DirectDraw APIs Usage in WinCE and WinMobile

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DDrawTest application shows how to use the Hardware layers of display controller of different application processor in WinCE and Windows Mobile devices.



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DirectShow Sample Camera Application for WEC7 & WEC2013

This project shows the developer on how to write a DirectShow application for using Camera on Windows Embedded Compact 7 & Compact 2013 devices.

DirectDraw Overlay Library

An unmanaged C++ library to create, manage and draw to DirectDraw overlays. A C++/CLI wrapper for .NET clients is included. DirectDraw overlays are special DirectDraw surfaces that are shown over everything else, including full-screen games and applications. They can be used ...

Windows Mobile Camera Motion detectionWMCamera

This is the demo application used for the MEDC 2007 camera presentation. This demo shows: -Implementing a simple transinplace DirectShow filter -Having a DShow filter implemented inside of an application rather than as a standalone dll -Building a DirectShow graph using the C...

dshow-build - Directshow playback components build repo

Directshow playback components build repo


GDI and OpenGL re-implementation of the DirectDraw API for classic Command & Conquer games for better compatibility with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Wine

Coco3D - Generic 3D Software Renderer

Coco3D is a real-time 3D software renderer for Windows PCs and mobile devices. This is a research project aiming to create a platform independant 3D graphic library that provides a transparent API accross the Windows desktop and the mobile platform. Coco3D extensively uses C...

Karaoke for DirectX

DirectShow filter for playing back MIDI and CD+G karaoke files (.kar, .cdg, .bin) as video in Windows Media Player


DirectPython is a C++ extension to the Python programming language which provides access to DirectX (9.0c) API, including Direct3D, DirectSound, DirectShow and DirectInput.

Small Media Library (for Games and other 3D rendering applications)

A .NET library that utilises DirectShow to render video into a block of memory that can be easily written to surfaces managed by rendering APIs such as DirectX and OpenGL, or used in any other way the host application requires.


Windows 'DirectX DirectShow' sample grabber command line capture utility


A weld-together of MPEG2DEC with MPG123 for the windows/directX environment. Also includes a few options for video resizing amp; placing, as well as YUV lookup tables for on-the-fly video-quality improvements. Does not used MS's proprietary DirectShow, and


DirectShow and parital DirectX for FPC/Lazarus and Delphi


GGredit is library that implements base functionality for a generic graphic editor. DDraw is a diagram editor designed for Gnome that use GGredit. DDraw is inspired to DIA, it can be used to draw many different kinds of diagrams.

DirectDraw C++

DirectDraw Introductory Project

libdds - A simple DirectDraw Surface loader.

A simple DirectDraw Surface loader.

collapsible - Lousy DirectDraw-based Tetris clone

Lousy DirectDraw-based Tetris clone

ddplus - DirectDraw?Direct3D9??????????????????????????


DirectShow .NET

.NET c# directshow lib, capture and playback using c# and directshow

WebCam control for WPF

Reusable WPF control to display high frame rate video such as WebCam or framegrabber DirectShow output. This control uses InteropBitmap introduced in .NET framework 3.5 and managed DirectShow P/Invoke. This control does not uses library, so it's completely imdep...

Simple C++ DirectShow MP3 Player Class

A simple C++ MP3/WMA player class based on DirectShow