flappy-rust - A Rust SDL2 clone of Flappy Gopher which is a clone of Flappy Bird

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Flappy Rust is a mostly complete clone of Flappy Gopher which is a clone of the famous Flappy Bird game developed in Rust with bindings for SDL2.Because I'm home all day after being layed off (along with 70% of the company) on Monday 4/3/2017 and decided to write some code in Rust since it's been on my TODO list AND because I need an outlet for my negative energy.




Related Projects

flappy-svg - Flappy Bird in SVG. Play it at http://fossasia.github.io/flappy-svg/

  •    Javascript

This branch contains the core functionality of the game. Here you can program the game and change it. See the master branch if you like to know more, contribute and see who created the game.

SprityBird - A small clone of Flappy Bird for iOS using SpriteKit framework

  •    Objective-C

This project is a small clone of Flappy Bird for iOS using SpriteKit framework. It can be used as a base for many types of scrolling games with some imagination.

DeepLearningFlappyBird - Flappy Bird hack using Deep Reinforcement Learning (Deep Q-learning).

  •    Python

This project follows the description of the Deep Q Learning algorithm described in Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning [2] and shows that this learning algorithm can be further generalized to the notorious Flappy Bird. It is a convolutional neural network, trained with a variant of Q-learning, whose input is raw pixels and whose output is a value function estimating future rewards.

FlappyBlock - Flappy Block No Mercy: You lose the game and you have to quit the app.

  •    Objective-C

This is an iOS verion of the "smash hit" Flappy Bird built using iOS7's physics engine. Since Dong Nguyen took the game down, I wanted to see how hard it would acutally be to create the game. This is the No Mercy Edition so when you lose you have to quit the game which adds an extra level of annoyance. to an already annoying game. This was made only as an excercise for using the physics engine. Good luck and have fun. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

FlappyBirdRL - Flappy Bird hack using Reinforcement Learning

  •    Javascript

More details here. If you just opened the index.html page you might have an error in the console regarding origin requests. Right click anywhere on the screen, click Inspect and then look at the Console.

FriceEngine - :video_game: JVM game engine based on Swing/JavaFX.

  •    Kotlin

An easy, light, native game engine running on JVM. Why easy? A flappy bird game uses just 56 lines of Java code only. Written in Kotlin, also work on Java, JRuby, Groovy, Scala and other JVM languages.

DRL-FlappyBird - Playing Flappy Bird Using Deep Reinforcement Learning (Based on Deep Q Learning DQN using Tensorflow)

  •    Python

The code of DQN is only 160 lines long. Since the DQN code is a unique class, you can use it to play other games.

floppybird - Floppy Bird (OS)

  •    Assembly

Floppy Bird is a clone of the infamous Flappy Bird written in 16 bit (x86) assembly. In other words it works on RAW METAL and doesn't require an underlying operating system, it is an operating system on its own.

MicroStar Particle System

  •    DotNet

MicroStar is a 2D particle system created in XNA 3.1 and is intended to make adding cool visual effects to XNA games simple and easy to do.

ggez - Rust library to create a Good Game Easily

  •    Rust

ggez is a Rust library to create a Good Game Easily. More specifically, ggez is a lightweight cross-platform game framework for making 2D games with minimum friction. It aims to implement an API based on (a Rustified version of) the LÖVE game framework. This means it contains basic and portable 2D drawing, sound, resource loading and event handling, but finer details like performance characteristics may be very different (e.g. ggez does not do automatic batching).

lein-figwheel - Figwheel builds your ClojureScript code and hot loads it into the browser as you are coding!

  •    Clojure

Get a quick idea of what figwheel does by watching the 6 minute flappy bird demo of figwheel. Learn even more by watching a 45 minute talk on Figwheel given at ClojureWest 2015.

ImagineEngine - A project to create a blazingly fast Swift game engine that is a joy to use 🚀

  •    Swift

Welcome to Imagine Engine, an ongoing project that aims to create a fast, high performance Swift 2D game engine for Apple's platforms that is also a joy to use. You are hereby invited to participate in this new community to build a tool with an ambitious but clear goal - to enable you to easily build any game that you can imagine. Imagine Engine uses Core Animation as its rendering backend - just like Apple's UI frameworks like UIKit and AppKit do. By leveraging the power of Core Animation's hardware accelerated 2D rendering capabilities, Imagine Engine is able to push lots of pixels onto the screen at the same time. That means more objects, more effects and less restrictions when designing your games.

TuxCap Games Framework

  •    C++

The TuxCap Games Framework is a GNU/Linux and Mac OSX port of the PopCap Games Framework used for 2D game development. It comes with PyCap Python bindings, a fast 2D physics engine, a particle engine, widgets and many documented examples.

Mercury Particle Engine


Mercury Particle Engine is a multi-platform API which allows developers to add rich visual effects to their games. Implemented in C# and targeting the Microsoft XNA Framework, it is fully compatible with Windows, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360.

rust-sdl2 - SDL2 bindings for Rust

  •    C

Rust-SDL2 is a library for talking to the new SDL2.0 libraries from Rust. Low-level C components are wrapped in Rust code to make them more idiomatic and abstract away inappropriate manual memory management. Rust-SDL2 uses the MIT license.

go-sdl2 - SDL2 binding for Go

  •    Go

go-sdl2 is SDL2 wrapped for Go users. It enables interoperability between Go and the SDL2 library which is written in C. That means the original SDL2 installation is required for this to work.Below is some commands that can be used to install the required packages in some Linux distributions. Some older versions of the distributions such as Ubuntu 13.10 may also be used but it may miss an optional package such as libsdl2-ttf-dev on Ubuntu 13.10's case which is available in Ubuntu 14.04.

Xploit Game Engine

  •    CSharp

Xploit is a 3D Game Engine which helps game developers quickly and easily develop polished 3D games. This Engine fills in the gaps present in the XNA Framework by providing libraries for Shadow Mapping, Animation, Shading and Particle Effects. It's developed in XNA, HLSL and C#.

Glide - Game engine for making 2d games on iOS, macOS and tvOS, with practical examples and tutorials

  •    Swift

glide is a SpriteKit and GameplayKit based engine for building 2d games easily, with a focus on side scrollers. glide is developed with Swift and works on iOS, macOS and tvOS. glide is developed with Entity-Component-System architecture. In short, this makes it easy to manage the code of your game, which might quickly get messy as you add more stuff. In addition to that, loads of building components common to 2d platformers that will get you quickly started is also included in the engine.

overlap2d - Overlap2D Game development toolkit for UI and Level design

  •    Java

Overlap2D is a 2D level and UI editor with an engine agnostic philosophy for game development. Made to separate coding from content, it enables developer to create rich content using images, animations, particle effects, light system, physics and complex grouped items. There is also forum for all discussions.