ChineseChessAI - AI Agent for Chinese Chess - CS 221 Project

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AI Agent for Chinese Chess - Stanford CS 221 Projects


@angular/common : 2.2.3
@angular/compiler : 2.2.3
@angular/core : 2.2.3
@angular/forms : 2.2.3
@angular/http : 2.2.3
@angular/platform-browser : 2.2.3
@angular/platform-browser-dynamic : 2.2.3
@angular/router : 3.0.0
@angular/upgrade : 2.2.3
angular2-in-memory-web-api : 0.0.20
body-parser : ~1.13.2
chart.js : 2.4.0
debug : 2.2.0
express : 4.13.4
gulp : 3.9.1
moment : 2.15.2
ng-semantic : 1.1.11
ng2-charts : 1.4.1
python-shell : 0.4.0
typescript : 2.0.2
typings : 1.3.2



Related Projects

XiangQi Wizard

  •    Java

XiangQi Wizard (Chinese Chess Wizard) is a powerful XiangQi (chinese chess) program, which supports UCCI engines. XQWizard Light is the Mobile version for Windows CE and Java ME. ElephantEye is the UCCI engine in XQWizard with strong AI.

sunfish - Sunfish: a Python Chess Engine in 111 lines of code

  •    Python

Sunfish is self contained in the file from the repository. I recommend running it with pypy or pypy3 for optimal performance. It is also possible to run Sunfish with a graphical interface, such as PyChess, Arena or your chess interface of choice. Sunfish' can communicate through the XBoard/CECP protocol by the command pypy -u Ruxy Sylwyka has a note on making it all work on Windows.

deep-pink - Deep Pink is a chess AI that learns to play chess using deep learning.

  •    Python

Deep Pink is a chess AI that learns to play chess using deep learning. Here is a blog post providing some details about how it works. There is a pre-trained model in the repo, but if you want to train your own model you need to download pgn files and run After that, you need to run, preferrably on a GPU machine since it will be 10-100x faster. This might take several days for a big model.

Mobile Chess and Flash Chess

  •    Java

Mobile Chess (for Java ME) and Flash Chess (for Web) with Strong Chess AI, see Java Applet Chess and Ajax Chess are also available. Mobile Chess is sponsored by Chess Wizard now, see

MRSD (Ki11egg)

  •    C++

Chinese Chess (XiangQi) Sofware with strong AI.

simple-chess-ai - A simple chess AI

  •    Javascript

A simple chess algorithm with alpha-beta pruning and board evaluation with piece-square tables.


  •    C++

aigochess is a chess-style board game and uses improved faile engine with strong AI.The feature of this game is adding two Cannon which comes from Chinese Chess into original chess. It's the official traning software for China aigo Chess Club.


  •    Javascript

chess.js is a Javascript chess library that is used for chess move generation/validation, piece placement/movement, and check/checkmate/stalemate detection - basically everything but the AI. chess.js has been extensively tested in node.js and most modern browsers.

leela-chess - A chess adaption of GCP's Leela Zero

  •    C++

The goal is to build a strong UCT chess AI following the same type of techniques as AlphaZero, as described in Mastering Chess and Shogi by Self-Play with a General Reinforcement Learning Algorithm. We will need to do this with a distributed project, as it requires a huge amount of computations.

Chess challenge

  •    C

Chess challenge is an open source chess AI project with GUI. If you want source drop me a mail. ces.mohab[at]yahoo[dot]com

WPF 3D Chess Game

  •    WPF

A WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) 3D chess game. Supports AI or "player vs. player" game modes.

Brutal Chess

  •    C++

Brutal Chess features full 3D graphics, an advanced particle engine, and several different levels of intelligent AI, inspired by the once popular "Battle Chess" released by Interplay circa 1988.

Codpiece-A LISP chess platform


A LISP chess engine designed to first be master strength, then be used as a platform for testing AI algorithms.

Huo Chess

  •    DotNet

An open source micro chess program which attempts to be smaller than the Commodore-era Microchess. It is implemented in C#, C++, VB and XNA. Bundled tutorial.

have-fun-with-machine-learning - An absolute beginner's guide to Machine Learning and Image Classification with Neural Networks

  •    Python

Also available in Chinese (Traditional). This is a hands-on guide to machine learning for programmers with no background in AI. Using a neural network doesn’t require a PhD, and you don’t need to be the person who makes the next breakthrough in AI in order to use what exists today. What we have now is already breathtaking, and highly usable. I believe that more of us need to play with this stuff like we would any other open source technology, instead of treating it like a research topic.

tensorflow_poems - 中文古诗自动作诗机器人,屌炸天,基于tensorflow1.10 api,正在积极维护升级中,快star,保持更新!

  •    Python

An ai powered automatically generats poems in Chinese. 很久以来,我们都想让机器自己创作诗歌,当无数作家、编辑还没有抬起笔时,AI已经完成了数千篇文章。现在,这里是第一步....



A Chinese Chess game written in WPF which allows 2 persons to play against each other through network.

World Xiangqi League

  •    Java

The World Xiangqi League (WXL) was the largest online Chinese chess community on the Internet, with over 100,00 members and servers in US, Beijing, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. We are now archiving all the WXL source code as free software.

Palm Xiang Qi


PalmXQ is a human vs computer XiangQi (Chinese Chess) program that run on Palm device.

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