Delayed Reaction

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Delayed Reaction is a mini library designed to help with application event distribution. Events can fire from any method in your code in any form or window and be distributed to any window that registered for the event. Events can also be fired with a delay or become sticky.



Related Projects

gocells - Tideland Go Cells

The Tideland Go Cells provide a package for the creation of event based applications with networked concurrently working cells. The way how they process the recevied events is defined by behaviors. During the processing of an event a cell can emit multiple events to its subscribers.Major package providing the infrastructure for event based applications. It is organized as an environment of networked cells. Each cell is controlled by its behavior implementing the according interface. It receives events, processes them, and can emit a number of new events during this time. Those events are then received by those cells which subscribed to the individual cell.

DOMEventBridge - Bridge DOM events to a JS event hub (for pubsub)

An event bridge for bridging DOM events to a JS event hub (for pubsub).Instead of listening for DOM events (such as "click" and "mouseover") directly on DOM elements, DOMEventBridge can be instructed to listen for these events and fire (aka, bridge) them to a common JS event hub, for event-driven-architecture approaches like pubsub/etc.

asset-wrap - Simple, modular, event-driven, asset management framework for nodejs.

Simple, modular, event-driven, asset management framework for nodejs.

Feedback Form

Feedback application makes it easier for attendees who attend an seminar/event and event organizers. Organizers of the event will no longer need to produce lots of feedback forms to know the feedback of their attendees. It's developed in C# Language.


GWE (Google Wordpress Events) is a Google Docs Spreadsheet template as a Wordpress plugin for Event Management(events in the context of having a birthday party for example). Create a event in Wordpress Admin and set a limit of attendees. When the event is created it copies a Google Docs Spreadsheet Form with a Google App Script installed into the Spreadsheet which gives the Spreadsheet a menu button to publish Wordpress.

KInput - Event driven XNA input library

KInput is an event driven input library for the XNA framework. It allows you to bind specific input events to objects that implement the input object interface.

EDAS-An Event driven async socket development framework

This framework will help you to build async socket application very quickly. It's solves IOCP events,error handling,IO buffer for package receive and visio packet?pack?unpack...... all you need to do is to write your logic

xml-events - An event-driven syntax for parsing xml streams with node-expat

An event-driven syntax for parsing xml streams with node-expat

events - Mock-up of an event-driven object-oriented system

Mock-up of an event-driven object-oriented system

DotNetNuke® Events

DotNetNuke® Events manages display of upcoming events as a list in chronological order or in calendar format with additional information and links set to automatically expire or re-occur by days, weeks, months or years.

libevent - an event notification library

The libevent API provides a mechanism to execute a callback function when a specific event occurs on a file descriptor or after a timeout has been reached. It is meant to replace the asynchronous event loop found in event-driven network servers.

nsq-event-bus - A tiny wrapper around NSQ topic and channel :rocket:

The nsq-event-bus package exposes a interface for emitting and listening events.

Rusty - Light-weight, user-space, event-driven and highly-scalable TCP/IP stack

Rusty is a light-weight, user-space, event-driven and highly-scalable TCP/IP stack. It has been developed to run on a EZChip TILE-Gx36 processor. Rusty is a light-weight, user-space, event-driven and highly-scalable TCP/IP stack. It has been developed to run on a EZChip TILE-Gx36 processor. Rusty takes full control of cores it runs on.


Net+Manager is an open-sourced, database driven network event management system based on the client / server model. It can be used as the central quot;manager of managersquot; type system to integrate and centralize events from other network management systems.


Bind to the `beforecopy`, `copy`, `aftercopy`, and `copy-error` events, custom DOM-like events for clipboard injection generated using jQuery's Special Events API and [ZeroClipboard]('s Core module.The `beforecopy` and `copy` events trigger when the user clicks on a bound element.The `aftercopy` event triggers after the clipboard injection has been attempted, regardless of whether or not the injection succeeded.The `copy-error` event triggers if any of the underlying Ze

atomic-store - Atomic event store for Scala/Akka

Atomic Store is a system for managing persistent streams of atomic events, with strict consistency. It is intended for systems in which only one event can be admitted to a canonical event log at a time, contingent upon past events. It exists to maintain the atomicity of handling of incoming events, but outsources the actual validation logic back to the event originator. In a sense, the idea here is to do as little as possible to meet this goal, but in a way that is as practical as possible.Atomic Store is built on top of Akka Persistence, which is designed to natively support highly scalable distributed systems with relaxed consistency. A distributed system can maximize its scalability by reducing coupling between its components, and synchronization of state changes is one such coupling. The general approach to relaxed consistency is to take compensatory actions to rectify inconsistencies between distributed components, in retrospect. But this is complex, and not desirable in all situations. Atomic Store is designed for situations where strict consistency is more desirable or appropriate than extreme scalability.

swoole-src - Event-driven asynchronous & concurrent & coroutine networking engine with high performance for PHP

Swoole is an event-driven asynchronous & concurrent networking communication framework with high performance written only in C for PHP.The network layer in Swoole is event-based and takes full advantage of the underlaying epoll/kqueue implementation, making it really easy to serve thousands of connections.

chef-stackstorm - Chef Cookbook to deploy StackStorm, IFTTT for Ops

Cookbook to install and configure StackStorm components using Chef.StackStorm is event-driven automation platform written in Python. With over 100+ integrations like GitHub, Docker, Nagios, NewRelic, AWS, Chef, Slack it allows you to wire together existing infrastructure into complex Workflows with auto-remediation and many more. Aka IFTTT orchestration for Ops.

jsaction - JsAction is a small event delegation library that decouples event binding from the code that can handle the event

JsAction is a tiny event delegation library that allows decoupling the DOM nodes on which the action occurs from the JavaScript code that handles the action.The traditional way of adding an event handler is to obtain a reference to the node and add the event handler to it. JsAction allows us to map between events and names of handlers for these events via a custom HTML attribute called jsaction.