battery-widget - Battery status indicator for awesome WM

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Battery indicator widget for awesome window manager. Displays status information from /sys/class/power_supply.



Related Projects

battery-historian - Battery Historian is a tool to analyze battery consumers using Android "bugreport" files

  •    Go

Battery Historian is a tool to inspect battery related information and events on an Android device running Android 5.0 Lollipop (API level 21) and later, while the device was not plugged in. It allows application developers to visualize system and application level events on a timeline with panning and zooming functionality, easily see various aggregated statistics since the device was last fully charged, and select an application and inspect the metrics that impact battery specific to the chosen application. It also allows an A/B comparison of two bugreports, highlighting differences in key battery related metrics.Install Docker.

Battery-Metrics - Library that helps in instrumenting battery related system metrics.

  •    Java

Battery Metrics is a lightweight android library to quickly instrument several metrics for understanding battery consumption. As a developer, it's surprisingly hard to understand how your application affects battery life on Android — relying on the operating system level reported battery level tends to be inaccurate (because the reported levels are fairly coarse, affected by every app running on the device and smoothed out) and while it's possible to get really good measurements locally you don't really know what sort of experience users are having in the wild.

Android Battery Indicator


Small widget that shows the battery life as a percentage

Android Battery Dog

  •    Java

Simpel service for ANDROID for long time monitoring the battery level. A log file in csv format is created /sdcard/BatteryDog/battery.csv which contains timestamp and all available battery info, like level, temperature and voltage. Includes simple graph.

KDE Battery applet

  •    C++

A laptop battery meter for the KDE panel. KBatt can display current power status (AC online, offline), battery level, as well as remaining time.


  •    C++

bbacpi is simple tool for X that shows some information on the battery of laptops using acpi. Main features are (all optionals): battery level (gauge amp; label), battery lifetime, temperature (gauge amp; label), state of adapter (label or graphics).

Juice - Make your battery information a bit more interesting.

  •    Swift

Make your battery information a bit more interesting by making your own measurement scale instead of a boring battery indicator. Going a step further, I wanted to define a format that would allow for people to create their own scales! Which you can now do, but it's strings only for the time being.

Tiny Battery status for Windows

  •    C++

This simple notebook battery utility shows in your systray info about your notebook battery life. It works even with batteries which does not support extended features. Shows remaining battery life, charging progress, assumptions...

tmux-battery - Plug and play battery percentage and icon indicator for Tmux.

  •    Shell

Enables displaying battery percentage and status icon in tmux status-right. In a normal situation one of these above should be installed on your system by default and thus it would not be necessary to install one of them.

Battery Alarm


Plays a wav file when the battery power level reaches the specified level and will repeat the sound as frequently as the user wants. Runs in the system tray.

DeviceKit - DeviceKit is a value-type replacement of UIDevice.

  •    Swift

DeviceKit is a value-type replacement of UIDevice. DeviceKit can be installed in various ways.

DeviceKit - DeviceKit is a value-type replacement of UIDevice.

  •    Swift

DeviceKit is a value-type replacement of UIDevice. See our detailed changelog for the latest features, improvements and bug fixes.



A simple WM service that adds a horizontal bar along the top of the screen to show your current battery level. Seen it before? Probably. But BattLine is a TRUE service! It won't waste a process slot. :-)

Battery-Time-Remaining - Show battery time remaining in Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

  •    Objective-C

Show battery time remaining in Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion


  •    CSharp

BatterySaver is a simple application, in C#, that allows laptop users to perform actions based on battery notification events (AC<=>DC). BatterySaver allows you to control devices, services and processes to reduce battery consumption. This is especially useful for netbooks.

Laptop Battery Usage Pattern


Figures out battery discharge and recharge pattern. Suggests estimated discharge time and recharge time based on past history. Also alerts when it detects considerable degradation of battery life.

IBAM, the Intelligent Battery Monitor

  •    C++

IBAM is an advanced battery monitor for laptops, which uses statistical and adaptive linear methods to provide accurate estimations of minutes of battery left or of the time needed until full recharge.

dynamic_widget - You can dynamic update your flutter page with Flutter Dynamic Widget

  •    Dart

You can dynamic update your flutter page with Flutter Dynamic Widget. It's a light json UI protocol, which is very similar with flutter widget code. So you don't need to learn another UI protocol, if you are familiar with flutter widget, you might already know how to write Flutter Dynamic Widget json. I work for an e-commerce company. We need to build flexible pages. So we define a light UI protocol, and implement on Android and iOS. We can dynamic update App UIs by pushing a json file. With this ability, we can do some UI A/B testing without publishing App to app store. Flutter allows you to build beautiful native apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase, it can allow you to build web app later. Flutter's hot reload helps you quickly and easily experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs faster. But it still build native app, the UIs can't be dynamic updated. If you want to modify the UIs, you need to publish the updated app to app store. With this project, you can build your UIs from a json string, which is the UI protocal. The json string is very similar with the Flutter widget dart code. All widget type and widget properties are the same.

MusicBobber - Awesome Audio Widget for any Android Music App

  •    Java

You know, guys, we have become a bit obsessed with music recently. See yourself by checking our previous work on the Audio Visualization View library. Since we wanted to create a companion to our equalizer and add to the collection of Android widgets, the idea to develop a nice and convenient audio widget was born almost immediately. So if you have already developed a music player and you feel that you want to make it even better, then you’re welcome to use our library and enjoy the results. Our invention can facilitate the user’s interaction with a music player and nicely decorate his device screen. Moreover, it’s really easy to integrate! Read our Case Study: Audio Widget Overlay View by Cleveroad to ensure that and find more of useful information.