend.


  •    Java

cron4j is a scheduler for the Java platform which is very similar to the UNIX cron daemon. With cron4j you can launch, from within your Java applications, any task you need at the right time, according to some simple rules.

quantum-core - :watch: Cron-like job scheduler for Elixir

  •    Elixir

Cron-like job scheduler for Elixir. This README follows master, which may not be the currently published version. Here are the docs for the latest published version of Quantum.

cronsun - A Distributed, Fault-Tolerant Cron-Style Job System.

  •    Go

cronsun is a distributed cron-style job system. It's similar with crontab on stand-alone *nix. The goal of this project is to make it much easier to manage jobs on lots of machines and provides high availability. cronsun is different from Azkaban, Chronos, Airflow.

dispatcher - Dispatcher is a Laravel artisan command scheduling tool used to schedule artisan commands within your project so you don't need to touch your crontab when deploying

  •    PHP

Dispatcher allows you to schedule your artisan commands within your Laravel project, eliminating the need to touch the crontab when deploying. It also allows commands to run per environment and keeps your scheduling logic where it should be, in your version control. If you are adding this to /etc/cron.d you'll need to specify a user immediately after * * * * *.

plan - Crontab jobs management in Python

  •    Python

Crontab jobs management in Python

jobby - Manage all your cron jobs without modifying crontab

  •    PHP

Install the master jobby cron job, and it will manage all your offline tasks. Add jobs without modifying crontab. Jobby can handle logging, locking, error emails and more. NEW REPO: We have moved jobby to a Github org. Please update your remotes to


  •    Shell

Command line download manager which uses existing unix utilities: Downloads can be added, paused and removed from the command line; and you can create custom download schedules by combining this program with the crontab file.

Cisco Configuration Repository

  •    Perl

Manage a repository of routers/switches configurations with versioning Requires CVS, TFTPServer and CVS Web. Schedule in your crontab, gets the routers run-conf, compare with repository and sends alert of the changes.

FullSync - File Synchronization and Backup Tool

  •    Java

FullSync is a universal file synchronization and backup tool which is highly customizable and expandable. It is especially for developers, but the basic functionality is easy enough for everyone. It supports multiple protocols like FTP, SFTP, SMB/CIFS(Windows Shares) and local files, Scheduled execution of synchronizations using intervals or a crontab like scheduling. Publication and update of websites, synchronization of local directories and making backups of your data.

huey - a little task queue for python

  •    Python

huey is a little task queue in Python. It supports multi-process, multi-thread or greenlet task execution models. It can schedule tasks to execute at a given time, or after a given delay, schedule recurring tasks, like a crontab, retry tasks that fail automatically, task result storage.

logster - Parse log files, generate metrics for Graphite and Ganglia

  •    Python

Logster is a utility for reading log files and generating metrics to configurable outputs. It is ideal for visualizing trends of events that are occurring in your application/system/error logs. For example, you might use logster to graph the number of occurrences of HTTP response code that appears in your web server logs.Logster maintains a cursor, via a tailer, on each log file that it reads so that each successive execution only inspects new log entries. In other words, a 1 minute crontab entry for logster would allow you to generate near real-time trends in the configured output for anything you want to measure from your logs.