- a seriously awesome cli for Trello

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This is a command-line tool that enables you to add, sort, and review cards on Trello rapidly. It is designed to reduce the amount of friction between your thoughts and your TODO list. If you never leave the terminal, will feel right at home. It has tab-completion throughout, machine-readable --json and --tsv flags, a grep subcommand, and an interactive REPL mode. The project is named "" because it was initially built as a tool to maintain a Trello board using the GTD task tracking method. I've been actively using this tool for GTD since the first commit; if you're trying to use GTD with Trello this is the tool for you.



Related Projects

trello-backup - Trello-Backup is a simple script that Backups all your Trello

  •    PHP

Trello-Backup is a simple script that Backups all your boards and cards, one JSON file per board, for total peace of mind. This is a simple php script which uses the API to securely fetch all your boards and store them on your computer. If you want to backup multiple Trello accounts, you can make multiple copies of example-config.php with different file names. Run trello-backup.php once for each account, specifying the path to the config file as an argument. For example, php trello-backup.php account1.php.

trello_cli - Simple Trello Command Line Interface - Ruby Gem

  •    Ruby

Simple Trello Command Line Interface - Ruby Gem

taskell - Command-line Kanban board/task manager with support for Trello

  •    Haskell

There are usually bottles (binaries) available. If these are not available for your computer, Homebrew will build Taskell from scratch, which can take a while, particularly on older machines. Occasionally the build fails the first time, but usually works on a second attempt. A .deb package is available for Debian/Ubuntu. Download it and install with dpkg -i <package-name>.

ruby-trello - Implementation of the Trello API for Ruby

  •    Ruby

This library implements the Trello API. Trello is an awesome tool for organization. Not just aimed at developers, but everybody. Seriously, check it out.

wunderline - A command-line client for Wunderlist, the easiest way to get stuff done.

  •    Javascript

Wunderline requires you to create your own Wunderlist application and store the client id and an access token locally. You can create a new application here. When creating an application you will be asked for an app url and an auth callback url, you can just use dummy values for these.

phoenix-trello - Trello tribute done in Elixir, Phoenix Framework, React and Redux.

  •    Javascript

Trello tribute done with Elixir, Phoenix Framework, Webpack, React and Redux. You need to have Elixir v1.3 and PostgreSQL installed.

SCTrelloNavigation - :clipboard: An iOS native implementation of a Trello Animated Navagation

  •    Objective-C

An iOS native implementation of a Trello Animated Navigation. See more at The design was originated from Aurélien Salomon's work on Dribbble: This is an open-sourced iOS-native libray similar to this design, not 100% equivalent to the original desgin.

SAWS - A Supercharged AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)

  •    Python

SAWS aims to supercharge the AWS CLI with features focusing on Improving ease-of-use, Increasing productivity. Under the hood, SAWS is powered by the AWS CLI and supports the same commands and command structure. It provides features like Auto completion of commands, sub commands, resources, Syntax and output highlighting, command history and lot more.

ShellOut - Easily run shell commands from a Swift script or command line tool

  •    Swift

Welcome to ShellOut, a simple package that enables you to easily “shell out” from a Swift script or command line tool. Even though you can accomplish most of the tasks you need to do in native Swift code, sometimes you need to invoke the power of the command line from a script or tool - and this is exactly what ShellOut makes so simple.

terjira - Terjira is a very interactive and easy to use CLI tool for Jira.

  •    Ruby

Terjira is an interactive and easy to use command line interface (or Application) for Jira. You do not need to remember the resource key or id. Terjira suggests it with an interactive prompt. After checking out the repo, run bin/setup to install dependencies. Then, run rspec spec to run the tests. You can also run bin/console for an interactive prompt that will allow you to experiment.

amazon-ecs-cli - A custom Amazon ECS CLI that eases up the cluster setup process, enables users to run their applications locally or on ECS using the same Docker Compose file format and familiar Compose commands

  •    Go

The Amazon ECS Command Line Interface (CLI) is a command line interface for Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS) that provides high-level commands to simplify creating, updating, and monitoring clusters and tasks from a local development environment. The Amazon ECS CLI supports Docker Compose, a popular open-source tool for defining and running multi-container applications. Use the CLI as part of your everyday development and testing cycle as an alternative to the AWS Management Console.For more information about Amazon ECS, see the Amazon ECS Developer Guide. For information about installing and using the Amazon ECS CLI, see the ECS Command Line Interface.

trello-calendar - A calendar for Trello with all your cards with a due date.

  •    Javascript

A calendar for Trello with all your cards with a due date.

github-trello - Manage Trello cards through Github commit messages

  •    Ruby

Allows you to manage or reference your Trello board through commits to Github. Tag a commit with "Closes 1234" to have a card automatically archived, or "Card 1234" to have the commit sent to the card. Commit messages are searched for (case|card|close|archive|fix)e?s? \D?([0-9]+) to find the card short id. Case/card resolve to on_start configuration, close/fix resolve to on_close, and archive will just archive the card regardless.

trello-desktop - An unofficial trello desktop app.

  •    Javascript

OS X 10.8+, Windows 7+ & Linux are supported. Download, unzip, and move to the /Applications directory.

org-trello - Org minor mode - 2-way sync org & trello

  •    Emacs

Org minor mode - 2-way sync org & trello

gcli - The easy way to build Golang command-line application.

  •    Go

gcli generates a skeleton (codes and its directory structure) you need to start building Command Line Interface (CLI) tool by Golang right out of the box. You can use your favorite CLI framework. Why you need gcli? Because you should focus on writing core function of CLI, not on interface. During developing CLI tool by Golang, you may find you're writing the chunk of boilerplate code for interfaces. Stop writing the same codes every time. gcli generates them and save you a large amount of time by writing such code. This is like Rails scaffold. Not only that, gcli know the best practices of golang CLI framework library which you want to use. Generated codes follows the most ideal way of using that framework, and you don't need to know about that. See the frameworks it supports now.

todolist - Simple GTD-style todo list for the command line.

  •    Go

Todolist is a simple and very fast task manager for the command line. It is based on the Getting Things Done methodology. See The main Todolist website for the current documentation.

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